B2North Awards

By Matty Bells

Hey everyone! I’ve got what everyone’s been waiting for!
No, not “The Decision” of Lebron, I’m talking about the B2North Awards!

This is just Part One of the award announcements, look for the rest tomorrow.

MVP: Craig Henricksen (Abusement Park)
26.4 ppg (league-leader), 10.6 reb, 2.2 asts, 1.1 stl, 1.4 blks

Dave Keeney’s reign over the North has come to an end. Craig Henricksen is our new MVP.

I think Craig had this award sealed up around Week Three…there simply wasn’t anyone who dominated the league and meant more to his team’s success than Craig.

Craig was a monster this season; his lowest scoring game came in Week Three in which he still tallied 17 points! That was his “rough” night this season. Unbelievable.

Also considered: Jevic Metuba, John Ruppert, Chris Coffey

Offensive Player of Season: Brian Fredriksen (Ravishing Rick Rude)
20.2 ppg, 2.8 asts, 3PT Shooting: 23-71 (32%)

Its about time this man got some love!

One of the most prolific scorers offered in the B2, “Freddy” found himself with another 20+ppg season.

I gave a lot of consideration towards giving this award to Bobby Skanes, a guy who shot 21-51 (41%) from deep. But Freddy is asked to do a lot more than just hit three’s. He serves as one of two main scorers on RRR (with Mason being the other) with opposing defenses spending most of their time focusing on him.

He’s scored in every way imaginable this season; fadeaways, post-moves, threes, lay-ins…if there’s a ball and a hoop, Freddy’s gonna find a way to get it in.

Also Considered: Bobby “Bird Skanes

Most Improved Player: Mike Vasser (Biddeford Tigers)

Another award that was basically wrapped up before Week Four. The improvement of Mike Vasser was immediately noticeable….but the stats tell the true story. Vasser went from averaging 4.8 ppg in the Winter to 8.9ppg this season.

He might not have said it out loud, but it was pretty obvious Vasser really wanted to award. How else ca you explain his Week Nine statline? Against the man (ME) who is the ultimate decider!

21 points, nine rebounds, four assists!

I mean, Vasser had this award well before Week Nine. A performance like that wasn’t necessary. What a showoff.

Also considered: Matt Romeling, Andrew Imbriglio

B2North AllStars:

(Everyone has their own system in naming these. My teams normally consist of two bigs and two guards. Oh, and Keeney would’ve have been on one of these team if he was still around…but he’s not, so I’m awarded his slot to someone that might actually be able to play if we’re able to put a game together.)

First Team:

Brian Fredriksen (Ravishing Rick Rude)
Joe Sacks (Beacontown Beavers)
Craig Henricksen (Abusement Park)
Chris Coffey (Biddeford Tigers)

Second Team:

Jeff Mason (Ravishing Rick Rude)
John Thompson (Slampig Millionaires)
Jevic Metuba (Young Money)
John Ruppert (Ravishing Rick Rude)

Also considered: Bobby Skanes, Danny Suida, Josh Barrett, Bobby Haas


Sorry for the delay, here are some additional awards.

All-Rookie Team

Danny Siuda – Underrated defender, pretty unheralded, hope he comes back next season.
Josh Barrett – My Crown Jewel…he’d probably be a AllStar if I didn’t hate on my teammates.
Bobby Skanes – Almost won Offensive Player of the Season.
Jevic Metuba – Oh yeah, he’s our Rookie of the Season, as well.

Matty Bells’ Defensive Team

(Look, I feel like I have a really hard time gauging “Defensive Prowess.” So here’s how I assembled this team;

Let’s say my Life depended on a basketball game. My life depends on a team holding their opponent to less than 40 points during a game. My team can comprise of seven guys from the B2North…I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about this. I trust these guys with my life…hypothetically.

Jon Adams – The “Adonis”
Mike Sorrentino – Dude is liable to kill the killers holding me hostage.
Jevic Metuba – Sure, he didn’t really give 100% on the defensive end this season, but my life is on the line. He’d step it up.
Craig Hendriksen – When in doubt, take the league’s MVP.

My “Subs” – Danny Siuda, Jon Ruppert, Danny Shea….not John Thompson.

(These dudes have no shame in throwing up shot after shot after shot after shot…..not really concerned with scoring, but shooting just to shoot.)

Brain Fredriksen – Remember his 1-18 performance in Week Two? I do.
Jason Heald – In his defense, he has a posse…they’re there to see him shoot.
Josh Barrett – He shoots runners, fadeaways, floaters, threes, hookshots…whatever. He shoots.
John Thompson – Real quote from Jtho, “I don’t care if my shots go in or not. I just wanna shoot. I honestly don’t care.” Tremendous.

All “Offensive” Team — aka: The Mike Sorrentino All-Stars 
(Not what you think, Tino came up with an awesome way to pay tribute to the “personalities” of B2North. These guys are OFFENSIVE, as in, offensive to everyone around them. Offensive with their mouths, shot-selection, body odor…whatevs. Amazingly, every one of these guys are Teddy Bears as soon as the buzzer sounds. But on the court, stay away.)

Dan Brownstien – Guy excels at getting under opponents skin. He’s a first-ballot HOF’er in the Tino-League.
Jon Glumac – Yo, that dude is a dick.
John Thompson – I think his story is well known.
Bobby Haas – We really need to come up with a name for Haas’ alter-ego. That dude – whoever he is – is crazy.

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