C5v5 Fall 2010 Awards

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Us kids know. Here are the awards for the C-League. Happy Holidays to all out there…get to CAC for some pickup the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve!!!

C-Note Awards:

MVP: Leng Tang (Steamboats). It’s official. Leng is now The Elgin Baylor of the CAC. The Steamboats had an amazing run this year as they went 11-1 with their only loss coming against Steamboats II in the finals. And yes, the Steamboats beat their Celtics-like rival twice in the regular season, which makes the finals loss a little stunning. Alas, Leng averaged incredible numbers all season, as evidenced by 17.1 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 3.8 APG and an incredible 3.3 SPG as a 2 guard. Everyone knows the Steamboats play the game like an uptempo funk track and Leng’s the DJ creating the bassline. Even with only 6 points (2-4 3FG) in the title game, Leng has kept stepping his game up. There’s no doubt who the MVP is for the regular season is.

Playoff MVP: Mike Dinh (Steamboats II). With apologies to teammate Thuy Nguyen, this is the most coveted award in the game. To be part of a winner AND to rack up the stats/dominate the game in terms of impact…that’s what the good ones do. 14 and 10 in the title game. All FTs made. The Wolverine’s blessing. Need I say more? Congrats to Mike Dinh, you have blessed by Gulo Gulo. This is where you wanna be in four months when April Awesomeness rolls around.

Rookie O’ The Sesh: Andy Ong (CCB). Probably the surprise award of the season, but when you throw up almost 16 PPG in a points-starved league in your first session…this is more of a dunk than Carl Winslow’s coffee cup. CCB definitely relied on a slowdown offense, but the efficiency of Andy Ong really allowed them to thrive (as well as Kenny Mah and Philip Ng) enough to be the #5 seed. If CCB can find a way to score inside, this team could jump into the same room as the Steamboats, Steamboats II, and Pippen Ain’t Easy in terms of points and wins.

GM: Thuy Nguyen (Steamboats II). When you win the title, this is the award you really want. Architect of a champion. What did this team do?
1. Find superstar to build around: check (Mike Dinh)
2. Play guys that rebound/outlet/pass the ball (Thuy Nguyen)
3. Find role players who excel in some areas like setting screens and runnin’ pick-and-pops (Gary Fan), getting boards (Chris Mudarri), running down long passes for lay-ins (Andre ‘Kid Flash’ Jones), or hitting clutch 3s (David Ho, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Ng).
4. Stir before shaking…this is a lineup. And it’s not a surprise they won…well done, Thuy.

Un-GM: Jamison Cush (Beacontown Beavers). This is a special award. Congrats to the only two-time winner of the award that really could be named after Jamison after years pass by. A winless entry in the C League should be applauded. Let’s face it, if you’re not willing to fall flat on your face, you’re not willing to go for it all. Sure, this team didn’t win a game and they were pretty bad because they didn’t have a PG, but a gutty group of gentlemen that showed up and competed every week whether they lost by 2 or 20. Beacontown, you’ve got my respect. (Now, go find someone who can handle the rock!!!)

Here are the ten best players in the league based on performance and their impact on winning ballgames.

1st Team:
1: Jonathan Moy (Pippen Ain’t Easy)
2-3: Leng Tang (Steamboats), Martin Yuan (Steamboats)
4-5: Mike Dinh (SBII), Henry Wang (Smokers)

2nd Team:
1: Mike Tran (Smokers)
2-3: Andy Ong (CCB), Nick Doty (Jessels Grille)
4-5: Keith Spence (PAE), Cam Preciado (Tell Me How My Shaq Tastes)

Great season, everyone. Get those teams together and get ready for those early sign-up discounts on January 3rd for another crack at immortality!!!

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