B Draft Sortable Stats

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Name Team Games Points DRB ORB Assists Steals Blocks PR TP% TPA FT% FTA
Alex ChinFlying Sparklemuffins25.
Ben BaynesFlying Sparklemuffins514.
Billy JacksonFlying Sparklemuffins516.
Chris WhitneyFlying Sparklemuffins512.
Jeremy FathyFlying Sparklemuffins511.
Raymond RussoFlying Sparklemuffins45.
Ben SilvaHunger For More
Casey TenneyHunger For More 325.
Jeff EtienneHunger For More
Jonathan WashburnHunger For More
Mike McCauleyHunger For More
Mirza ZukicHunger For More 416.
Dodd GrayKingfischer's22.
Ian CundallKingfischer's410.
Jake ParrisKingfischer's412.510.
Jimmy FischerKingfischer's323.
Mike FraherKingfischer's412.
Sam McAlpineKingfischer's45.
Adam NestlerMacaroni and Threes518.410.
Kevin ThompsonMacaroni and Threes410.
Mark LavalleeMacaroni and Threes39.
Noah BurkholzMacaroni and Threes411.
Paul CalderanMacaroni and Threes510.
Xavier HollandMacaroni and Threes414.
Djordje VlajkovicNo More White Women 2020411.
Glen SeowNo More White Women 202021.
Joel ShafferNo More White Women 2020418.
Matt KaplanNo More White Women 2020414.
Mike DodakianNo More White Women 202047.
Mike EtheridgeNo More White Women 2020315.
Harry DemakesNow Yous Can’t Leave
Kenny VarnerNow Yous Can’t Leave
Leon RussoNow Yous Can’t Leave
Michael WeinsteinNow Yous Can’t Leave 525.
Sam PollockNow Yous Can’t Leave 525.
Zackary HendrickxNow Yous Can’t Leave 410.
Charles FlowersSay No to Snow510.
Cory GansSay No to Snow515.
Josh SpardoSay No to Snow515.
Julian PonsettoSay No to Snow310.
Sean FlynnSay No to Snow47.
Zach WebertSay No to Snow45.
Brian CivaleThe Letalien Job314.
Cameron LetalienThe Letalien Job45.
Chris CavanoThe Letalien Job48.
Chris OttThe Letalien Job48.
Dylan ParkThe Letalien Job39.
Mike CawleyThe Letalien Job419.
Chas BelliveauThe Mugatu's 411.
Chuck CasassaThe Mugatu's 316.
Evan KodraThe Mugatu's 415.
Joe Daniels-MulhollandThe Mugatu's 318.311.
Justin BlacksonThe Mugatu's
Matt ComenitzThe Mugatu's
Dan ClasbyTurbo Team 414.
Frank MalsbendenTurbo Team
Kofi WilliamsTurbo Team 419.
Liam CorriganTurbo Team
Noah SpauldingTurbo Team 311.
Taha JenningsTurbo Team