B2 West Division – All-Stars Announced

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Ladies and Gents – yes, we had a lady in the league this season for the first time in three seasons as Anna Bell (ALS-TDF) followed in the footsteps of Colleen McNamara from the Channel 4 News Team. So there – I got the News Team in the very first sentence of the first paragraph without much trouble! Always take care of those who take care of me. May even be a roster member for the News Team in 2009 if the B2 West runner-ups donít hang em up this season.

I emailed Tibbs 23 names which I felt were worthy of spots on the All-Star team this season. Problem is – there are only 12 spots with a few unlucky folks missing out but rest assured ñ stay tuned as not everyone nominated can play in the big (most importantly – free!) second seasonal All-Star game for the best take-care of division in all of CAC Land.

I assume Tibbs and I will again select teams and face off against each other for a 30-pack. Vote for your favorite snub above as the player with the most votes will be the first replacement in case someone selected to play can not make the game. So voting is important in this one and is open for the next two weeks.

The schedule for Monday, August 24 is as follows.

Monday 8/24 – 4v4 ASGs @ C.A.C.

6:00 PM – B2 West
7:00 PM – B2 East
8:00 PM – B2 North
9:00 PM – A1

So B2 West plays the first of four All-Star Games that night so stick around after the game to see the other B2 Divisions face-off along with the drafted A1 League which is a the toughest to win top-to-bottom as you have to draft your team from the start and it is every man (or woman) for themselves:

Tibbs’ response to my 23 names which I sent in no particular order:

TIBBS ~ Let’s cut the list down into top 8, middle 7, bottom 8:

Definitely IN, in my opinion:
1. Danny Texiera ~ Running Rebels
2. Chris Chadwick ~ Huffed Out
3. Mike Shea ~ Channel 4 News Team
4. Chris Dubois ~ Alynlium
5. Ken Abrahamsen ~ Pat’s Pidgeons
6 Howard Mapp ~ High Ankle Sprain
7. Ross Goldberg ~ Channel 4 News Team
8. Kyle Kelley ~ TBA

Those on the “borderline” are as follows:

9. Scott Dobos ~ Huffed Out
10. Justin Oppenheimer ~ Canal Park Posse
11. Tim Read ~ Alynlium
12. Josh Glover ~ John Bagley’s Body
13. Chris Fidyk ~ ALS-TDF
14. Lee Deerborn ~ John Bagley’s Body
15. Jamil Ball ~ Running Rebels

Definitely OUT, in my opinion:

16. Chris Coffey ~ Drago
17. Chris Nugent ~ Alynlium
18. Nate Ray ~ High Ankle Sprain
19. Jeff Ruggerio ~ Huffed Out
20. Brian Gelow ~ TBA
21. Mike Serra ~ Channel 4 News Team
22. Josh DeSouza ~ High Ankle Sprain
23. Anthony Mitchell ~ Players With Talent

BFAB ~ Ok, ok – we get it – it’s just your opinion. That’s what debates back and forth are all about! Also – easy Madonna with the “borderline” bucket – but I like the buckets in general – as we do have three teams – First, Second, and Honorable Mention All-CAC-sters.

Great start but Mitchell is in at least borderline along with Nugent. I think Nugent’s step-up play – along with Dobos – are the reason they went as far as those two teams did. I think Read went backward. They deserve it. Ok with Rugga, Ray, Coffey, Serra, and DeSouza – OUT. Ray will be disappointed but not as disappointed as I was to see him lose a step without Johnny Drama…

TIBBS ~ hmm well let’s make this easy – do you agree with the top 8 all being all stars? If so it gets easier but we only have 4 spots left, and according to you, these guys 9 in it:

Dobos, Oppenhemier, Read, Glover, Fidyk, Deerborn, Jamil, Nugent, and Mitchell.

Do we want to take turns eliminating guys? 9 guys left for 4 spots.

BFAB ~ I know you are going to eliminate Mitchell – but the guy played on a very bad team and put up respectable numbers, never complained, and is coming back next season. I dont think you saw him enough to appreciate his game – ask Exantus.

But ok – my first elimination party candidate is….Fidyk. I cant seem why he and Shaq and Myron and even Anna Bell cant put together more then two wins? You may say MItchell is 0-10 – but the cast of characters he played with were all free-agents. No one knew each others names. This team had three players in the top 12 in Player Rater yet won two games?? Battle me – go ahead. My Genyzme teams are dropping like flies – I need to vent.

But actually – never said I loved the top 8 – but I’ll agree to keep this short and sweet (well, in our usual diatribes)

Also – you like how I left Dan Valles off since he submarined his team this season and ended the Pidgeons franchise?? Bogus – Ken gets a free pass to the All-Star game just cause of that…

TIBBS ~ Haha shockingly, my first elimination on this list is Nugent – now hear me out on this one. Chris is size, he dominated smaller teams sure and vastly, vastly improved his game, but not to the all-star level. You said Tim Rad digressed, i say, aside from the two-point outing against C4NT, he was their most consistant scorer. Take him off Alnylium and they’re not making the playoffs, without nugent they at least still compete.

BFAB ~ Ok ok – fair enough. You know “your boys” better then I do. At least your bandwagon team won a B2 West flag costing my News Team a shot since they were without Goldberg and Maguire – only roughly 27 rebounds a game. But, Nugent – note to self – no Alynlium Corporate Christmas Card to Jason Tibbetts at the CAC this season.

I dont want to do it – cause it leaves them with no All-Stars again but I’m eliminating my man Justin Oppenheimer. Played in only six games and while he is their key cog especially with a down year from Charm in the paint – I can’t say he carried them anywhere this season. The entire season was a loss until Matt McKenna showed up. Should of had McKenna or Motes in the All-Rookie discussion as well. But they each only played 3 games. Weird.

TIBBS ~ Really?? JOp gone?!? WoW I did NOT see that coming!! I’m going to leave the toughest decision to you, and will take the easy way out by finally eliminated Mitchell – 0-10 – sorry, come back again next season and keep doing it on a team that competes!

BFAB ~ Such a cop out. So with that – I am going to go in reverse order now…

Goldberg is the only true big man in the entire group so far. So I am going to make some logical judgments since the last group is so tight in deserving to be there. Sure – Killer Ken and Mapp and maybe even Kyle Kelly can play big – but with that Dobos stays. The goofy Delicious Cable Guy Lord of the Dance Dobos makes his first All-Star appearance.

If a team goes 10-0 – don’t they deserve two All-Stars? The Glove was about 40% of the offense and Deerborn averaged 2.2 blocks a game. That’s Goldberg territory. But the big man didn’t average the coveted double-double. Sure – first season, rookie, etc – but for that height and athletisicm – he should be more of a game changer – not yet an All-Star. So Glover stays and leaves me with Jamil Ball, Tim Read, and Lee Dearborn.

The Rebels were one game away from a perfect regular season and Jamil was in the top 3 in the PR. Most would say it was two or three blowout games that put Jamil into that strasophere but he would have been Top 10 without them and is always filthy on defense – when he wants to be. JAM BALL stays.

You really are going to make me pick between Read – who last year was an All-Star (along with Nate Ray as a snub this time) – and this season’s rookie team breakout, Deerborn?

TIBBS ~ Yes I am, because I was going to eliminate Lee Deerborn but then have you cry foul. Here:
Just because a team goes 10-0 doesn’t mean they deserve 2 All-Stars (or as Preston would insist because of his team Shocked ) Also – All-Stars are an individual award, not a team based thing. Individually, i think Glover is the only all-star caliber player on his team, but i leave the call up to you.

Without Dobos does Huffed Out make the playoffs? Without Read is Alnylium ending up in the finals? Without Dearboarn, i think JBB can replace enough of his points to stay undefeated, or at least a top team. Sure the defense takes a huge hit, but again, this is strictly an individual award.

BFAB ~ At least we took the hit together – Deerborn is the final cut. All~Defensive Team? We missed that in the B2 West Awards so I’ll see if you agree:

1. Danny Texiera
2. Tim Hennebery
3. Lee Deerborn
4. Ross Goldberg

Am I missing someone?

TIBBS ~ I can’t beleive I am saying this – but you nailed it!

BFAB ~ Thats what she said – I will post!

First Team – All~CAC:

Danny Texiera ~ Running Rebels
Chris Chadwick ~ Huffed Out
Mike Shea ~ Channel 4 News Team
Ross Goldberg ~ Channel 4 News Team

Second Team – All~CAC:

Chris Dubois ~ Alynlium
Howard Mapp ~ High Ankle Sprain
Ken Abramhamsen ~ Pat’s Pidgeons
Kyle Kelley ~ TBA

Honorable-Mention – All~CAC:

Scott Dobos ~ Huffed Out
Tim Read ~ Alynlium
Josh Glover ~ John Bagley’s Body
Jamil Ball ~ Running Rebels

All~Defensive Team:

Danny Texiera ~ Running Rebels
Tim Hennebery ~ Huffed Out
Lee Deerborn ~ John Bagley’s Body
Ross Goldberg ~ Channel 4 News Team