Back By Popular Demand…The 2nd TWO ON TWO CO-ED TOURNEY!

By Rory Duyon – Spots still available!!!

I suppose I would only be stating the obvious if I told you that the number one reason that people play in CAC leagues is…well…basketball.  However, it’s become increasingly obvious to me that the CAC is much more than a medium to satisfy your basketball fix.  Dating back several years and several League Nights Out the CAC has cultivated tons of relationships, hook ups, a few marriages and even a baby (one that I know of, maybe there are more…sorry I’m still kind of new).  Who needs eHarmony?

Since I found out about the CAC and started playing co-ed five sessions ago (Spring 2010), co-ed has grown from a single eight team division to three different eight team divisions.  Sure, some players play for multiple teams on multiple nights, but the number of players has easily doubled in the span of a year.

Some people play to meet athletes of the opposite sex, and some like the chance to do something fun and active with their husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Well here at the CAC, we aim to give you more of what you want, so back by popular demand for the second time in 2011 is the CAC Co-ed 2 on 2 tournament!!

Three months ago, Nikki Savageau and The Raging Bull, Brandon Dorey dominated the field of this double elimination tournament.  I tried to ride a former Division 1 player from my Alma Mater (Fairfield) into the latter rounds of the tournament, but even she couldn’t carry the extra 215 pounds of dead weight, as we won just one game before bowing out early.


-Date: October 15

-Place: CAC

-Time:  12:00 noon

-It’s a double elimination tournament with room for 16 teams, first come first serve.  $40 entry fee per team.  The winners and runners up get a cash prize

-In order to signup, you can hop onto the message board thread ( and simply list your name and the name of your partner on the tournament thread or you can email me with that information (

-If you’re interested in playing, but don’t have a partner, you can sign up.  You will have until Monday, October 10, to find a partner, before your spot is put up for grabs or if we have singles of both gender sign up, we can try and find you a partner.

-Games are played to 11 (win by two points) or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.  Whichever team leads after 15 minutes is the winner.  If the game is tied, the teams play on, first basket wins.  Baskets count for 1 and 2 points.

-Refs will be calling fouls.  A team will be awarded one free throw on a shooting foul

-Losers take the ball out…this is not make it take it.  I’m not a big fan of this, but I was overruled last time.  Really puts an emphasis on three point shooting.

-Now the important stuff…last time we did this tournament, virtually the entire field went to Tommy Doyles later on in the evening.  I’d love to see that happen again.  There will be complimentary apps, not so complimentary booze and plenty of great people.

-Trash talk STRONGLY encouraged!!  If anybody can make me laugh harder than Woody Harrelson I’ll buy you a beer at TD’s – White Men Can’t Jump (warning:  explicit language)…all in good fun people, all in good fun.

All in all, this promises to be a great day and there are still spots available!  Don’t miss out.  The tournament should be done sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 and we’ll figure out a time to reconvene at the bar.  Friends are more than welcome to join us.

Sign up before its too late!!

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