B2 West Awards Show – Winter 09

Longest post ever – thanks BFab!

TIBBS: I advise all of you that are about to read this to have a good long time to stare at the screen, you’ll be here for a bit.  It’s another Tibbs/BFab Collabo, the longest and possibly best one yet, I’ll let him take it away!

BFAB: The B2 West Awards have arrived and once again Tibbetts was completely all over the place. The good news is I got him at his most vulnerable as he had a weekend of debauchery with League Night Out, the 3 on 3 tourney, and random scorpion bowls! So while I would like the poll to read “who got the best of who?î ” there really are a couple of deserving gents that got NO LOVE from Tibbetts or myself.

For those of you who are new to the game this season – Tibbs and I put a wrinkle on the B2 West Awards and conduct a live “chat” during the week that turns into a blog. Usually it catches me in odd predicaments in life, or has me having to defend my love affair with the News Team, or gets Tibbs in a bunch about something that means absolutely nothing – but itís cause I love to mettle and needle him 24-7.

Now for the actual content of the Awards and All-Stars – I go with the ultimate “an All-Star is an All-Star” theme while Tibbetts subscribes to the “gotta give love to everyone” theory. So this creates some serious head butting. This is not the NBA or MLB where we have to mention every team even when they are downright terrible, Tibbs?!? At least that is how I think. AND the other contradictory theory is I like two smalls  two bigs for each of the three All-Star teams whereas Tibbs just throws spaghetti on the wall and would have 12 bigs if it was up to him since his precious player rater caters to the bigs. Small fat guys get no love Laughing

For the All-Star game itself (B2 West ñ April 21 @ 6pm @ CAC), Tibbs and I will endure a LIVE post-a-thon on the day of the game and choose teams/sides for the six-on-six donnybrook. I have every intention of manning the sidelines in my best Pat Riley outfit, coaching you fellas, and getting the win Evil Empire style ñ and take home the beers and trip to the 99s that will be on the line!!

Well ñ thanks for a great regular season fellas ñ quite a bit of highs and plenty of lows, but all in all ñ a great run for the B2 West title. Might want to hit the print button and enjoy this over a fine burrito or some bathroom humor as it will take all day to read!

Playoff lines and such to follow this fantasmical novel and please feel free to leave all good, bad, and downright nasty commentary after reading this:

TIBBS: I think we can start in on this despite the fact that tonight’s games aren’t over yet – what do you think – you want to start us off? I say we do the same format as last season (awards first then all star teams) I say we hold the draft until we pick the teams, email the guys to see if they can make the games, fill in with ‘replacement’ players and then hold the draft the day of the all-star game! Let me know what you think, and get us started with your M.V.P.

BFAB: I agree that to get this done we need to start now. I’ll edit as we go. See this B2 Westerners – Tibbs and I already discussed all the ins-and-outs for this season’s prestigious awards and he opens up with trying to take credit for everything.

Typical hog washer taking credit for my ideas. MVP? LOTS of factors here. Usually we wait for MVP for the last Award, no? Build up the anticipation? Again – just making up your own rules.

Let me throw a few names out as it comes down to heart of the team, but also games played, right? I mean you might be the best in the gym but if only show for 5-6 games and your team barely makes the playoffs ñ how much of an MVP are you?

First and foremost – gotta mention the first-ballot CAC Hall-of-Famer Ken Abrahamsen here. This guy wears some Larry Bird hand-me-downs, may not be six-feet tall in heels, and still averages 15 rebounds a game. His squad is 7-3, upper echelon again, but he is going to miss the first round of the playoffs and his team will bounce like a Jamil Ball check.

But MVP? I’ll take Pete Giorgio. His team is 10-0 so that makes him the best guy on an undefeated team. Frail’s team has too many chiefs for this award and not enough Indians and other then Chris Fidyk’s numbers (I hate numbers) – there is no one else even in this discussion. The Big Ragu gets better with age – if that’s possible (I’m proving the complete opposite). He’s averaging 18 and 10, is a former Army captain (shake the manís hand when you see him for serving your lazy ass), and holds a special spot in my hoops heart. He knows why ñ but let’s say I love what the spaghetti man brings to the table on and off the court.

TIBBS: You can edit this anyway you want but after this we’ll start with 5th man, the MIP, OPoY, DPoY, GM, RoY – then decide the All-Star teams, how we’re going to do that, I have no idea.

As usual, I’ll let you take all the shots at me that you want, but KNOW that this season, I was definitely the favorite scorekeeper. You slacked, but since you had yet another child to carry on your terrrrrible genes, I guess I can let it slide.

As for the MVP, I really don’t think there is much of a debate. Killer Ken is once again getting it done and no one can slow him down, but you’re right, it’s the Big Ragu, hands down. Although, the longer he sticks around B2, and refuses to move up, the more he’ll get the Shaq syndrome, and we’ll get sick of voting for him. He better gobble up these awards while he can, now stop agreeing with me!!

Onto 5th Man of the Season? You know, I hardly ever saw teams like Huffed Out and Pippen, so you won’t hesitate to put me in my place, but I’ve got a soft spot for CPP this season, for obvious reasons, and Pipes is as good of a 5th man as it gets. Comes onto the floor, busts his @$$, drains a couple 3s, gives a couple fouls and heads back to the bench cheering his teammates, knowing he’ll get back out there soon to continue contributing.

You’ve also got guys like Ian “the Jet” Whitney that thrived despite not being able to yell at Filosa this season, Marwil and Bagnall fighting for playing time on IJDM, and Delicious Scott Dobos of course! The list goes on and on and on….

BFAB: 5th man award for Dobos? Not sure about that. No real 5th Man on Huffed Out. They all contribute all the same. Dobos, Sully, Fitzy, Rugga, Henneberry. Well maybe not Henneberry who is a shell of his former self. Maybe a change of venue for the playoffs may help – but it looks like they get the Pidgeons at the Morse. So no soup for Henneberry.

This is who I have for the 5th Man Award – Fonz or Bagnell (IJDM), Mike Marien (Joes), and The Jet (Grille). Is Pipes even a fifth man? He plays extremely unselfish and runs even a tighter ship then me with a roster as big as Pippen’s and Commitmentís combined without the luxury of running 4 rosters (patting myself on the back right now). But by default Pipes starts most games, no? Also – the real 5th man would probably be the Italian Stallion Rosellini if Huffed Out was to get the nod.

TIBBS: Pipes usually starts on the bench, I’d have no problem giving him the award since he’s not getting the GM Award with so many other candidates with a strong case for it. Plus, no one else really stands out in my mind. The Jet, but a non-playoff team, Akin for Alnylium didn’t show to enough games, You can’t pick a “5th man” from Huffed so yea, I’m shooting blanks at this point. So my nominee is still Pipes, but do what you will, I’ll probably disagree with you no matter who you pick.

BFAB: Its about time you answered me – I thought you were letting business get in the way of this shat. Here we go – I know for a FACT this is easily the toughest award to hand out with all the fine contributions from the bench this season.

But since you decided to hand this to me – and feel free to debate me – the 5th Man of the Year (notice how I did not say season) is Mfoniso Esenyie. Why “The Fonz”? This guy puts up with The Ego Train of IJDM, takes his instructions from a football player, and is one of the best players in the C League, but continues to be fine with his 8-10 minutes a game. Actually enough about hoops ñ on good word the Fonz he is giving one of his kidneys to his brother. How’s that for coming off the bench? Kid is making the ultimate sacrifice for his family in mid-April and may not be able to play again – or at least for sometime. Throw out your abacus, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint graphs, and your sabermetrics books, jackhole. Sometimes being the “5th Man” means a whole lot more then having a 40 player rater. Couldnít think of a better way to show ìthe loveî as you like to put it ñ to The Fonz for doing something most of us would be too selfish to do. Standing Ovation for Mfonsio.

TIBBS: You drive a hard bargain, but I saw the Fonz play at C.A.C. and know he’s deserving. Plus, I need to pick my battles when it comes to dealing with the infamously stubborn BFab. I know my roll after doing this for a couple seasons with you. Don’t think you’ve won the war, when it’s really just begun!!

What are we on now? Most Improved?? I’ve got to pimp my man Brett Mitchell from Canal Park Posse. Now that I know all the guys from CPP (that only took me 3 seasons) I appreciate fully what Brett can do, that mid range is Aut-O-Matic. With limited playing time on a 37-man roster, Brett not only had a career high in points per game, but he doubled his career average for rebounds. No small feat considering he had to elbow 15 guys out of the way just to get onto the court. This one I may not leave up to you, but let’s hear what you’ve got to say.

BFAB: There was no way you were combating me on that one. I painted you right into a corner with the 5th man Award and there was nothing you could do without looking like a heel and your approval rating as “Best Scorekeeper” would have plummeted!! Definitely a win for me. And The Fonz approves!! Ayyyyyyy.

Most Improved? Why do you keep picking CPP guys? Oh, that’s right – you only watched them play all year! With the 5th Man being the toughest award to hand out because of all the fine candidates – this one is a little difficult because of the LACK of candidates.

I rolled through the entire West Division rosters and could come up with two arguments – Ross Goldberg and Marc Frail. Goldberg led the league in blocks and took pride in doing so. His player rater has never been higher and he has complimented Mike Shea quite nicely on the block. But Goldberg’s numbers other then his blocks are quite similar to last season’s run in the East and maybe it’s just his defensive presence that seems to amp his game up in my mind.

Frail has come from the C League – much like his teammates The Fonz and Will Hudson – and now stars on It Just Doesn’t Matter. His averages of 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists dwarf his numbers from his East
squad (Balco) and his B2 East numbers from last season (5.7 – 3.3 –
1.7). But is it because the West is a little weaker then the East this season? Is Frail feeding off of lesser competition??

Playing in multiple leagues actually hurts Frail here because the sample from two B2 East seasons are identical yet his West numbers spike BIG TIME. Could be that he just runs the team and plays quite a few more minutes then he does in the East. Frail will have to show me he can do it again in the West next season for Most Improved.

Dan Valles could raise his hand here – but if you shoot 40 jumpers your numbers are bound to go up, no? So – for a change – you got this one right. Mitchell is truly a selfless player who does all the little things for the Pied Piper night in and night out.

I’m surprised with Piper losing out in the 5th Man Award – we know he might as well start his letter campaign for a recount for the GM Award – as you did not nominate him here as well. His numbers are all up from last year and Rowdy B Piper is one of my faves. But I’ll let you hang yourself by passing him over for his teammate – but I know Pipes cares less about the awards and he is just as happy with Mitch being recognized.

Ahhh – now I get to get this party started with the Offensive Player of the Year. Quite a few worthy candidates – Mike Shea from the News Team, Dubois or Read from Alnylium (in that order), Rocky Balboa (Johnny Drama?? (Don’t see it)…but a true OPOY has to be a gunner like no other. DGun – Danny Gunthier. Feel free to enlighten me otherwise.

TIBBS: blah blah blah, ëLet’s make Tibbs look badí!! Yea I get what you’re doing, you already won with 5th man, just drop it! As for your detailed analysis of the ‘Most Improved’, well I fell asleep like I usually do during one of your posts.

My problem with Frail is that his two leagues are completely different. I don’t see any improvement in his game from Tuesday to Monday, it’s just that he gets to start in the West, and it’s HIS team, so he plays about double the minutes. M3 could win ‘most vocal’ for some of the absolute absurd posts he’s prompted on the message boards, but we’ll get to that later.

As for Offensive PoY, I HATE to admit that you’re right Evil or Very Mad I was hoping you’d pull for Balboa and how do you NOT see the Drama in him!?

It’s right there, and it’s way better than the cop-out “Rocky” that you gave him. I’m sure he’s NEVER heard that before!!). If you pulled for Balboa, I had TGun as my trump card, but damn it you sniffed it out!! I don’t even think it’s a close race, TGun takes it away, living up to JBerr’s nickname. BTW – how come you haven’t mentioned her yet? She’s hasn’t swallowed enough hot dogs for you lately?

BFAB: So we can blame you for this taking so long! Sleeping on the job. Not shocked whatsoever. To be honest – I find violent enjoyment out of making you look bad but we both know I don’t have to try very hard. I’ll be here all week fellas!!

Bout time you started getting personal!! As for JBerr – that is a very astute observation. Not sure why the hot dog guzzler has lost a little luster. Could be she failed to help me when your stupid clock wouldn’t work last Thursday. Could be that she took Kozoil’s side in our verbal cat fight, not sure. But it is officially Red Sox season April 6 so I’m going to have to look up my good ole meat sandwich (hold the bread) loving diva soon.

TIBBS: Bahaha, you know that if you, or the Zyme company dime, is paying, JBerrís on board, no matter how disgusted you may both be!

Onto the rest of these damn awards!

What are we at, Defensive Player of the Season?? I’ll stay away from CPP this time despite the fact that they led the league in points against per game with just 41!! That’s seven ppg better than the next closest team!! You know what that comes out to?? That’s 17% better than the next closest team!! We haven’t seen a team defense that dominating since the Celtics rolled to the title last year! If CPP is going to win the B2, its on the shoulders of that TEAM defense. Yeah, they’re that good, they give up as many points in a game as Genzyme in a half!! Hi-oh!!

Any who, onto my nominee, and I know you’re going in a different direction, but I’m backing the Bird’s nomination in this one. Sure ALS
struggled all year, mostly to score, but The Birdís defense kept them in most games. Plus he’s near the top in both major categories, blocks and steals!! He’s a great help defender with good footwork (gets back to his man) and the ups are ill!! Whatcha got for me!?

BFAB: I already gave you the hint that this will be the one we argue about! Fidyk was a Johnny-come-lately. Sure – technically he is a rookie and I get you are trying to sneak him by me here so you don’t have to kick and scream to give him the Rookie of the Year award. You would think a man of his (ahem) size would be dominating in the paint. And while he edges The Intern in your highly protected Player Rater system on the defensive side – doesn’t a little heart, determination and guile go a long way in the CAC? The Bird has a great nickname and SHOULD lead the league in blocks – but doesn’t. The steals – 2+ a game – is impressive but Goldberg is averaging 4 blocks a game? For a guy barely six-feet tall ñ I think THAT’S more impressive. Check the stats ñ donít you do that for a living?!

Chris Fidyk

Ross Goldberg

How bout head to head? Fidyk could only muster these guys to one win – over Jessel’s Grille – another non-playoff team. Sure – the News Team were a pedestrian 5-5 but when Goldberg and Shea are there together I think they have one loss all year (IJDM).

Chris Fidyk 21 9 1 1 2 0 0 5 1
Ross Goldberg 7 13 2 3 1 5 0 4 0

Tough to read for your 5th grade skills – so I’ll help ya. 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 blocks? Or 10 rebounds, 1 assist, no blocks from your big man? Your choice.

TIBBS: See, what the populace (and you) doesn’t realize is that I like to play foil. I knew where you were going with that all along, so I had to play devil’s advocate to see what you came up with. I knew you’d sneak your beloved C4NT into these awards somewhere!! But for once, you make a valid point, you actually have your facts straight, and I’m not so hesitant to agree with you!! Consider this a big win compadre.

GM of the season?? This is a big one as well. I’m going to back Cush for the Push, if only because of his dubious Anti-GM award last season and the fact that his squad made the playoffs this season. Talk about a turnaround!! Plus I like the guy. I know you’ll probably make the case for Frail, or Piper, or yourself somehow (no!! We’re not naming the award after you!! Captain Ken and the Good King have as much of a right to it as anyone!!). So show me what you got big guy!

BFAB: I can EASILY make cases for Piper (undefeated) and Frail (getting those egos to play as a unit) but for once – and only once – I will acquiesce here and gladly shine up the golden goose real nice and give Cush his due.

Cush for the Push can now boast he is the only GM and Un-GM in CAC history. Now – if he could get Valles to stop shooting so much maybe they can steal a victory in the playoffs…

Not many guys in any league can say they resided over an 0-10 team and then returned their next season to make the playoffs (regardless of seeding or record). It took me quite a while to build the empire. I remember all to well the days of Genzyme being everyone’s favorite rug to step on – but it only took Cush a season to turn things around thanks to Sack O Donuts, Valles, and Horshak.

Please – I’ve won the GM Award twice and I have four teams every season. SO somehow that is like a 1.6% success rate. Something is fishy about that and you know it. I bet Captain America (Ken Cleary) would trade in his B2 East GM Award for a playoff win. Ken? Ken? Crickets cause he is crying in his GM cup today.

And name me someone that has their name emblazoned four different times on the hallowed walls of the CAC? Name me one player/GM. That’s right – cause there is only one. If I ever leave this joint – this award will forever be the Evil Empire Award and named after yours truly.

Oh – we are up to the ROY! How exciting. There is not much of a debate but I’ll list the three that are even worthy for this discussion:

Sacks O Donuts
Johnny Drama

Downtown Dagger to you, my Pasty friend. Where are the beers? If we continue into the evening – I’m cracking a few so this could get fun and ugly all at the same time.

TIBBS: Thuy owes me a six-pack tonight, so I’ll be imbibing while up on the balcony. You’re right, this could get fun and ugly all at the same time.

I suppose since you wouldn’t give him DPoY he’s not getting RoY either right?? I know you always say ‘stats don’t matter’ but then you’re going to point to Balboa decimating the league in Player Rater. It’s a good point, but I LOVE how you’re going to use it after rattling my cage about over relying on stats. Your past your prime old man, just admit it!! Let the stumping for Balboa begin, I’ll formulate my pro-Bird plan!

BFAB: Just dropped off the car for some brake repair. Was hoping for some cold ones for the train ride but I would have missed the train back to Amherst – I mean Plymouth. Feels like I live in Siberia and now I’m dry as a night out with Serge. Figured if you tossed JBerr in here I had to mention my former nemesis as well.

Anywhooo – you left Balboa off the East All Stars – which is complete nonsense. This is where ëgames playedí and ëgames woní comes into play. How can you be ëRookie of the Yearí or any Tom, Dick, or Harry of the Year if your team one 2 games – one without ya?? Balboa IS the Joe’s in the West with a little help from Nate Ray. No 40 points from Bar Stool, no random acts against the refs from Spaeth and what does that get Johnny Drama? The No. 4 seed that’s what. Now – Fidyk was a late add to the ALS team and he played in 7 of the 10 games. Balboa missed one and led the league in scoring.

Weakness for Drama is his penchant to just keep shooting. I call it a case of ‘The Valles’ or Jamilitis. Balboa seems to catch those illnesses from time to time. But he’s filthy and he’s not a former D1 player who is 6’6”. But I do like the Bird. Just making the case for my man, Rocky. (cue No Easy Way Out)

You toss names out and you are not being very combative yet. Fidyk is obviously an All-Star but Rookie of the Year?

TIBBS: You better check yourself before you wriggity reck yo’self. You’ve got 3 titles as defacto GM (C league went to Pradeep, you didn’t play a minute on the B1 team with Billet) whereas the Good King was a GM and full-time contributor on 3 title teams to date. Yea, enough out of you!! I’m being combative in exposing your half truths and outright lies.

Once again I was just setting you up to look good. Balboa is the clear choice for RoY, and yea, maybe I undervalued him a bit in the East, but his team didn’t make the playoffs with three of the best 12 players in the league. That’s pathetic!!

I have a feeling we’re going to have enough to argue about for the All-star teams – speaking of which, is that where we’re at?? All Defensive team and All-Stars left??

BFAB: I’ve got 14 names for 12 spots for the All-Star team. My best advice to you is, shut up. Get some facts and come back and see me.!!

Research it and while your size 15 melon explodes, let’s focus on the All-Defensive team. I say we each get a guard and a big unless its ridiculous – which you tend to be after three Pilsners.

I’m taking Tim Henneberry from Huffed Out. If this was an offensive award and let’s pretend there are about 100 players – Henne would be about 98th out of 100. Kid is really having issues with his offense at the Morse – but a true gamer turns that mo fo out on the other end of the floor and gets the job done ten fold. Rugga gets the best out of his entire 36-man squad and Henneberry is a prime example with his gorilla rugby defense. The hockey-style defense fits Huffed Out to a ëtí and Henneberry leads by example.

TIBBS: All Defensive team, I like the Henneberry pick, and since you stumped so hard for Goldberg as your DPoY I assume he’s your big.

Leaving me with two picks. Obviously, as I made my case, the Bird is my pick as the big guy. I don’t care that his team was 2-8, on the defensive end, as a 6-6 behemoth, he’s got to get the nod. As for my other pick, I’m going with Ken Abrahamsen. Screw your rules, at least I picked a guard. But for two long Ken’s defense has gone unnoticed beside his impeccable offense. NO MORE!!!

BFAB: What? The Mountain Man for defense? And he is a guard? Of course Fidyk is welcome on the all-swat team. But while Killer Ken – or A-Ham if you were following this year – plays defense better then quite a few playa in the league ñ you think he is top four over the rest of the league? I need a better argument then “his defense has been ignored too long”.

Its been ignored cause its usually good – not great. Ken’s a future Hall-of-Famer, a staple on every All-Stars but All-Defensive? Even worse – if Ken’s a guard so is Tamaro on the Joes. Which means – he’s not. Are you drinking those six beers from Thuy again? What is this nonsense?

Are we sticking with the 2 bigs – 2 smalls for the All-Star teams or are we going with this unbalanced, absolutely makes-no-sense style of teams???

TIBBS: All-Star teams don’t need to be balanced, they’re All-Star teams, and the best players should be on it. If there are better guards then bigs, or vise versa, who cares??

BFAB: I guess so but it seems your Pilsners have clouded your judgment. Are you really six and done at age 26? The only logical reason for giving Ken the final spot here is that you are thinking of leaving him off the All-Star team(s).

What about CVS from Ken’s own team? Dreschler from the Beav? Jamil from IJDM? The Rainbow Warrior from The Grille? I’m just totally thrown off here. The Steamboats must have spiked the beer with Patron cause its the only logical explanation for this selection.

We are down to the All-Stars. The long-awaited coveted 12 spots. The first 10 spots I think are easy and then there are four or five players for the final 2 spots.

My first All-Star for the 1st team All-CAC B2 West squad is the MVP.
Easy pickins. Pete and I have become pretty good buds even though YOU decided to keep CPP all to yourself this season other then one game.

Just ask the Big Ragu – he likes the Morse AND me better. Make sure the CPP get more action at the Morse next season. I’m rethinking my Women’s League assignment this summer. I need the money more then playing three leagues.

Fridays are dead on boards – I was hoping to get this up but it seems this will be a drunken weekend rant for sure.

TIBBS: You want a drunken rant, then you’ll get one after the LNO, not now, even though I’ve got the ammo for it). I’ve ridden this rodeo before and know how you edit this ish to make me look bad. I’m onto you!!

And seriously, can you PLEASE come back for the West next season. I’m not sure how I feel about leaving this in the hands of JBall. I don’t understand half of what he says, let alone what he types.

All-Star team, focus, focus, You took the MVP for the 1st team, understandable. So I’m taking 2 then, right?

Give me my boy Drama (Balboa – should have been 2nd team in the East, but getting his props eventually). For my second selection, and the first team’s third, give me Marc Frail…(dramatic pause)

Hahahahaha, I’m just kidding, give me Will Hudson. I know, his numbers don’t always match up with typical first-teamers, but seriously, is IJDM even good without this cat?? When he tries, they win, it’s as simple as that. What do you have to say to that Mr. “I love Pete G”?? Yea, you suck!! No, no, You suck!!

BFAB: It only took you about 20 hours to respond. First six beers ruin you last night – other then Thuy spiking them with Patron and now two measly scorpion bowls render you useless.

I’m not buying Hudson and why are you knocking Frail? His squad has four starters with 30-plus PRaters and no one over 40. Shows team commitment.

I think Frail actually deserves a spot somewhere – not here – but somewhere. Hudson is a king sandbagger. Doesn’t like contact, takes chunks of games off if he doesn’t want to try, and that’s a first teamer for you?? Next you will tell me you like playing with Kahana and Henderson together.

Once I get Preston and Royce to cross over to the Empire – my GM masterful job will be complete. But for now – we have Balboa, Ragu, Hudson (anytime in the next two hours you can reconsider – that would be super), and to complete the top four – I nominate – Mike Shea. Gets lost in the shuffle but with Goldberg getting DPOY and All-Defensive – Shea is 5th is scoring, 47 percent from three-land, and 4th in assists. Top 5 all around and Iím waiting for the invite to toss down a few with these fellas.

TIBBS: dude it took you an hour to come up with that?? How is Goldberg your DPoY and NOT a first-teamer?? He’s the best C4NT (see what they did there??) by FAR!! Arg you’re so damn frustrating, but fine, you want Shea, you got him. Hudson, for his part, IS a first-teamer, he knows when to bring it and when to let his boys get a run in.

Something you don’t know how to do, considering Genzyme HAS to go for the kill every time. I can’t wait until next season when I cut off Lawson AND BMul from your B2 squad. Yeah, compete with players that belong in the league, don’t hide behind A1 caliber guys!!

As for the second team (what do we have – Ragu, Balboa, Hudson, Shea?) Why didn’t you take a second-teamer? you giving me two picks again??
You know I’m going with The Bird (#1 PR in league) and Baby Face – Alnylium 6-4 rebound season – best record in B2 ever, and Tim Read deserves a bulk of the credit!!

BFAB: You are a paid MikeD flown. I stick to the “two smalls – two bigs” All Star teams unless the league is heavily dominated by one group and that will probably show its face in the third team.

I knew you’d sneak Read in. Seriously – just cause they are the only team you’ve seen the past six months doesn’t mean he is the best rebounder. Goldberg was not on first team cause AGAIN ñ too many bigs.

So #3 for the second team – that’s Goldberg – and he’s pick #2 from C4NT – yeah – I see what they did with the name and when they add Sully next season full-time – my boys are running the show. If Frail can sandbag…why canít they??

With Goldberg, Read, and Fidyk – this team has no one who can dribble.
We’ve agreed so far on my top 12-14 so this gets tougher for the third team. I finish off with DGun. Why the f*** JBerr calls him TGun is beyond me.

TIBBS:Danny Gunthier is called Thomas, or some such foolishness, hence the TGun that 100 Proof Juice came up with, I knew you couldn’t keep her out of your thoughts for long!!

BFAB: Yikes ñ another Jberr reference. Danny is called Thomas? He is also called Daniel-San for his ridiculous pre-game Karate Kid routine. I just want to be the guy with the most JBerr references I guess and beat Gerrity again at his own game…

TIBBS: But Gerrity would KILL you in a 3 point shooting contest – Can we set this up?!?!

NO |!! I absolutely VETO the fact that you’re picking a second C4NT member (the #7 seed, let me remind you!!) before you pick a guy from the Pidgeons OR Huffed Out.

No F’in Way you’re sneaking two of YOUR GUYS onto the top two teams. Unacceptable!! Try again!! Don’t make me pick for you, cuz you know Killah Ken, aka Captain Ahab, is going to get his due, as is Sacks O Donuts! Nice Try BFlab!! Put the daughter down, get serious, and try again!

BFAB: (obviously Tibbs is a little tipsy at this point) – Hahahaha ñ It is about time you brought some fín noise. You were cordial and downright BORING so far. Captain A-Ham does not make my second team. Sacks ëOí Donuts has a great nickname (thanks to me) and is a ROY runner-up – but a team that needs two All-Star reps is IJDM.

Greenberg or Frail since you decided to put Hudson on a pedestal?

TIBBS: Dude we’re talking about SECOND TEAM!! We’re talking about dudes that you would look across the court at and crap your pants!!!

So – let’s review:

1st team:

Big Ragu
Mike Balboa
Will Hudson
Mike Shea (mistake – but that’s your call!)

2nd Team:

ëBaby Facedí Tim Read
Sacks O Donuts

And finally the True 4th Man of the 2nd Team is Lee Greenberg – that’s right, another IJDM, one of the few teams that DESERVES a second all-star (I’m pulling for Nate Ray in the third team) – dude is on point against the B2 and is stepping up to play A1 next season. Peep the numbers, he could double them if he wanted. (Forget) the ball handling for the second team, we’ll divide the teams up for the All-star games however we want!!!

BFAB: Looks like you are kissing up to the Joe’s after it was I who brought Nate Ray’s name to the table pre-awards show watching them lose to Aluminum.

Are you trying to bait me? Taking my ideas and then saying Gerrity is beating me in a 3-point contest? Set it up with the game to 11 I owe with Jamil. Both think so highly of themselves its disgusting Iím bound to make one of them eat crow. Howís my ass taste, Kobe?

But JamBall and Frail look to be out of the running for this jamboree as Greenberg is a fine rep and I have no prob BOB putting him in this extravaganza. But Goldberg goes to 3rd team and he’ll join Killer Ken on the blocks for my two playas for team #3.

WAIT A SECOND! How the heck did Sacks o Donuts jump onto the second team? If Mike Shea was a mistake ñ at least it was a sober mistake.

There are two spots left. These are the only guys you can consider here so stop trying to be Mr. Fancy Pants.

Kevin Cole, McNabb, Nate Ray, Rugga. Make some enemies Tibbetts – I love setting you up to fail.

TIBBS: HA! I love how you always take credit for my great ideas!! How can you bump Ken to the third team and then think I’m the one that’s going to be making enemies?!!? You’re the one on borrowed time compadre!!

You know I’m taking the Sting Ray!! Come on, peep the stats, he could be a #1, shows off for you, and still is an underrated guy. You knew he was making this team that leaves me with the very last spot to choose, doesn’t it!!

For my final spot, I’ve got Chopko or J-Op from CPP on here (but I can’t differentiate from the two) As I’ve said in our Chat, I LOVE McNabb’s game, but Drago this season didn’t make the playoffs, and I can’t justify it, despite his usual spectacular performance every week and it sucks, but no one stands out from Huffed Out. What, Rugga? Come on, just cuz he’s also a Gang Green doesn’t mean he’s getting my vote. F that, and F his 10 ppg, he averages as many in the A2, why doesn’t he step his game up in B2??

Jamil AND M3 have great cases here on the third team, but IJDM is NOT getting a third Rep. And you know what, I hope both these guys use it as fuel for the fire in the next season to come.

Dubois is a guy I WANT to put as my last man on the third team, but I know how you’ll strike that down. You don’t have any love for Alnylium, despite the fact that they’ve mimicked your gig and asked for the 5:30 spot at CAC, why is that so bad and why do you hold that against them?!?!

You know what that means That’s right, I fooled you!! Kevin Cole gets the 12th and final spot on the all-start team. the Pidgeons, if they’re going to break this first round curse, need KCole to step up in a HUGE way, as he’s done all season, and lead them to victory. It can be done! And it will be done!!

Are we done?!?!?

BFAB: Thank god we are cause soon your girlfriend will be on the All-Star team thatís how ridiculous your picks are, Mr. Don K. Balls.

All-CAC B2 West All-Stars:
First Team:

Pete Giorgio (Canal Park Posse)
Mike Balboa (Average Joeís)
Will Hudson (IJDM)
Mike Shea (Channel 4 News Team)

Second Team:

Tim Read (Alnylium)
Danny Gunthier (Jesselís Grille)
Joey Sacks (Beacontown Beavers)
Lee Greenberg (IJDM)

Third Team:

Ross Goldberg (Channel 4 News Team)
Ken Abrahamsen (Pat Pidgeons)
Nate Ray (Average Joeís)
Kevin Cole (Pat Pidgeons)

***Since Tibbs fell asleep at 4am Friday night ñ I get to pick the alternates in case some players can not make the big dance in April. I will name 4 players who were snubbed and they will be first alternates to play in the All-Star game.

All-Defensive Team:

Tim Henneberry (Huffed Out)
Ross Goldberg (CN4T)
Chris Fidyk (ALS-TDF)
Ken Abrahamsen (Pidgeons)

M.V.P ñ Pete Giorgio (CPP)

Runners-Up: Ken Abrahamsen (Pat Pidgeons), Chris Fidyk (ALS-TDF)

5Th Man Award ñ Mfoniso Esenyie (It Just Doesnít Matter)

Runners-Up: Ian Whitney (Grille), Brandon Piper (CPP), Dan Bagnell (IJDM), Mike Marian (Joeís), A.J. Rosellini (Huffed Out)

Most Improved ñ Brett Mitchell (CPP)

Runners-Up: Marc Frail (IJDM), Dan Valles (Beavers), Ross Goldberg (C4NT).

Offensive Player Of The Year ñ Danny Gunthier (Grille)

Runner-Up: Mike Balboa (Joeís)

Defensive Player of the Year ñ Ross Goldberg (C4NT)

Runner-Up: Chris Fidyk (ALS-TDF), CPP (entire team).

GM Of the Year ñ Jamison Cush (Beavers)

Runners-Up: Brandon Piper (CPP), Marc Frail (IJDM)

Rookie of the Year ñ Mike Balboa (Joeís)

Runners-Up: Chris Fidyk (ALS-TDF), Joey Sacks (Beavers)