B2 West 4v4 Winter 11 Awards

By JPress



Honorable Mention: Conrad Beickler

Oullette was the best player on the court night in and night out.  He lead the league in scoring with his ability to score from anywhere on the floor but also finished first in blocks and 4th in rebounds showing that he brings it on both ends of the floor.  Without Oullette, Cha-Ching would be good but he was the force that lead them to a 2nd place finish.


Best Offensive Player :

Eric Spindt

Honorable Mention: Tom Biggins

Simply put, Spindt’s got range.  Defenders quickly learned that they better start defending him as he crosses half court because he will make shots from beyond NBA 3 point range.  This range coupled with an impressive first step and an uncanny ability to finish around the basket gets Spindt the honors.


Best Defensive Player:

Jake McFadden

Honarable Mention: Adam Ain

McFaddens quickness had ball passers cursing themselves out.  He came up with nearly 4 steals a game which quite often lead to layups on the other end of the floor.  He was tasked with defending some of the other teams best players and showed that he can guard a multitude of positions including players much bigger than himself.


All First Team

Ryan Oullette – League MVP
Conrad Beickler
–  A force at both ends of the floor
Eric Spindt
– Best Offensive Player
Mark Lemarbe
 – Does a little bit of everything well to fill the stat sheet every night


All Second Team

Mark Katz– Consistently good at both ends of the floor
Steve Boyle
– Team leader, came on strong in the second half
Dan Toohill
 – Most versatile player in the league, can play three positions and defend as many                         equally well
Tom Biggins
– Could go on a personal 10-0 run at any moment of the game


All Third Team

Derek Zundl – Would be the go to option on most teams
Jamon Motes
 – The unofficial points in the paint leader
Jeremy Rocker
– A wing player that gets to the hoop at will
Tim Johnson 
– A big man who will step outside and nail the occasional 3 that any team would                               covet

Honorable Mentions: Brandon Freeman, Jake Mcfadden


All Mike Rowe Team

These guys do all the dirty jobs that makes their teams successful and find ways to contribute night in and night out with plays that don’t always show up on the stat sheets.

Brandon Freeman
Chris Barnes
Greg Conklin
Pat Rezendes

Honorable Mentions:  Todd WhitecrossMark Witinski, Bill Kenney, Mark Lefave


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