B2 West Winter 08 Preview

Commentary by JBerr

WoW, so we have 13 fabulous and talented teams this season all competing for the West title. Of these 13 teams, 10 have familiar faces and/or names and Iím-a likiní what I see. Additionally, there are 3 teams that are new to me and perhaps new to the wonder that is CAC. Having had the chance to see half of you play, and for the rest of you seeing what Tibbs the CAC master had to say Iíve devised a 100% accurate and infallible league preview.

So there can only be 1 team on top, Iím sorry, but thatís just the logistics of the situation. Of these 13 teams I have absolutely no clue who will be riding the top, or for that matter who will be floppin around on the bottom. What I do know is that each team brings a lil sumthiní sumthiní to the table and I can tell yaíll with complete accuracy what that is

Tier 1: The Ivy Leaguers

Jessellís Grille: Ok, so I havenít even seen them play yet this season, and, sure theyíve lost T-Gun their go-to guy, but I think thatís only gonna up the game of the rest of the guys. JG has proven that they are hard working and determined, makiní it all the way to the final game last season. When theyíre on, the Grille Gleams and theyíve got a complete package. The Pintís back for his sophomore season to bang on the boards and drop his inside jumper, Nally will be servin up the treys more than a waitress on a Saturday night, Dave will be runnin the point with reckless abandon and my foxes will be sure to rep. Marist with pride.

Tribe Called Monkey: The reigning champs of the West will no doubt be bringing it again and I canít wait to see them back in action. Sadly, they too also suffered a great loss and I think their biggest challenge will be to keep the intensity levels up with the loss of the Floridians. Broadway Joe better not be letting me down. I expect him to lead his team to dominate the league with the support of the Real Akhil and his fast feet, E-rod with his lethal range and the rest of the bad ass cast.

Fighting CACís: Although they had a rough first game, they were missing some key ingredients. With G-Lo, Jam and Wayne stepping it up a notch to make their presence known at a higher level I donít expect them to disappoint, so where were you week one?! This is an edgy team with hot heads like Sorrentino brining the intensity from the east and his buddy Glumac who keeps him in check. I expect these boys to be competitors, but they def have to watch the attitude.

Patís Pigeons: Though these fellas are a risky choice, Iíve seen the potential in these guys and I like it. They are gritty yet polished, theyíve got attitude but itís refined, and when theyíre hot theyíre sizzlin’. Theyíve been playing together for seasons now and it shows in their game. CVS has did great job at the point last season after the disappointing abandonment of the Slueth (who will hopefully be returning this season). Honest Abe is a total banger and did a great job on the boards last season and had a few totally dominating games. Big Redís got great range and gives the pigeons a bit of an edge, even though they are an older bunch, he brings them youth in his playing style. Their success will depend on the playing of Darren and Mark who were hot and cold last season and did not have the best attendance. If they bring it, I think they can really cause some damage in this league.

Tier 2: You’ll Get A Degree, But Good Luck Finding A Job

Beavers: The Beavers are back, and Iím gonna go with what I know. They got their bases covered with The Chef on the boards serviní up some extra spicy blocks and banginí with the biggest. The Big V is a straight up balla complete with Jís and treys and solid D. Also returning is Jameson Cush and Dustyyy who do nothing but help to keep the game at a high level with their hustling, intensity and teamwork. Perhaps this season will fair better for them then last, they will have to dig deep to bring out whatever it was that was missing last season, these things I do not knowÖIím just the score girrrl.

ALS-TDF: To this day these acronyms are completely meaningless to me, regardless I know what these guys have to offer. Theyíve got some of the most organized and well orchestrated game Iíve seen at the CAC (or Morse, if you really wanna get technical about it). Ben ìThe Brainî Heywood as Iíve said time and time again runs a real tight ship. He is a complete bball Nazi, itís his way or the highway, even Pstone has suffered the consequences of this from behind the whistle. The Brainís shooting range and driving skills are well complimented by Kenís rebounding and new comer Myronís got some flashy moves as well. Jamie does a great job behind the scenes holding things together and Gordon is a beast, when he decides to show up, which last season was few and far between. I think these guys are a tough hurdle for the top teams, but I have yet to see evidence of what it takes to bring home the title.

Alnylium: Iím not gonna lie, Iíve never seen these guys play, but from what I hear they got game. Personally, I think youíre a bunch of pretentious snobs who refuse to grace me with your presence over at the Morse. All you corporate teams think youíre so special you get the game times you want in the location you want. Personally I think itís bullsh*t, but apparently you got the Commish in the palm of your hands, and thatís something we can all admire. But your bball skills speak for themselves, and what I think quite frankly is irrelevant, the rumor mill says youíre a decent bunch and I respect rumors and enjoy spreading them. Word is, Tim Read is the dominating force on this squad, he was the second highest rated player last season and Iím sure heíll play to impress once again. Too bad Iíll never see him in action.

Tier 3: Iíll Like What You Got, But itís not Quite Enough

B-Squad: What can I Say? I love these guys, I really do. They show up every week ready to ball, they play hard, they play as a team, and they have moments where they shine. There are some games where I really think they are going to come out on top, which ultimately result in an orgasmic let down if you will. Iím like ìoohh yess, uhhh, yeahhhh, ohh yeahhÖwait uh-uhÖnooooî and at the last minute, they let it slip out of their handsÖthe game of course. Week 1 was nothing different; down 1 point with 30 seconds left and the ball in their possession they had the opportunity to win the game and they lost track of time. But, what did I say at the start, I love these guys. Noah with his unassuming agility, range and presence, Walling with his speed, vision and smooth jumper, and Horton who brings the moves, the flash and the donutsóI canít deny it, heís a real crowd pleaser.

Willis: These guys are a bit scrappy, far from your typical ballers, but they got something special. Marky Mark and his funky bunch are, wellÖfunky. Thereís Dave, aka ìNapoleonî heís got a big attitude in a small package and Alex. O whoís all hustle and hardwork without allthe pretense. It looks like they lost their main offensive weapon, Taja, but have added a few new guys to the bunch including Ian Houts who had an impressive first week. Mark, as always is intense but tends to lose his cool when his team needs his leadership. If he can remain consistant and stay focused, he could have hopes of a 500 season. I always enjoy watching these guys, and they are already off to a 1-0 run, Iíll be interested to see how long it lasts.

Tier 4: Welcome to CAC/B2 West; Now Prove Yourselves.

Industrial Ec: A bunch of fresh faces, I love it. From what Iíve seen after Week 1 this teamís got a lost of versatility. Theyíve got height (Nate) theyíve got finesse (Libby) and they can score at the Hands of John ìThe Hurtî Herter. And if these three donít bring it, theyíve got depth and at least 7 other people have the opportunity to step up. Iím expecting big things from them, and hope to see them evolve and blossom as the season progresses and theyíve had more time to play together. Otherwise, if things donít go so well, the tension could rise in the work place, effecting productivity on AND off the court.

Chicka-Chicka: First of all who came up with your team name? Youíre fired! Now, on to the basketball. I havenít seen much of this crew yet, but from what I did see Todd just completely EXPLODED and will likely be looked to as the go to guy from here on out. Heís got a great close range jumper and does a great job on the glass. Brad also had a solid first game and will hopefully remain consistent throughout the season. These guys will have to bounce back from their loss after week one and perhaps have a few more guys step up.

Baby Nuggets: I havenít had the chance to see you guys at all yet, and you had a tough week one playing against one of the premier teams in the league. What I am concerned about is that none of your players broke into double-digits. I know they say that defense wins championships, but itís kind of hard to sell your defense when you gave up almost 50 points. On a more positive note, it looks like you guys share the rock really well spreadin the love evenly across the team. What that means is that you all need to step it up to the next level and hopefully together you can compete with the rest of this league.

Dynasty Heat: Nasty Heat would have sounded cooler, but Iím not the team name police. Like I said, Iím just the chick that does the write-ups. So, yeahÖI havenít had the opportunity to feel the Heat yet, but I will and Iím looking forward to it. I see you played tonight at CAC and it looks like you were a hell of a lot more successful that I was tonight. You guys freakiní ripped apart the B-squad with Fingerroll, Keith and Tim all in double digits and Damien collectiní enough dimes to make a collect call to China. It looks like you got the stuff for the B2 West, but weíll just have to see how the rest of the season pans out. Best of luck!

Thatís all Iíve got. Like I said, Itís all completely accurate, so donít argue with me, just play your games. Iíll see yaíll on the court, except for Aluminum Foil of course cause we all know they’re too good to play @ the Morse. I wish you all the best this season.