Charlestown 5v5 West Awards

From Zero to Hero, West Debut a Success


The West Coast League was a huge success this season, as the 5v5 had to split into two divisions to accomodate all the teams that we had sign up.  Now it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, postseason and award time!  Along with a playoff preview you get this season’s regular season awards to provide some quality bragging rights and trash talk material for your playoff games.  Enjoy fellas.

MVP – Basil Wajd, CTown Fire – Who can argue with the best all-around player on the best team being representative of the MVP award?  I don’t think you’ll find many arguments this season, as Basil lit up the scoreboard on a consistent basis.  All of his opponents knew who the go-to guy was, yet they still couldn’t stop him or his team from running rampant over the League.
Runners Up – Kareem Benjamin, Chris Kerr


RoY – Domingo, Clutch – Sure, everyone’s a rookie when you form a new league, but Domingo’s presence made the most difference for his squad.  Since he’s shown up around week 3, he’s been unstoppable from the land of three points.  His shooting is what will give Clutch a punchers chance should they meet CTown Fire in the playoffs.
Runners Up – Eric Polite, Justin Johnson


Defensive PoY – Carmino DeMercuio, BFTFT – ‘Mino was the most exciting shot blocker every time he stepped onto the court and his presence in the paint altered a number of shots that he didnít actually get a hand on. Heís one of the main reasons that BFTFT was near the bottom of the league in terms of points per game against.


6th Man of the Year – Will Jones, CTown Fire – It’s not easy coming in and making sure production doesn’t drop off for the heavily favored squad.  Will made sure that Hugh could get plenty of rest when he needed it, and when they were on the court at the same time, provided one of the best one-two punches in the league.


Most Improved – Pete Mugar, The Corporation – I’m basing this on his play from the beginning of the season to the last game of the season.  Pete took a much more active roll in the offense, looking for his own shot and setting his teammates up in good position to score.  His play was a key reason that the Corp finished with the 5th seed and has a chance to make a little noise in the post season.


GM of the Year – Tara Young, CTown Fire – Not only did Tara hold things down at the CTown High School all season long, but she assembled the best team in the league and let them loose on the West.  Throw in some time as player/coach, and she had this wrapped up as soon as she laced ’em up.
Runners Up – Manny Mendez, Tom Kahana


All Defensive Team – A little love for the guys that don’t necessarily put up a lot of points

Carmino DeMercuio – Easiest selection of the bunch

Chris Kerr – Another big getting some love

Hugh Coleman – Scrappy go-getter that hustled both on and off the ball

Kevin Paulding – Always in the running for PoY and a great lockdown defender

Jason Murray – Thrived on jumping into the passing lanes and beating guys to the spot
All C.A.C. Squads – A little All-Star love for the guys who deserved it

1st Team

Basil Wajd – MVP! MVP! MVP!
Kareem Benjamin – Special K thrives in the full court atmosphere and has a lot of solid players around him to help make him look good
Chris Kerr – The Hulk would have been proved of how Kerr carried the Splitters on his shoulders this season
Jamal Camah – Two nods for Fire on the first team and Jamal would have been the #1 option on every other team.
Domingo – Best three point sniper in the league, and teams still leave him open


2nd Team

Justin Johnson – Aggressive, full of attitude and
Phil Davis – The RifleMan was the most consistent presence for a struggling FTR squad
Hugh Coleman – Chants of ìHUGH!!!î constantly reverberated through Charlestown H.S. as Fire clearly had a home court advantage all season long

Raheem Muhammed – The 2nd Team is chalk full of guards as one of Dartís boys finally gets a nod
Sidekick Jim ñ Clutch racked up a number of wins this season and Sidekick Jim was one of the main reasons that they could score with anyone in the League.


3rd Team

Carmino DeMercuio – ‘Mino has some of the best post moves in the game and emphatically returned a number of weak layups to their sender this season.
Salih Row – Another solid big that would really benefit from seeing the ball more.
Mouse – Arrogant, cocky, full of bravado, and made sure I got every single one of his stats all season long
Peter Fayette – Mighty Mouse always came with his cape strapped on and
Tom Kahana – Maybe a little 4v4 bias here, but when Kahana’s team works to get him open, he’s deadly from 3.