Celtics vs Heat Live Blog

8:10 PM – So I’m running a bit late after leaving the Co-Ed South games and have decided I’m live blogging game 1 of 82 for the Cs tonight. Yea it’s a long season, but everyone is geeked for this game. Thankfully Gripp set the DVR (as all of you should for Cs games and stop asking me to reschedule your CAC games – priorities!) so she’s awesome and we’ll be watching the game together. Someone get me a drink!

8:15 PM – In case you haven’t heard me say it the last couple weeks, I’m so pumped for the start of the Celtics season. After watching that devastating Game 7 at Newtowne Grille (you should all go there, best dive bar around) and running the gauntlet of emotions in under an hour, it’s a relief that we’re about to start. First I thought they were going to pull off the upset, then the 4th quarter happened and I spent an hour mourning the end of the Big 3 era. In my drunken haze I even connected the dots between the Cs trading for KG on August 1st 2007 and my life changing for the better. That was the summer I met Gripp and time really does fly. The Cs went from woeful to wonderful. They won a title and almost had a second. I moved in with Gripp, we were engaged then married. All wonderful things I could tie to the Cs turning it around just as I did! Yea I was upset that night.  Then KG was coming back! Ray wasn’t (can we stop talking about that yet? No? Oh, ok..) but they retooled the roster. Hooray for 3 more years of relevance!

Wow that was a hell of a ramble. Sure I should be doing write-ups, but let’s get to the game action. Oh, the little championship logo everyone on the warm-ups are really pissing me off.

1st Quarter

8:20 – It’s suddenly started pouring and there’s thunder and lightning in the same breath. This is so much worse than Sunday/Monday during Sandy, where’d this storm come from?

8:22 – Pierce with 8 straight points – He always gets up to face Lebron. That crap game back in 06 when he went for 50 vs Lebron’s 43? Yea that game was great, easily the best mano a mano matchup I’ve seen live. And it was just a crap game in February before the Celtics turned it all around.

8:23 – As I explained to Mike McDonald before the Co-Ed games tonight, I’ll take anyone other than Lebron beating us each night, even Wade. If it’s Battier hitting a couple 3s, or Bosh thinking he’s a serviceable center, then so be it. That’s how teams are going to have to beat the heat.

8:25 – that was the most lackluster ‘mvp’ chant I’ve ever heard. This is the first time he’s been on their home floor since he dominated the finals and the Olympics and that’s the best they can do? The Miami fans are barely into it. They’re the worst.

8:27 – Sully getting in the game halfway through the first quarter. I love it. Gripp and I were at the Celtics open practice (mock if you want, we sat super close) and Sully barely looks bigger than Pierce. He plays huge though

8:29 – Broken play and Lebron finds himself guarded by Sully with no help. He takes and makes a tough fall away but the rookie didn’t embarrass himself

8:30 – I thought the Cs put an emphasis on ball control. They’re pretty sloppy early. The heat D is good enough without tossing them the ball like they’re wearing green. Get it together boys. At least Lee is aggressively early. He certainly can shoot.

8:33 KG giving absolutely no reaction to Ray’s daps before he checks in. I love that.

8:34 – God that corner 3 is so pretty – yea he’s gone, but the last 5 years will never be erased from my memory. The best 3 point shooter ever and he played with the Cs for 5 years. Because he went to the Heat I don’t think we’ll see #20 in the rafters, but #5 and #34 certainly will be after they retire.

8:36 – So the same issues that showed themselves in the preseason were pretty evident in the first quarter (down 31-25 at the end). The team defense is a step slow on their rotations, they’re still sloppy with the ball but they are much improved on offense. Oh and the bench is super deep, again offensively. This team, no matter how good the O is, will only go as far as their D will take them. I know, I know, they’re playing the best team in the league, and one of the most efficient offenses, but 31 points in 12 minutes is unacceptable!

2nd Quarter

8:40 – Even Scottie Pippen thinks Norris Cole’s haircut is terrible.

8:42 – going back to the Open Practice run, Barbosa took literally every shot with the 2nd unit on Sunday while they were working on offensive sets. Needless to say I’m not excited to see him in the game this early. Give me Kris Joseph. Hell, give me Dionte Christmas, I wish they had kept him instead of cutting him to make room for Barbosa. This isn’t 2006!

8:48 – I know Doc is going to try and limit minutes and use most of his bench this season, but KG, Sully, Green Terry and Barbosa shouldn’t be working out the kinks during a game against the Heat, do it in practice, or against the Bucks in home game #1.

8:54 – Gripp and I reminiscing about the early 2000s with Antoine, Walter, Dana Barros, Potapenko, Tony Battie, the Pinto Days, and how far Pierce has come from those days. I was so ridiculously upset at the end of Game 7 last year when I thought that was it for the big 3 and their Celtics careers. Well the Big 3 is dead, long live the Big 3.

8:58 – SHRINK THE FLOOR! SHRINK THE FLOOR! I could listen to hours of the Celtics vets just talking, chatting, and yammering on during the game. Even Doc, despite his refusal to take a lozenge and grate on my ear drums.

9:00 – The difference between the regular season and the preseason is Jeff Green missing those shots inside 5 feet. He ate up opposing second units during the preseason but the intensity has already been taken up a notch in game 1.

9:01 – that Bank 3 by Ray as the shot clock was winding down was ridiculous. I know I’m in the minority, but I can’t hate Ray, at least, not until the playoffs start.

9:05 – The offense has slowed down a bit, but the D has picked up to keep the Cs in the game. They went from down 7 to down 2 before Lebron gets a couple ridiculous continuation calls to head to the free throw line for cheap points.

9:15 – 8 point Miami lead at the break. Lebron has had a legit 4 highlight reel moments already.  KG’s snub of Ray is still the best play of the night.


I really couldn’t disagree more with Simmons article that was posted today. Not that I’ve agreed with much of what he’s posted the last couple years. I know that puts me in the minority since I live in Boston, anywhere else I’d be in the majority. Listen, I ‘came up’ with Simmons, he went to ESPN in 2000 when I went to college, the Sports Guy was cool for a minute back then. I wished I was. But now he’s married, on the west coast, and worst of all, OLD. He’s just out of touch, as is most of Grantland, and I don’t think OKC has conceded the West to the Lakers at all. They might not be better this year, but they will be down the road with this.

Now don’t get me wrong, I also love me some James Harden. He’s a great player and worth the Max (hell, Roy Hibbert and Brook Lopez are being paid the max) but in the NBA, even during this small ball era, size still rules. Ibaka is and should be their third max guy. He’s a legit all-nba defender and has shown a huge uptick in his offensive game. Like Harden his only 23 years old and entering his 5th season in the NBA. Am I the only one that remembers the game that Ibaka went 11 for 11 from the floor (Perk 7-9) as they destroyed the Spurs? They got 2 first round picks for Harden, and as Baby Dick Boyer pointed out, OKC got a better haul for Harden than the Magic got for Dwight. G’head and compare them, he’s right.

Also we’re now breaking for Ben & Kate (Plus 8? – no, not plus 8 tibbs) and Happy Endings.

Your body is a wunder bra

3rd Quarter

9:43 – my times are off since I fastforward through the halftime show after watching my shows. Shaq is ridiculous though, I saw him pointing for an extended period of time. He actually took something off the table from the TNT studio show. He did not add any skills in the offseason. I guess he is like Dwight! Hi-oh!

9:45 – Celtics bench only has 3 points aside from Terry’s 8. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, the difference is Jeff Green. Limited minutes for some reason and only a couple shots, both rimmed out. Against a team that plays small you’d think he’d get more run. I hope Doc doesn’t bury him this season.

9:46 – If Steve Kerr was the one who got ‘blocked’ by Dwayne Wade on that play and it didn’t get call he’d be livid! He swiped both wrists before he got to the ball. I love me some Steve Kerr too.

9:55 – Heat can’t pull away, Cs can’t tie the game up and the lead is varying betweein 4 and 10 – lebron has gotten about 4 open shots in the last 3 minutes of game time and knocked them all down. The rotations and D is just not there. I know, I know, it’s early, it’s the Heat, whatever, get your D together Cs!

10:00 PM – My dad owned a single 0 Eric Montross Jersey you guys.

10:04 – Gripp – “I’m not worried about the Cs scoring this season for once, I’m worried about the subs. I never know what Doc is going to do.” She really hit the nail on the head here, as no matter the talent, you never know what the rotation is going to look like, this season less so than the past couple. The Cs look lost on D as Miami builds a double digit lead as the 3rd quarter winds down.

10:09 – Just a terrible last 4 minutes of the 3rd quarter as Miami leads by 16 – the Cs couldn’t get stops and looked lost on offense.

4th Quarter

10:12 – Ray is just killing them, 17 points, where was that in the playoffs ray ray?!

10:13 – Barbosa is just chucking at this point. I thought Jason Terry was going to be the ‘irrational confidence guy’, but the Blur is going to give him a run for his money. Cs have basically conceded this game. They’ll see them 3 more times this season and it’s only game 1 of 82, but if the Cs can’t stay with the Heat, I don’t see anyone else in the East being able to. I don’t want them to go 73-9 but I don’t know who’s can hold them down besides injuries

10:19 – if the PS3 4 exclusive missions for assassins creed 3 involve killing Benedict Arnold and I don’t get to on the Xbox 360 I’m going to flip the fuck out.

10:20 – Why does Rondo get the T, when Wade is the one that hooked Rondo, then yelled ‘HEY!’ for the 35th time this game demanding a foul call? Ah home court advantage.

10:24 – missed opportunities, a lack of cohesion on defense and, guh, the ring effect add up to an easy win for the Heat over the Cs. I still loke the Cs to be the 2 seed in the East

10:25 – Barbosa refuses to miss, if he plays his way into more minutes I’m going to be piiiiiiissed.

Lebron being in the locker room reminds me of my favorite joke…

Yea, they got him good in the season opener as well


Man I love that show.

10:30 Gripp’s mom has a time tested theory about NBA basketball. A team that leads by 6 with 2 minutes to go wins 95% of the time. She’s backed it up with numbers and examples. Cs just cut the Heat lead to 4 with 2:10 to go. God I love this team even when I have no idea what they’re doing.

10:32 – the ‘let’s go heat’ chant seems so pathetic compared to the ‘let’s go Celtics’ chant for 4 minutes, in a 20 point loss back in June. Yea nothing else is going to live up to that.

10:40 – Cs end up losing by 13 and the ‘Boston Sucks’ chants will be repaid in kind on January 27th. Playing small ball is exactly what Miami wanted. Why not throw Sully out there in the 2nd half. Why not use Darko to murder Battier? Ok, maybe not, but…maybe…

Anyway, I’m excited to see them beat up on the rest of the weak East, battle the 6ers and the Knicks for the Atlantic title and finish with the 2 or 3 seed to avoid the Heat until the conference finals.

10:45 – I want to be in a Month of the Month club.