C Winter 08 Preview

Corporate Ballers Come out and Plaaaaaayy….

Despite seeing only one of these games a week, I know most of these teams and am filling in for JBerr (whoís writeups youíre going to like a whole lot better than mine) and giving you all a little Preview of what to expect this season in the C League.  This league, despite losing the guys of the Expos, looks a lot stronger from top to bottom this season.  And that makes sense, as every league has seen a bump in its competitiveness and level of play.  If anyone of you doesnít like your ranking, JBerr is definitely the one to complain to, as she had a hand in it.  If you like it, send the accolades my way.


1 – XJV

This is easily one of my favorite team names and a very fitting one for these guys.  Despite, literally, being ex-JV, these guys fought hard all last season and ended up claiming the C League title.  I expect nothing less than perfection from these guys, but itís not going to be easy.  They shocked some teams last time around, they wonít be sneaking up an anyone this season.  Thatís what happens when you become a championship team, youíve always got that target on your back, and teams bring their A++ game so they can say that they were the ones to knock you off.


2 – Secret Sauce

Can Secret Sauce transform from loveable losers and league doormats to championship contender in just one season?? I think they can.  It’s not like they’ve overhauled their roster or tried to sneak in some superduper star like a certain Genzyme GM we’re all familiar with.  No, this is just the season that Secret Sauce is going to put together their experiences from seasonís past and come together as a team.  Also, it’s because most teams are STILL going to be leaving Caitlin ìVesticular Fortitudeî Vestal wide open.  Listen guys, I know you donít want to be ìmeanî and think youíre too ìgoodî to guard a girl, but this one can flat out play, sheíll kill you even when you DO have a hand or body in her face.  Ok, that should keep me out of the dog house for the foreseeable futureÖ


3 – Geritol

New team team with some familiar faces as Andrew Darrien is moving from the Lunch Runs up to the C League looking for a ‘Chip.  I was tempted to put them a little higher thanks to their dominating effort in Week 1 and matchup with a short handed Secret Sauce in week 2, but theyíll have to earn it before I go around handing them anything!! Andrew brings a familiar cast of B2 characters into the C League.  Theyíll have plenty of offensive fire power, but with the hustle and heart be there on the defensive end?!?


4 – Grand Nationals

Team Captain Pierre has revamped his roster this season, but will it mean more wins? As their sparkplug, his play is going to go a long way to determining that.  The Hartjes family is back for another goíround but really, the offense is going to have to click early and often to be a threat against some really good teams this season.


5 – Genzyme

BFab is back as GM of Genzyme, and itís paid some serious dividends the last couple seasons.  The B2 and B1 (now A2) entries have each one their respective divisions and pose serious threats to do so again this season.  The C League entry is the one still looking for their turn in the sun.  This season BFab is breaking in his rookies with the C League, and you could see the growing pains last week.  A little veteran presence, say Bankovich or Muse on a weekly basis would go a long way to making this squad competitive, but as usual, isnít guaranteed with Genzyme.  Finally though, theyíll have enough bodies every week.  But with different rotations, different personalities and different strengths, will Genzyme be able to turn their uncertainty into winning basketball?


6 – TRO

These guys are a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in mystery, the list goes on.  It always depends on who they can get to show for a game.  Their roster is huge, and there are talented ballers on the list, but whereís the dedication?? The Ladies are going to be acquitting themselves nicely, as theyíre the ones that usually show up, but with some good male companions in tow, theyíll be shooting up the power rankings.


7 – StructureTone

Sorry guys, even though I’m familiar with Jared, I don’t know the rest of you and didn’t see you guys play since you had the bye last week.  Take no offense; I’ve ranked many a team last in the preseason only to see them go on and have highly successful seasons, just to spite me.  I’m sure StructureTone will continue that grand tradition.