Baseball, We’re Talking Baseball?!?

As I sit here on my couch, mix drink in hand, box o’ wine in front of me, just in case, it’s time to address the ridiculousness of the ’09 Red Sox Postseason. Way too many people that I’ve talked to this post season are just not that jacked up about the Sox prospect this October/early November.  

5 years ago, pre “Reverse the Curse”, we would have been jacked up about a 95 win team that boasted 3 solid playoff starters, a great pen and a huge mid-season acquisition.  Now, it’s a lot of, “they have too many holes to win it all.” What baseball team doesn’t have holes?? The best teams in baseball still fail to win games 40% of the time!  That’s why the post season is great, the best, deepest, most talented team doesn’t always win. You’re telling me the Cards in ’06 were the best team in baseball?  You’re telling me the ’04 Sox, down 3-1 should have had a prayer?! We all still held on to that razor thin line, they weren’t out of it yet, that means they’re still alive!

But now? No, most people are convinced it’s “not their year”. What does that even mean? People, it’s the post season, anything can happen!  Have we really become spoiled after just 2 championships (yea, I know, it’s a lot more when you add in the Pats and Cs, but come on, I for one never get tired of the team doing well).  Get with the program and start living and dying with every pitch!

And F Shaughnessy.  I was listening to him on 98.5 on the way to pickup today and he’s basically given up on the team after just one bad outing.  He was ripping on the offense, specifically Ortiz and his lousy year. Look I know he’s not the same guy since PEDs were banned, I’m okay with it, he still ended up being a productive hitter (i know i know stat nerds, is VORP has steadily declined the last 3 years), but god damn it man, there is no reason to rip his 99 RBI as ‘garbage’ and ‘inconsequential’.

I’m pretty sure those 99 RBI contributed, in part, to the team’s +136 run differential, which may or may not have been third best in the MLB. Sure you can say late in the season it came against week teams, but hell, with the way MLB sets up the schedule, you get to play the Os, Jays and Rays a combined like 86 times, that’s a lot of games you still have to win.  Listening to him on the radio just makes me mad, but I like sports radio, I want to listen.  He’s like that sh!tstain I can’t get out of my favorite underwear.  I want to just toss them, but they’re comfortable, I’ve got about 10 stories that are related to them and damn I couldn’t live without them.


/end rant

So, this is basically going to be my weekly (read Friday/Saturday) random thoughts/link dump. It’s about time I had a weekly feature. Let’s see how long it lasts.  So yea, it’s gonna kinda be like Peter King’s ‘Things I think I think’, but hopefully you won’t mock it nearly as much as these guys do.

  • I love it when my girlfriend has friends come over (disclaimer: they almost immediately go out, not sit around in my apartment like I do). The place is ALWAYS spotless before anyone comes over. The bathroom is never cleaner, I can see my reflection on the floor and the pillows are fluffed just the way I like ’em. Needless to say all this happened and Bush and I are about to blow it up by getting belligerent. Let’s wreck this place!
  • Also, friends with dresses that are absolutely tit-tacular are always welcome at the Beacon.
  • If you’re my friend on Facebook, you already know this, but for the rest of you, just know I’m freaking awesome at Bejeweled Blitz. G’head and try to beat me. I dare you
  • Actual basketball related note.  Nazim Senaldi is F’ing good.  Dude’s who I wish I was (there are a lot of those). Anyway, he showed at pickup tonight and I felt like a real basketball player for a second. But then he torched me about 5 possessions in a row.  It was nice while it lasted.
  • I love visiting this site every couple days. Sure some of the quotes are fake/stolen, but you can tell which of those are, and the rest usually at least make me chuckle.  My favorite “They say celebrities die in threes. Leave it to Billy Mays to throw the fourth in for free!” Ha! Also, it’s an excuse to post a link to this. 13 years later, South Park still hasn’t lost a step.
  • I’m going to close by reminding you all of two things, and you know what they are! You didn’t really think I’d get through this without a plug did you?!  Halloween is the next official League Night Out!! Saturday October 31st! For those of you that don’t know, it’s a great excuse to yell at your favorite statkeepers and refs, buy them drinks (carbombs only please) and get to know a bunch of other guys that you usually only yell at in your leagues. Second, the 3v3 Tournament is coming up and sign-ups are starting to come in. November 14th and 15th are the dates, and go here for details.
  • Ah DAMN IT! F YOU A-ROID!! by tying it up in the 9th I’m not going to get to see the Sox tiil this game is over.  Go bend over a toilet.  And did you really just take a curtain call for that?! This game is no where near decided!