C League Awards!!!

By Corwin

Winter 2011 C League Awards (ARV—also receiving votes)

MVP—Co-winners*……Leng Tang (SB) and John Tenney (PW) …..ARV-Andy Ong (Snatch), Scott Nascimento(BAA)

*Votes split 2 for LT and 2 for JT. The board poll counted as one vote as well as one vote from Damian, one from Matty, and one from myself. LT took the board poll, I also voted for him. Damian and Matty both voted for JT.

Offensive Player of the Year— Rhatana Ny (WT?) ….ARV- Leng Tang (SB), Jimmy Wang (CCB), Scott Nascimento(BAA)

Defensive Player of the Year— Stefan Cosmas (BB) …ARV- John Tenney (PW), Leng Tang (SB)

Rookie of the Year—Jimmy Wang (CCB) …ARV- Jayfen Volquez(WT?), Stefan Cosmas (BB), Rhatana Ny(WT?)

Scottie Pippen Award (best supporting player)— Martin Yuan(SB) …ARV- Paul Flint (CCB), Thuy Nguyen (SB TOO)


1st team:

John Tenney (PW)

Andy Ong (Snatch)

Leng Tang (SB)

Scott Nascimento (BAA)

Rhatana Ny (WT?)

2nd team:

Stefan Cosmas (BB)

Jimmy Wang (CCB)

Martin Yuan (SB)

Mike Dinh (SB Too)

Nino Jeena (Snatch)

Artest All-Stars ( all intensity team)

Justin Maldonado (BAA)

Jayfen Volquez (WT?)

Eric Ribeiro (SB Too)

Keith Kemp (PW)

Steve Happas (PW)

ALL Defensive Team

1st Team :

Stefan Cosmas (BB)

Leng Tang(SB)

John Tenney (PW)

Paul Flint (CCB)

Eric Ribeiro (SB Too)

2nd Team:

Scott Nascimento (BAA)

Mike Dinh(SB Too)

Nino Jeena (Snatch)

Peter Nezbit(DR)

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