B2 West Playoff Preview


I didn’t actually invite her into my blog, but here she is anyway with the B2 West Playoff preview. Who stole my password?


Tis the season boys and girls! No, Iím not talking about the holidays, (but Mazel Tov to those whoís holiday is being interrupted by the CAC) Iím talking about DeCemBeR DeLiRiuM!! Itís been a long road and a whole lotta hustle, sweat, sprains, triumph and teamwork to get yaíll where you are. Now the best teams in the B2West will battle against each other and prove that they got what it takes to win when the pressureís on. Iíd like to offer my candid analysis of how this seasonís playoffs will play out, if you will. (DISCLAIMER: The following statements are opinions only and do not necessarily reflect those of the CAC).


Iím no gambler but Iíd be willing to place some serious cash on one of the top 3 teams taking the title


Tribe has had an evolutionary season. At the start they appeared to me as hardcore street ballas, with nasty moves, some serious attitude and lock-down deny the ball D, but they were lacking cohesion and organization. With the semi-late acquisitions of Gupta and Gimme some Mo(ysin) Tribe totally took off, but so did Andrade (on a 3-4 week hiatus). Without him they were still winning, and upon his return they became unstoppable. Gupta raises the intensity to an entirely new level and the rest of his team follows. I think with all their big names these guys have a damn good chance of advancing to the unification match, and I must say they are a personal favorite to take the title.


Jessellís Grille is one of the most exciting teams to watch. With TGuns leap and flossy moves thereís never a dull moment, this kids moves could entertain a wall. Compliment that with the solid consistent play of the Pint, who is hands down one of the best rebounders in the league and you got yourself a letal machine. Especially when TGun and/or the Pint are being shut down and boys like Dave can step it up big time. Not to mention, everyone loves a Red Fox and this team has two so you really just canít go wrong with John and Dan. And Nallly, what happened to you?? Come back, I personally miss you. In any event, the only team that will give the Grille serious trouble is Tribe.


Patís Pigeons are just all around great guys who I pray I will be in half as good of shape as when I hit their age, or half as good looking for that matter. These guys are crowd pleasers, operating smoothly under the #1 GM Chris ìCVSî Von Seggern. Although they have somewhat struggled after being abandoned by their fearless PG, with CVS droppin mad dimes any one of these players could come up big. Abe is a ferocious defender who I would dread going up with on the boards and Kevinís got a lethal mid-range jumper that could turn the lights out on anyone. Darren and Mark have both been known to be hot from outside, it will all be a matter of who shows up to play.


Not to be underestimatedÖthere are a few teams that can hang most of the game, but always seem to fall a bit short by the end. While they certainly arenít favored to win, Iím not telliní them that they canít.



These hardworkiní fellas are soooo underrated. Iíve watched them week after week ball with the best, falliní just a few baskets short, seemingly running out of steam towards the end. If Walling and Maslan can keep up their shooting percentages and Mr. Donuts, I mean Horton can hit the boards hard and get over some of the bigger defenders than these guys might have a shot, plus they have the edge of being underdogs, and everybody loves an underdog.



If these guys can all show up and on the same night all play their best game then they might be able to edge their way in, unfortunately because of their seeding, theyíve got a long/rough journey ahead and I donít see Tribe letting them even dream of winning their first round game. Knowing the Brain though, he will have a plan and it will be executed, but will it be enough to take down Tribe?



I got to see a lotta Beaver action towards the end of the season and it really widened me, my eyes that is, to the capabilities that the Beavers have. Thereís no question that the Big V can shoot and with the Chef hittin the boards hard and Dustyyy hustling like a mothaÖship, itís a wonder that these boys havenít experienced more success in terms of games won, but letís not forget weíre all winners here because youíre lucky enough to have me cover your games. This league simply has some good competition and if the Beavers can shut down T-Gun and the Pint tonight then who am I to tell them they canít do anything?


Let the stats speak for themselvesÖ


Alnylium To be honest, I failed the pronunciation AND spelling tests at the beginning of the season and thus was banned from ever watching Alnylium play. Damn shame, cause I hear there is some talent on this team, Tim Read sounds like a regular old Hero. But I have to go with what I know, what Iíve heard and what Iíve seen and the cards arenít stackiní up in your favor!


Dr. K So, I didnít get much of a peek at you guys this season either, I think perhaps a game or two. Jimski really made an impression on me and so did Tee Tee, hmmm I doubt that name stuck? Iím guessing that tonightís game against B-Squad will be an even match-up. Bsquad will be disadvantaged by height, but they make up for it in speed which is where I think Dr. K will have a problem. If Bsquad can keep their run and gun game going they should be able to pull off a win.


Best of luck to all teams! Make sure you sign up for next season! Leagues are filling up fast and I know you all still want me in your lives so you best be makiní an appearance in the Winter season!!