Can Bobby Valentine Revive “The Dirt Dawgs”

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Two months, six Patriots wins, a ten game Bruins win streak and three weeks of college basketball after the Red Sox ruined everything I had finally forgotten how mad I was at them.  This week was a nice reminder that the baseball team I used to be proud to call my favorite is a bunch of overpaid, underachieving prima donna hacks and whiny losers.

After two months of looking like morons without a plan, the front office finally went and hired Bobby Valentine to be the 45thmanager in team history.  Originally, like many, I was a little scared that his strong personality could be his downfall in a market like Boston with a boss like Larry Lucchino.  I remember what happened with the Mets hangover from their Subway Series loss and considering what happened this past September, I feared things might not get much better.

The more I read, heard and thought about the situation the more I got on the Valentine bandwagon.  Based on most accounts, his baseball savvy and IQ is virtually second-to-none and he seems like the kind of guy who just might come in here and kick some ass, which I thing this group could badly use.  Will he be successful?  I’m not sure.  Frankly, as a fan I’m so mad at those bums I don’t really even care, but whatever happens, I have a pretty good feeling that if nothing else, the Valentine era will be wildly entertaining.

I realize this might seem strong.  After a few months, most Red Sox fans are probably ready to forgive and move on.  Not me…not after the stories that came out this week.  Now Red Sox players are reportedly unhappy with the managerial choice and ownership allegedly promised some players that they “weren’t going to hire Bobby Valentine or something like that.”

There are SO MANY things wrong with that quote; I almost don’t know where to begin!  A lot of these guys “earn” the largest salaries in the Major Leagues and ownership is writing the checks…they could hire Hillary Clinton to be the next manager, and the players’ jobs are still to go out and play their asses off.  That’s why they make millions of dollars.  Why would you even make that kind of statement?  Why would you buy your players $300 headphones for playing a day-night double header?  You’re their boss, not their buddy.

And for the players who are supposedly unhappy that Bobby V was the hire, that’s unfortunate.  I would feel bad for them if they hadn’t QUIT ON TITO AND TANKED THE SEASON!!!  This never would have happened if the 23 players not namedDustin Pedroia or Jacoby Ellsbury hadn’t thrown in the towel on the final month of 2011!

The players can try all they want to convince me that nobody quit and they just didn’t play well.  I don’t buy it and I don’t know anybody else who does.  All I know is that from John Henry at the top, all the way down to the clubby who let the Popeye’s delivery guy in the clubhouse, it’s truly hard for me to get excited to root for these guys to do well, and what a shame…going into the year of Fenway’s Centennial Anniversary (make sure to buy your brick now!!).

I can’t tell you an exact date or turning point as to when this happened…I think it’s been a slow progression since winning the 2004 World Series, but somewhere on the line, the Red Sox became everything we once hated.  They basically became the Yankees.  Aside from Pedroia, there isn’t a player on this team who would fit in with the “Cowboy Up” crew of 2003 or the “Idiots” of 2004.

Now we’re stuck with a handful of albatross contracts, a front office that looks indecisive and at times clueless, and a bunch of guys who are already complaining about their new manager after pulling the biggest choke job in history and quitting on their last manager.

How will the Bobby Valentine era go in Boston?  I’m not sure, but I strongly believe that it WON’T be mediocre of vanilla.  Valentine will do his best to shake things up and light a fire under this team’s collective posterior.  It could work and they could win me back, or they could tune him out, get drunk and finish 3rd in the AL East with a payroll nearing $200 million…again.

It might be time to start seriously rooting for the Cubs or the Indians.  Maybe as a native New Englander it’s natural for me to find the negative in everything, but I thought being a baseball fan was a lot more fun when there was still a curse than it is now.