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MVP: Jeff Mason Nub
Honorable Mention: Pete Giorgio Canal Park Posse

Mason passes both the numbers test and the eye test. He held the #1 player rater position for most if not all season and just looked like a force to be reckoned with. He made his team go by constantly dishing out nifty passes that usually lead to layups for his teammates. When he wasn’t dishing, he was putting up points in a big way and often carried his team when the other members hit coldspells. Mason was no slouch on D either. He usually was matched up with one of the other team’s best players and more often than not held that guy to a below average scoring night.

BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER: Mark Lemarbe Four Skins
Honorable Mention: Geoff Ashton Nub

Lemarbe most likely would be leading the league in scoring if he played more minutes but because of The Four Skins 5 minute rotations (which works very well for them) he really only plays about half of the game. In those 20 minutes however Lemarbe scores in every single way possible. He can finish in transition, hit from mid range and deep, as well as having a solid post game. If we kept track of minutes played, there is no question he would lead the league in points per minute. He is the most efficient scoring machine this year.

BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER: Pete Giorgio Canal Park Posse
Honorable Mention: Chuck Davis Fat Lever

With Giorgio patrolling the paint, teams had to completely alter there approach offensively. He lead the league in blocked shots and unofficially lead in shots altered. His presence down low all but eliminated any chance of getting low post production and you could forget about trying to drive on him unless you wanted to be embarrassed. In addition, Giorgio pretty much gobbled up every board within a ten mile radius so you mind as well get back on D on every missed shot beacuse this guy wasn’t giving up any second chance opportunities.


-Jeff Mason – See MVP section above
-Geoff Ashton – Possibly the most athletic guy in the league, can do a little bit of everything
-Eric Spindt- Defenses can hardly contain him, Nobody wants him guarding them
– Pete Giorgio – A handful at both ends of the floor, can score and defend with the best of them

-Mark Lemarbe – Would be first teamer except for limited minutes
-Derek Zundl – Best three point shooting big in the league
-Tom Biggins – Carried his team offensively, constant hustle and intensity on D
-Steve Boyle – Solid all around, Fills stat sheet night in and night out


-Pete Giorgio – See above
-Chuck Davis – May not put up the defensive numbers one might expect but he was always matched up with the other teams best player. His constant hustle and scrapping was always frustrating to whoever he was guarding.
-Jeff Mason- Lead the league in steals
-Bill Kenney – Top 5 in both steals and blocks says enough

Honorable Mention: The Four Skins Swarm – everyone one of these guys has bought into Weinstein’s uptempo pressure D strategy. Their relentless swarm creates havoc and propelled them to a #2 finish. 

These guys do the dirty jobs that make their teams successful and they do not get enough credit for it until now.

– Dave Sweeney
– Matt Brierly
– Ryan Driscoll
– Aaron Herr

Honorable Mentions: Tim Johnson, Greg Conklin, Sean Mcloughlin, Brandon Freeman

All Sportsmanship Team

These guys make it a pleasure to scoreboard and stat keep week after week. They always work hard, have the right attitude, and rarely give the refs any crap

-Matt Sweet
-Jason Silver
-Nate Schaal
-Will Dottin

Honorable Mention: David Blake, John Kennedy

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