C League Fall 07 Playoff Preview

Special Guest Blog – Gripp

For the C League Playoff Preview we’ve got special guest blogger Caitlin ‘Gripp’ Vestal in the house.  Since she plays on two of the teams in the league, we figured she’d be best equipped to throw some knowledge at you.  See what she’s got to say…

They Work Hard for the Money


TRO struggled in their debut season due to injuries and attendance issues but weren’t without their shining moments.  Their week 2 victory over fellow corporate brood Genzyme was their single victory this regular season.  Scott McGihon team captain and high scorer led the way on the court and off during his injury.  Let’s hope they get a full squad come playoff time which by the way is today!


Moviní on Up

Secret Sauce

This is potentially the best season the Secret Sauce team has had here at C.A.C. though it might not show in their record.  A number of close games were played this time around not always resulting in the win but showed some serious potential.  The big additions of Paulo Gouveia and Charles Shoch proved valuable as teamwork became the name of the game as the Sauce was a more well rounded team.  Contrary to popular belief, Codon Devices does not hire based on basketball skill, just good looks.


Give Me More


Genzyme is heading in to the playoffs a consistent team but will need to pick it up offensively to beat the top tier of the C league.  What can’t go without mention is their huge upset win over the previously undefeated Expos team in the last week of the regular season.  That should give them a huge confidence boost heading in to post season play and weíll see where that takes them.


They’re Going the Distance


Ahh, to be young again.  Christian Hartjes is back again and better than ever.  Team leader in assists and steals and 2nd in scoring, Christian and fellow teammate Pierre, team scoring leader, brought their team to an awesome 4-4 record heading in to the post season play.  Anything is possible in the playoffs and this is probably the most likely team to pull off a big upset.  Could Christian take over O’Cals spot as youngest C.A.C. Champ ever!?


They’re Packed and they’re Stacked

Ladies First

Ladies First is heading in the playoffs one of the top contenders for the trophy.  Their ability to score points at all positions has proved tough for their opponents all season as for some reason the other teams have yet to figure out that they can shoot and I mean really shoot.  Whether it’s Kellie with the jumper and inside moves or Erin ìMagicî Johnson raining down threes they played some high quality basketball this season.  Attendance issues will determine their future in the post season.


You Down With XJV?


At 5-3, XJV secured the #2 spot heading in to playoffs and weíll see if they remain here through to the finals.  J Lay and Doug are the catalysts behind the teamís success and hopefully that can continue.  They are a well balanced team and they never let up.  But with the scent of the playoffs in the air, will these guys be rattled?  I guess weíll find out tonight.


Too Hot to Handle Now


Jamil ‘I Can’ Ball and so can the rest of the Expos squad as they cruised through the C league to an 8-1 record.  Ball averaged a league high 27 points while Brian dominated the boards with 15.  Opponents beware and make sure to bring subs when playing against these guys as they are quick and competitive and just when you think you have the edge, Jamil comes and steals the ball from you and is down the court hitting a layup before youíve even realized what happened.  Without a doubt the Expos will be in the finals with whoever else dares to enter.  They get a bye in week 1 of playoffs to rest up for their playoff debut next week.