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Co-ed 2v2 Tournament Results!

Originally Posted 2011-10-16 Becky & Reddick Steal The Show…But J-Stock & Me Weren’t Impres Three months after an enormously successful 2 on 2 co-ed tournament in the summer we decided to do it again this weekend and we got off to a rough start.  The original intent was to go double elimination with 16 teams, […]

At Long Last: Hypothetical Co-ed Finals and REAL 2v2 Tourney Write Up!

Originally Posted 2011-07-22 With a little League Night Out mixed in I know, I’ve been a horrible slacker.  I got lazy on your guys.  I came up with a good idea of the hypothetical CAC couples tournament, gave you a taste and didn’t see it through.  Well I’m here to rectify that with the finals […]


Originally Posted 2011-06-30 Who Will Play In The First Ever Couples Championship? It started with 16 teams, and now there are just four.  1 married and 3 dating couples playing for the CAC Couple 2v2 Championship.  First they had to get to the championship and with a championship berth, we had a great prize all lined […]

CAC Couples 2v2 Quarterfinals!!

Originally Posted 2011-06-23 It’s time for round two in the CAC Couples 2v2 Tournament and the stakes have already gone up.  Teams that make it to the McCall and Wright bracket finals…the final 4 If you will…receive a free copy of Sean O’Callahan’s 3 volume DVD set: Living and Loving:  O’Cal’s 10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Happy […]

1st Round Of First Ever (Hypothetical) CAC Couples 2v2 Tourney

Originally Posted 2011-06-15 Who Will Be King & Queen Of The CAC!! Over the last four seasons, my first and only four seasons at the CAC, I’ve been involved with the co-ed leagues as a player at first, and now a staffer.  Co-ed provides a different kind of atmosphere from the men’s leagues, which I’ve […]

3v3 Wrap-up

Even the Losers, Get Lucky Sometimes… You know what, no keg, no big deal.  Despite the fact that we didn’t have any alcoholic beverages we ended up having the exact same number of teams for this tournament that we did four months ago.  Yea, that’s some hardcore recruiting, you know who did that?? This guy.  […]

3v3 Superlatives

It’s easier than a Wrap-up The 3-on-3 Tournament was another huge success and Wall Ball Arena will be reaping the benefits with a brand spanking new scoreboard on the wall for next season.  Weíll have pics of the winners on the website early next week, but until then, letís hand out some superlatives.  Huge ups to Gripp […]