UPDATE: Career Stats are Here!!

UPDATE 12/6 9:01 PM – As suggested, a page has been created to rank career stats similar to all our other all-time stats pages! The top 20 career leaders of all our CAC categories are present and it’s a treat to browse. You know you don’t have anything else going on so check it out!  I’m a fan of it solely because I am ALL OVER THAT SUCKER! Seriously check it out, I dare you not to find my name.


original post:

I am so excited to announce the newest addition to the Player Profiles: Career Stats!

Take a look at the top of your player profile and you’ll see a cumulative column with you career CAC points, rebounds and shooting percentages! Want to see what I mean quickly? Take a look at mine



That fro is so 2007! Unfortunately, those inefficient shooting numbers and low point averages are so 2013.


Anyway, I’m having a ball peering through all my favorite CACers career stats.

Did You Know:

  • Cheese has played the most CAC games at 594?
  • No one has scored 10,000 career CAC points. I only mention this because I’m less than 200 away!
  • 3 point attempts have only been tracked since the Winter 2009 season. Since then, Chris Maciejczak has the most career attempts, with 3,055. Good thing he hits at a 38% clip.
  • O’Cal has the career assist lead with 2,272 ! That’s a lot of dime and in only 417 games!

So many fun facts when looking through everyone’s career stats. They are dynamic, so will update with every game played, check out yours by heading to your league page and clicking on your name in the stats section! Or, shoot me an email and I’ll do the leg work for you.

Also, you can add a picture to your player profile! Right now you need to send a photo to me (150×150) and I’ll get it up, but we’re working on integrating the site so you can do it yourself. Email me at CACBasketball@gmail.com and I’ll add a head shot to your profile!

Other tweaks to the player profile include the the addition of full free throw and 3 point percent stats. You can check out your makes, attempts and percent by season. Please ignore the fact that I seem to be a 57% free throw shooter, that has to be an error of some kind.

Feel free to shoot me an email with other suggestions/ideas you have about the player profile! You know where to reach me: CACBasketball@gmail.com

Remember people #Statsdontlie