C-Town Review and Reg Season Awards

C-Town Summer League in Review & Regular Season Awards

The playoffs are upon us, which means only one thing:  The stink of losery will be oozing from the pores of the remaining 7 teams, while only one squad will taste the sweet nectar of victory and will have a hard time washing the fake gold off their hands from hoisting the championship belt.  There were a ton of surprises this season, both good and bad, which led me to get all sentimental.

First off, shame on the Saugus teams.  If I needed another reason not to get married, besides divorce, loss of freedom, constant nagging, and spending my Saturdays at Bed Bath and Beyond, attendance was the Achilles heel for the men from orange dinosaur land as the ball ní chains/seeds limited action from their top stars.  Two years ago, Saugus ballers invaded CRFC and were a force, but now the CAC 5on5 doesnít even have a Saugus team in the playoffs?  In the following season, I expect both GMs to overhaul or overcall out their teams to return to a respectable level.

3E is a breath of fresh air.  Anyone who wants to see how basketball should be played should watch them play or watch my highlight reel and do the opposite.  Either way, youíll step your game up.

The heat has been fixed at the Boys and Girls Club so no one will freeze while they are on the bench anymore.

Clutch is one of those scrappy teams that finds a different way to win every time they step on the court.  Although there is more yelling on their sideline than my household when I told my father I was dating my cousin, Clutch manages to pull it together at the right time.  They definitely remind me of another championship team: See UCC A2 champs two years ago.

There was a great influx of new talent and great nicknames.  The Nark, Sugar Shane, Cash Money, and the Prophet were just some of the guys that not only flashed some serious game, but turned out to be interesting personalities.  We all know at CAC, nicknames and personality are more important than any championship.  No question.

Next season, we will only change the schedule 6 times and you will play 5 nights a week.  Hey we keep stats, have our own media outlet, so you better start playing as many games as the pros do.

Big Shout Out to none other than the MixTape and Cheese.  These guys were the league whores, filling in whenever we needed someone to avoid a forfeit and definitely helped out. Thanks a ton gentlemen, and if they filled in for your squad make sure to buy them a drink or lend them your fingerprints if they give you that desperate 2am holler for a favor.


C-Town Stand Up!  C-Town Regular Season Awards

This season was great to work fellas, thanks for the great play and entertainment.  These are the regular season awards and each winner will receive a free Tical Cabbage Patch doll, signed by yours truly.  It even comes equipped with clipboard, stat sheet, and wide-eyed optimism.  A $12.95 valueÖIf it came with $12.50 in the pocket.  Made by the Commishís very own Panamanian sweat shop so you know its great quality.  Kathy Lee quality!


MVP ñ Derek Gallagher ñ Not only was Derek the overall leader in Player Rater status, Derek truly epitomized what it means to be an MVP.  On a team that is primarily a shooting team, someone needed to rebound and play defense, which was what truly put Derek past the other, probably just as deserving candidates.

Runners Up: The Nark, Matt George


Unsung Player of the Year ñ Matt George ñ With 3E being the most complete team in the league it was a surprise to me how often they looked towards Matt to get the big bucket when it was crunch time and he delivered.  No one can get to the line like Matt and no one shows more fortitude when the gameís on the line.

Runners Up: Sugar Shane, Hugh Coleman, Dave Samman


Co -Rookies of the Year ñ Teammates Shawn Driscoll and Mike Narkiewicz.  The Nark and the Pistol ñ This was a no brainer as these two Eat It to Beat it studs were a one-two punch that few teams could stand up to.  Each of them would have been screwed over if I chose one over the other so I had to select them both.  Each have enough firepower on the offensive end to drop 30 a game and both can make their team better each time they step on the court.


Defensive Player of the Year ñ Daryl ìCash Moneyî Green ñ Cash Money was a beast down the stretch of the season coming up with huge block after block.  Some people get a couple meaningless blocks throughout a game, but few can get a block when thereís a minute left to play and your team needs a stop.  That is exactly what Cash Money looks to do.


GM/Coach of the Year – Mike Ellis ñ Thereís a fine line between winning and losing.  At least thatís what Iíve been told, but no question every time 3E found themselves dancing on that fine line, they always came out on the winning side and a lot of credit has to go to Mike Ellis for drawing up backdoor plays for layups in the final minute of tight games as well as the strategic adjustments made throughout their games.  I watched 3E very closely this season and this team above all others was the most intelligent and that always starts with coaching.




All CAC 1st Team: Derek Gallagher, Shawn Driscoll, Mike Narkiewicz, Daryl Green, Matt George, Sean Walsh


All CAC 2nd Team:  Shane Cranmore, Jason Gallagher, Salih Rowe, Mike Ellis, Zack Ellis, Isaiah Moldenhauek


All CAC 3rd Team:  D-Mac, Phil Davis, Kareem Benjamin, John Mazzone, Trevor McAndrew


All CAC Defensive Team:  Sean Walsh, Derek Gallagher, Daryl Green, Shawn Driscoll, Manny Mendez  




I am a Needy person ñ With the most talented league at my disposal, I get to pick and choose who I need and for what purpose.  Since we all know I canít do any of the following, I have no problem living vicariously through you studs.


I need a point guard – Brian Skerry, everyone knows about my man crush for Skerryís game, but in all objectivity, Skerry is the best point guard in the league.  My man does it all, defense, scoring, and setting other people up.

Runners up: Sugar Shane and the Ellis Boys


I need a 3 pointer ñ Anyone from C-Town, these guys shoot an insanely high percentage in the gym so if push comes to shove, Id have anyone on that squad take the shot with my team down 3.

Runners up: D-Mac, Bob Mickel, Matt Schoener


I need a bucket ñ Down 2, I go to the Rifleman, Big Phil Davis.  No question the Rifleman can get his shot off at anytime and no one is stronger going to the rack.  No one.  Since he showed up to more games than Tyson, he proved to be more reliable.

Runners up: The Nark, Tyson, Chise, B-Rip, or Greg Lacasse


I need a board ñ the MVP Derrick Gallagher, pound for pound, one half of the Boondock Saints was the best overall rebounder all season.  OD can get at it, and Walsh is 8 feet tall, but when it all comes down to it, D-Gall has the total package for a rebounder.

Runners up: OD, Chise, Walsh, Greg Lacasse, C-Note


I need a Bruce Bowen ñ No not to knee anyone in the groin, but to shut down the other teamís best player, I go to the tandem of Brian Gomes or the Peopleís Champ, Kevin Paulwalding.  I have not only played against each of these guys, but have seen how well

Runners up: OD, the Pistol, Cash Money


I need a floor general at the end of the game – No question the Ellis bros.  Not too sure bc they wont allow me access to their end of game huddles, but each time the needed to draw up a play they succeeded.  Great leadership.

Runners up:  The Samman, Fizzle, Chris Hunter, Skerry


As Always please feel free to voice your displeasure for any snubs to the Commish.  Looking forward to the playoffs and best of luck to the remaining 8.