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B2 5v5 West Awards and Playoff Preview Fall 2013

PLAYOFFS START TONIGHT!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! You’re going down Thuy! AWARDS MVP – Marcin Papla, Patrick Chewing – I think it was around week 7 I came around to the fact that Marcin was more than just the league’s best offensive player. When he committed to it, he could change the game on both ends, from causing […]

B2 5v5 Combined Rankings – Week 3 Fall 13

All right people, week 3 is in the books across all leagues, so it’s time for an updated Combined Rankings of hte B2 5v5! To check out the original rankings, head here They were pretty bad, as I was uninformed about a number of new teams/players/rosters. As usual, if you’re gambling on my preseason prognostications […]

B2 5v5 Unification Finals, Uhhh Ditka.

Stats for the entire Unification bracket here: This was an unprecedentedly large B2 Unification bracket, with six divisions and a total of 53 teams competing for those elusive sweatshirts. Aside from the B1 and A Leagues, which require professional-like skills and team chemistry to take home the title, the overall B2 title is the hardest […]