Calling all CACers

I know most of you use the Corner solely to kill brain cells, but I need you to lend me your ear for a serious matter.  There is no punch line coming so I apologize in advance.  November 20, 2010, I am putting together a 3 v. 3 Basketball Tournament and after party for a very close friend of mine that has been fighting leukemia since April.  The particulars of the tournament are listed below and can also be found ON FACEBOOK at “Assisting Alex”… Please review the discussion pages for all the specifics, which can be accessed by clicking on the “created by” link or email or my aol email address that most of you have and still make fun of me for having.  And yes, I have created a Facebook Page for this event and joined the 21st century.  Please hold your applause.!/pages/Assisting-Alex/124015117657068

The Who – My boy Al is a Somerville native and some of you have met him before as he is usually out and about with me, although not as much this past year.  Those of you who have met Al, have reportedly liked Al approximately 10 times more than me and for good reason.  He is the man.  My man is 25 years old, a single father, and trying to make ends meet while getting bent over by the high costs of medical care.

The What –  The 3 on 3 Tournament will be double elimination and will have an A and B division.  The cost to enter a team is $150.00.  With that entry fee, you will receive a T-Shirt, food, water and hopefully will not be stuck at the hoop that I am reffing.  This is a great way for you to get out of the house, play some hoops, and help a good kid who deserves your help.  If your ole lady gives you any guff, you tell her I gave you the day pass and that should be the end of it.

The Where – If you sign your team up for the A Division (which is for players who are looking for competition and have the balls to not sandbag for the B league), you will be playing at Fidelity House in Arlington.  If you sign up for the B Division, you will be playing your games at Matignon High School and see the actual lockers that I was stuffed into almost 10 years ago to the day.

The When – November 20, 2010 at High Noon.  Please arrive at 11:30am to register and warm up.


If you cannot get the day off from your mrs (cough…WEAKSAUCE…cough), get your arse down to The Pub in Somerville located at 682 Broadway Somerville, MA 02143 @ 7pm.  There are going to be plenty of raffles/games, food and the crowd will be bumping as we got a DJ (not just a family member playing Jock Jams).  If you are a single chap, this will be a great place to pick up chicks as we all know women love guys who give off the appearance that they are big into charity.  Who knows, show some charity with your wallet and a lucky lady may show you some charity with her…well, nevermind.


As far as the 3 v. 3 BBall tournament is concerned, I have already confirmed that there will be teams representing Basketball City, Fidelity House, and West Newton rec leagues.  I need at least 3 CAC squads to not only rep this tournament, but one of which needs to win it all.  I have talked to TIbbs and Josh and on the day of the Tournament, I will be giving away some swag to anyone who shows up and plays with a CAC jersey.  If you win it all, I will personally pay for the customized championship T Shirt and hookers.

Like I said above, please check out the Facebook Page “Assisting Alex” and come out for a great time and a great cause.!/pages/Assisting-Alex/124015117657068