1st Round Of First Ever (Hypothetical) CAC Couples 2v2 Tourney

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Over the last four seasons, my first and only four seasons at the CAC, I’ve been involved with the co-ed leagues as a player at first, and now a staffer.  Co-ed provides a different kind of atmosphere from the men’s leagues, which I’ve found to be a good thing.  You still get some intense competition, but you also get more of a social aspect with bonding and trips to the bar with other teams as well as your own.  I would be foolish not to acknowledge that for some who are not happily taken, like myself, one of the other perks about playing in a co-ed league is a chance to mingle with the opposite sex.  Some couples that already existed join to be able to enjoy an activity together, but a lot of couples have originated AT the CAC.

I had a discussion the other day with a friend of mine who recently found her “better half” through the CAC and I thought it would be kind of funny to have a CAC couples 2v2 tournament.  I pitched the idea to Tibbs as a possible blog and he liked it a lot.  I immediately had 8 couples off the top of my head so that I could make up a bracket and write up a hypothetical tournament, but Tibbs started feeding me more names, so the next thing I knew, I had a 16 team bracket.  So here it is…the first ever CAC Couples 2v2 Tournament bracket.  Enjoy.

Meet the first 8 happy romantic couples playing in the Quincy McCall Bracket

Erin “EJ” Johnson & Chris Harvey

Vs.  Tommy Kahana…& himself

Jerry Antone & Cynthia Lopez

Vs.  The Angelillos aka The Boozers….Chris & Danielle

Boy Wonder – Matt Monroe & Laura Kuehn

Vs.  BFab & JZuk

Bryan Arndt & Hayley Thompson

Vs.  Terry Henderson & Laura “LJ” Jasinski


Our next 8 couples will play out of the Monica Wright Bracket

“Nate Dogg” Brigham & Alleigh Marré

Vs. Jared & Abby Perrine

Dave Celli & Sara Doherty

Vs. Ashley Wetherell & Brian Barrett

“Apolo” Kevin Swecker & Tasia Blough

Vs.  Moira Rafferty & Brian Sharkey

Tibbs & Caitlin Vestal Tibbetts

Vs.  Rob Vigneau & Amanda Davidson

So let’s do this!  I’ve got Bob The Ref on hand to help us get this right as we get underway with the first “couples”.  Games are played to 15 straight up (not win by 2) by ones and twos.  Rock/paper/scissors for opening possession.  Make it take it, clear everything to the 3 point line and you must pass the ball in off a dead ball or a basket.


EJ & Harvey are up first.  There is a lot of love in that relationship of 2+ years, but they have their work cut out for them.  NO COUPLE in the field of 16 has more love for each other than their first round opponent…Tommy…and…well, himself.  No Tommy, even though this is a hypothetical tournament you do not get to clone yourself.  It’s 2 on 1.

Tommy ‘s paper beats Harvey’s rock.  The self proclaimed “RoY” has been red hot lately in Co-ed West, so he wastes no time.  Tommy checks the ball, immediately catches, fires and hits a 2, then blows himself a kiss.  Not so fast!  Bob blows the whistle.  “Violation!  You must pass the ball in!”

Tommy complained to no avail and EJ checked the ball and went to work, finding Harvey in the post for six straight…yupSIX straight fadeaway jumpers and quickly Tommy was in a 6-0 hole.  That’s when Harvey got cocky.  Rather than sticking with the bread and butter fadeaway, he made a strong move to the basket and blew the layup.  Tommy promptly grabbed the rebound and drained a three, but once again had to turn the ball over, because he couldn’t pass the ball in.

‘You get where this is going…Harvey & EJ advance with a 15-6 win.  Tommy had just seven possessions…three made 2-point shots and four turnovers for not being able to pass the ball in.


Dizzy Llamas Jerry & Cynthia vs Boozer & Danielle – Danielle won the rock paper scissors when she intimidated Jerryinto telling her that he was going to throw paper.  Danielle wins with scissors and promptly went to work in the post early on with a couple of buckets to put the Boozers up 2-0, but Cynthia held her ground.  She forced a miss on the third possession and Jerry was able to corral the rebound.  He kicked it to Cynthia for the clear and the 2-pointer to tie it up 2-2.

Cynthia continued to put husband Jerry on her back as she scored the next seven points to make it a 9-2 lead.  Things were looking grim for the Boozers when suddenly arch nemesis, Dizzy Llama Basketball Czar, P-Mills appeared out of nowhere on the sidelines and told Cynthia to sweep the leg.  Luckily for Danielle and BoozerDanielle’s sister Sara had her iPod on hand and responded to P-Mills with the sweet sounds of Peter Cetera.  Boozer fought for Danielle’s honor and in the process scored 13 straight points in 56 seconds flat for the 15-9 win


The third match up of the day was an interesting one, because it featured Matt “Boy Wonder” Monroe and his girlfriendLaura Kuehn against the CEO and the President of the Matt Monroe fan clubBFab and JZuk…another couple by the way, which certainly isn’t lacking that “spark”.  The game was a battle from the start, with the teams tied 11-11 going down the stretch.  I think Laura was actually getting a little annoyed that BFab seemed to be getting awfully handsy on defense with Monroe.  Still BFab was able to hold it together and knock down a big three to give him and Zukerman a 13-11 lead.  On the very next play, they worked a picture perfect pick and roll to push it to game point 14-11. 

Sensing the urgency of the moment, Monroe ripped off his t shirt to reveal a spandex red “Boy Wonder” tank top as he tried to lock down BFab and get one last possession.  So hot and bothered from Monroe’s display, BFab promptly dribbled the ball off his foot and turned it over.  What kind of stooge would ever just lose the ball off his foot in a clutch moment?  Monroe took it right to the rack for the hoops to make it 14-12.  He drilled a two on the next possession to tie up.

Next hoop wins.

Monroe checked the ball with BFab, hoping to have one more trick up the sleeves he was no longer wearing.  As he held the ball, a cell phone went off on the sidelines…

Crap!” Yelled JZuk.  “That’s my mom!”  JZuk ran to answer the phone leaving Laura wide open under the hoop.  Monroe hit her with the pass, and she sent JZuk and BFab home.  It’s ok boys…at least you have each other


Up next was easily the most physically well conditioned team in the tournament of Bryan Arndt and Hayley Thompsonagainst possibly the best team in the tournament, Terry Henderson and LJ.  Terry is not easy to stop in a two on two tournament…unless apparently he is teamed up with Sergebut LJ is no Serge.  Sorry Bryan and Hayley…this is not a reflection on you…15-5, LJ drilled a handful of mid range shots, and Terry was getting to the cup.  When Arndt backed up, it was buckets from downtown.  Moving on…


Nate Dogg and Alleigh, the CAC’s newest sweethearts were ready to put their chemistry to the test.  I’ve noticed thatAlleigh only seems to make shots in Co-ed West when Nate passes her the ball.  Sounds like a good match.  Their opponents are CAC retirees (or so I’m told) Jared and Abby.

Jared and Abby would probably be favored if this game were played in six months, butTibbs and BFab both tell me that Abby is like 8 or 9 months pregnant, so this had disaster written all over it for them.  Alleigh drilled a three to open things up right on cue and Nate knocked down a patented fadeaway.  Trailing 3-0, Abby and Jared decided to withdraw because Abby’s feet were killing her.  Good luck with the new born!


Dave Celli and Sara Doherty have officially lived together for all of two weeks and by all accounts its going well…then again I think Celli is too scared to say its not, but apparently she bought him a grill….sooo he’s got that going for him.  Their opponents are Ashley from Too Legit To Quit and Brian Barrett from not one, but TWO of the best teams in B2 4v4, Hack Em & Jack Em and Super Jamario.

Early on, Barrett was having his way in the post, but Celli, despite being outsized is a very capable defender down low.  He planted those enormous hamstrings and held his ground.  Sara provided the offense with her patented up and under and some mid range shots.  This was another game that would clearly go down to the wire.  Celli and Sara led 10-7 when Ashley grabbed an offensive rebound for a put back, and found Brian on the next possession for a game tying two. 

But like Popeye eating a can of spinach, Celli went to his bag and sucked down his 4th five hour energy of the day and went OFF, scoring the last 5 points for a 15-10 win


Two couples from undefeated Monday Co-Ed West teams go head to head in the second to last first round game.  “Apolo” & Tasia vs Brian & Mo.  Things were actually going really well early on for Apolo and Tasia.  Apolo drilled a couple of twos and had a monster block on SharkeyTasia’s tenacity on defense was unmatched, but leading 8-3 they showed the first chink in their armor when Mo made a nice post move and scored to cut the deficit to 8-4.  As she scored the bucket, Tasia’s braid came unraveled which proved to be symbolic.  She and Apolo argued about his braiding skills that failed once again as Mo and Brian came back, sinking shot after shot.  Brian sealed the deal when he hit a two for the 15-12 win. 


Teammates turned rivals!  Tibbs & Caitlin against Rob & Amanda in a Too Legit To Quit showdown.  Early on, Caitlindominated this match up, as Amanda seemed clearly pre occupied with something.  Get your head in the game!  It’s not like you have any HUGE life changing event to worry about this weekend!  Oh, you and Rob are getting married?  Pssssshh…game face!  Tibbs and Caitlin grabbed a 5-1 lead before Vig stated doing work in the post.  He hit some tough turnarounds, and Amanda finally got into the flow with a couple of jumpers and just like that it was 8-5 in favor of the soon-to-be-weds. 

Caitlin had seen enough and told Tibbs to switch because he clearly couldn’t stop Rob.  Then Tibbs remembered…wait a minute…this isn’t the finals.  A switched was flipped in the big man’s head and Tibbs went back to work, taking it to Robleft and right…scratch that…taking it to Rob left and left…and left…and left…hey if it ain’t broke…

Tibbs and Caitlin win 15-9

So there you have the first round of games…you want to see what happens next?  Well, you’ll have to wait for next week, but YOU can help me decide!  Feel free to email me with who you think wins the following matchups, and if I get enough feedback, I’ll use your votes and quotes to help put together my round 2 blog and see who makes the semis.  Hit me up atroryduyon@gmail.com


EJ & Harvey vs Boozer & Danielle

Monroe & Laura vs Terry & LJ

Nate Dogg & Alleigh vs Celli & Sara

Mo & Sharkey vs Tibbs & Caitlin