CACloids Vol. 1 Issue 2

CACloids Vol. 1 Issue 2

 It’s been a quiet week in between seasons, but there’s always something going on in the underbelly of CAC…the world doesn’t stop just because leagues do–I know that’s shocking to some of you.

On the Court

°          The brand spankin new wood got laid down this past weekend, aka the was floor polished and new emblem adhered, which by the way, was supposed to be a pic of my face with CAC in my mouth (kinda like a grill). Iím not really sure what happened, somehow the lines of communication got crossed ñ something that rarely occurs around here. But, Iím sure it looks great anyway and the balls will bounce off it just the same, with or without my face.

°          Without a court to ball on over Labor Day weekend, OCal improvised and organized some outside pick-up at a park just up the street from the gym. Both days proved to be a success, but I think my refreshment filled cooler took the cake on day #2. Nothin like emptying out the fridge of stale beer that Dad was threatening to throw away for taking up too much room whilst being the beer-hero.

      PS- We should do this more often.

°          Last night The Firm of the East wrapped up the summer 08 season, running away with the B1 Title, destroying Cold Blooded of the West by a 50 pt marginóthatís even more embarrassing than either of my final games. My homeslice, Bruno dropped 7 bombs to help contribute to his teams 40% 3pt percentage going 15 for 34 from downtownÖdaaaaamn. And the East was allegedly the ìweakerî bracket, ha! I donít think so! This unification match clearly says otherwise, proving once again, that Terrycloth is not is good as he thinks he is.


Off the Court

°          League Night Out (LNO) is tomorrow night and the gossip mill is churnin up a storm. Who will take home the ìhonorableî MWA award?? Will it be Terrycloth the birthday boy? Or will Tibbs be borrowing his balls back from his fair lady to show everyone up for not voting for him? The anticipation is building. Fair warning to all now, if you see me taking shots just stay away, leave me in peace, otherwise I might mistake you for a hotdogÖand, wellÖwe all know (or have at least heard) how ugly that can get.

°          Everyoneís Favorite RoY is hosting a fundraiser Saturday night immediately preceding LNO in the SAME locationóTHE GREATEST BAR. Is this not a win/win situation, or what? For 20 dollars, show up at 6:00 and drink your face full of FREE Sam Adams beer, win raffle prizes and munch on light appsóif you get there before this fat kid. Itís for a good cause, but if that parts really important to you then you probably wonít fit in with the crowd there anyway.

°          Your Favorite CAC staff members will be holding their seasonal meeting next week to get everything organized for the upcoming season. Tibbs will attempt to flex his power muscles and the staff will assure him that they will perform on his level, if not better and he will likely tell us ìthatís not good enough.î If youíd like to sponsor the event (which would result in inflated stats, gluttonous mentioning of you and your teams name in the write ups, calls going your way and possibly a blog feature), please contact The Commish.       


Outside CAC

You mean to tell me thereís a world outside CAC?



°          Hereís the Happy Palin Family

 who appear to be posing in front of an erupting volcano, how appropriate in more ways than one. Sarah Palin, 1 time mayor of Alaska was just nominated last Friday to be McCainís republican running-mate in this yearís election and her dauther, Bristol (really what the F kind of name is that??) was just reported to be impregnated by her 16 year old high school sweetheart. How touching. Bristol is now being likened to Jamie Lynn Spears, and McCain is being castrated for his hasty and foolish decision for selecting a chick with no experience. Regardless of your political affiliations, youíve got to appreciate this gem of a political scandal.


Memorable Quote of the Week

Tibbs: Blah, blah, blah, staff meeting, blah blah blah, mandatory, blah blah blah, let me know if you have any concerns

Wolverine: My only concern is will food be provided

Jberr: is this on or off location because my attendance is contingent upon the venue??

PStone: its not at filosas apartment

DMac:  I think you just got Matt firedÖ.

Wolverine: Everyone knows I donít provide food to my late night guestsÖcanít give them any time to second guess themselvesÖwith 124 teams signed up for the Fall, I believe at least pizzas are in order? 


Letters to the Editor




Sincerely, Francis Kissling (Pro-Abortion leader)


°          Yo JBerr,

DSmith here, captain of the corporation.  As you know I missed the finals, was in Hawaii, the new wife wouldnt go for moving our flight back 2 days, who would’ve thought that!  Looks like we kinda got smoked huh?  What happened, we just never got on track?  Oh well, guess they needed my unselfish assists!  We’ll be back next year.  Love the writeups, keep it up, hopefuly you’ll draw our games more next season…Later.


sometimes I actually get ìfan mailî