B2 West 5v5 – Winter 2010 Awards

Post Season Awards

Lots of tough decisions to make here for awards. This was a suprisingly strong league for a) a B2 league and b) a league that it in its first season of existance. We had tons of great play across the board. Throw in a couple scorers at 2 sites and a CAC Legend in Filosa…..you have yourself a mountain to climb. Without any further delay, B2 5v5 West – Winter 2010 Awards.


MVP: Chris CollierThe Fighting Rondo’s – This was a tough one to be honest. Although the Cubans have some MVP calliber guys, they have such a spread attack that different guys stand out at different times. This came down to Collier and Bursten. In the end, I think it was a few games down the home stretch that Collier was just completely overwhelming in that tilted this one. The last week’s almost quadruple double coupled and the week 8 performance of 27/26/7/4/6, against a good snowmen team, were just insane.

Runner’s up: Matt Bursten – 603, Bobby Kemple – The Fighting Rondo’s

Offensive POY: Bobby KempleThe Fighting Rondo’s – What can I say? Third in points and second in assists for the season. This guy was the untlimate guard from the opening tip to the final buzzer, night in and night out. The Rondo’s were as high powered an offense as any during the season and that starts with the driver of the car. From distributing the ball on the break to finishing himself – Kemple was a cool character and one of the main reasons the Rondo’s ended up 8-1.

Runner’s Up: Dave Caloia – Snowmen, TJ Compagnone – Victorious Secret, Joe Tilton – Snowmen

Defensive POY: Matt Bursten, 603 – Again, averaged 5+ blocks a game and and 9+ D Boards. The 5 blocks a game is a crazy stat considering there were at least 5-7 more times a game where guys would just not go in the paint because of Bursten. I would have to say 603’s Week 6 matchup, where he collected 7 blocks and 15 D Boards against the Rondo’s cemented this one.

Runner’s Up: Boris Perlovsky – Minus 1 Cuban, John Murray – Minus 1 Cuban, Eric Braun – Millennium

All Defensive Team:

Chris Coller, Fighting Rondos – This guy was just all over the place on both ends.

Matt Bursten, 603 – 5 Blocks a game is just nuts

Boris Perslovsky, Minus 1 Cuban – His week 9 performance against Mytro cemented him here.

John Murray, Minus 1 Cuban – There wasn’t a guard in the league that he couldn’t handle

Bobby Kemple, The fighting Rondo’s  – Created Havoc in the backcourt.

GM of the Year: Thomas NeufieldMinus 1 Cuban – This was just about one of the best constructed B2 teams I’ve seen. All the pieces, all the unselfish play. On a lot of other teams there would be issues with touches but everyone on this team stepped up to answer the bell each and every time their number was called. Everyone on this team gives you a great floor game at the very least.

6th Man of the Year: Thomas NeufieldMinus 1 Cuban – I hate to give two of the major awards to the same guy but I really have no other choice in this case. With all that fire power on one team, someone had to come off the bench and it was generally Thomas. Never forcing shots and as good a facilitating big man as there is in this league….a true gel guy.

Most Improved: Eric Braun, Millennium – Braun really turned it on late this year, First couple games he he played in he was getting into some foul trouble and being a bit overly aggressive on the defensive end. By about week 5, Braun was starting to establish himself as one of the leagues premier rebounders and help side defenders. Just goes to show, if you hustle on every play and work your ass off, good things happen.

The Harry Smith Dead Eye Shooter Award: Joe TiltonSnowmen – Lets me honest, anyone who knows me, knows that I love Jacking 3’s. Its just the great american past time for me. Its like the argument I always make…”If you cant shoot then you’re not really a good basketball player.” With that said, Tilt shot the lights out this year. Two CAC sites that are absolutely notorious for having the most Sh!t rims for shooters are the Kennedy and Kent gyms. You go to the C B&G and the  break away rims are practically about to fall off: shooters dream. But Tilton still had one of the best B2 shooting performances that i’ve seen this season. When Tilton gets hot from 3, you should prob get out on him.


To make All League you really had to play in at least 6 games this season in my mind. That said, this ended up being a hell of a lot harder than I had Originally anticipated.

1st Team:

C – Chris Collier

PF/C – Matt Bursten

SF – Boris Perslovsky

SG – Jeremy Wilmot

PG – Bobby Kemple


2nd Team:

C – Thomas Neufield

PF – Dave Caloia

SF – TJ Compagone

SG – John Murray

PG – Brian Cuccio

Honerable Metions:

Dan Ovadia

Joe Tilton

Jason Johnson

Eric Braun

James Ciarleglio

Shandon Halland

Jack Sheehan

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