C.A.C. Basketball League Waiver

  • I understand that in participating in one or more fitness activities, CAC basketball league, or any type of basketball use or play including games and leagues, or in my use of the equipment or the facilities therein, there is a possibility of accidental or other physical injury or of loss of or damage to my personal property. I agree to assume all risk of such injury or loss or or damage of property, and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cambridge Racquetball Club, Inc. and Alexandria Real Estate Equities, and any officers, directors, shareholders, partners, employees, personnel or agents thereof, from any liability, loss, cost, damage, expense, claim or suit whatsoever for any and all injury, loss illness, harm, cost, expense, claim, suit, or damage resulting from or related to my use of the center or the equipment and facilities located therein, except to the extent such an injury, loss, illness, harm, cost, expense, claim, suit or damage is caused by the intentional act or omission of such parties.