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Are The Celtics All Bluster, Or Legit Contenders?

The Celtics are playing better as the regular season winds down, but are they playing well enough to legitimately intimidate playoff-caliber teams? Or just blowing smoke? All grit and balls? Or all bluster? Kevin Garnett, and his trash-talking antics, are back in the Celtics lineup, and his presence has brought immediate results on the defensive […]

Coed West Fall 2012 Awards

The Fall 2012 Coed West season has come and gone.  A division with a ton of talent makes for a division that’s hard to write awards for.  But alas, I’ve been tasked with this duty as part of my scorekeeping responsibilities and I’m going to pull it off.  I’m sure I’ll get flamed and scolded […]

In the Trap: Mike D

As my next long overdue installment, the man CRFC has all known to grow and love Mike D steps into the Wolverine Trap. Seriously, is there anyone else in the gym that you look forward to seeing more than Mike D? Always a storyteller, always smiling, always the entertainer, and most importantly, always the tab […]