C’Mon Man!

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I spent way too much time thinking about what to do with my 2000th post and then recently it hit me. I have been at CAC so long, as evidenced by me posting 2000 times that it would be fitting to list my top 40 CAC “C’mon Man!” moments I have witnessed or encountered over the years. I am sure most of you have heard of ESPN’s “C’mon
Man!” presented by NFL live on Monday nights. I will not deny that I did steal, actually borrow, “C’mon Man!” from ESPN…just like Tibbs stole my “SMul DPoY Award” idea and Jesse stole my “MVP Watch”. You’ll all get over it someday.

Anyway, I am well aware my 2000 posts have been within 2 years but I have been playing in CAC leagues
since 2004 and let’s face it: I have seen it all from holes in the walls to players officiating their own games. I am sure I missed plenty of crazy, ironic or funny moments within the wall ball arena but I did my best to populate this list with what I could remember. With that I am honored to present to you the only 2000th post not named Tibbs with my
version of CAC’s “C’mon Man!” moments (in no particular order). And remember…this is all in good fun!

1. In my first ever B2 season, B2 North, me and Cold Turkey beat Frail’s sandbag B2 team as 40 point dogs. Hizzle filled in for a missing Linehan, was approved by Frail and played an epic game helping us pull off the upset. After the game Frail protested the game despite allowing the fill in to begin with. I guess Mytro, TSpin, Greenberg, Frail and company couldn’t handle losing to 4 scrubs.

2. Tibbs not doing the B2N awards the ONE season I actually had a chance to be MVP. Figures.

3. BMul and SMul’s obvious and blatant regression over the years. At this point they are lucky to be considered shells.

4. CAC deciding to hire Ceddy as a ref.

5. O’Cal’s phantom foul on me in a BIG regular season game with Roc Boys a couple of season’s ago in B1. Let me set the stage: Roc Boys is down 1 with the ball…with seconds remaining, Roach flies down the court and takes a runner just inside the 3-point line…my jersey grazes his shoulder prompting O’Call (intentional typo) to blow the whistle, giving Roach 2 FTs with under 1 second left. He hits both, we lose. I hate O’Cal. Still.

6. The Rangas blowing a 20 point 2nd half lead in the B1 East finals to who else? Roc Boys. Typical Mulhol meltdown in dramatic fashion.

7. Durbrow as a ref. Blow the whistle!

8. No SML ref a few weeks ago. Boston’s best run league? HA! I threw the jump ball in our game. That was fun.

9. Tibbs pulling a no show to LNO after pumping it up as the next great thing since sliced bread.

10. Allowing Bfab to ref any games. Piss him off? Get a tech. After that, anything you do is a foul and you are gone within minutes. Pre-game conversation with Bfab…

Kap: Hey Bfab how’s going?
Bfab: (blows whistle, makes technical signal) Tibbs, tech on Kaplan!
Kap: What for?
Bfab: You’re gone Kaplan, get outta here.

11. JMul and his waste of height. This kid just SOFT. Period.

12. Jesse stealing my MVP Watch in his FIRST season as staff. Yeah I see you Jesse. Cite your source!

13. The scoreboard. Where ya been!? That shit has been down for like 2 years and is FINALLY back in action. About time. Refund Tibbs?

14. Andres complaining about me missing his 3 after his team just won by 30+. Wow. Stat HO. And by the way…I didn’t miss the 3…You did!

15. DRuff averaging 17 3PA per game a couple of SML seasons ago. Chicks love the long ball I guess.

16. Majic shooting 54 threes in back to back games combined this season in A1. That’s got to be a record. I guess I will say though that in one of those games he went 14/30 which is impressive but 54 attempts in 2 games is a c’mon man moment if I ever saw one.

17. Big Ant getting T’d up by PStone, then going beserk, getting another tech, nearly murdering PStone, all while ending with a big punch to the wall on he balc, creating a nice sized hole. His teammate did the same shit a year later. Both were permanently banned from CAC.

18. For you old schoolers…Tom Bain picking up Spike Santos and tossing him into the wall on a break away. Spike was something like 17 years old.

19. Chris Snow never winning a title. I see you Snow!

20. JTho thinking he’s good. Most inflated ego at CAC? Perhaps. Actually, let’s look at the top 5 most inflated egos at CAC:

1. JTho
2. Tibbs
3. Vladi
4. BMul
5. Kap

21. Tomas waiting 2 weeks to post stats for the B1 West games. He had a good excuse though: his car got stolen. Whether this actually happened or not…wow.

22. SMul being CAC’s biggest sandbagger. Ever.

23. Harry drafting Luis Egan in A1 a couple of season’s ago and the guy never even showing up to a game! Word on the street is Tibbs never got an official word on whether he was playing or not. He just assumed Luis was coming back. Yikes! Poor Harry. We miss you buddy.

24. BArms putting in a B2 East team which ended up forfeiting twice, thus being booted from playoff contention. To make matters worse, JMul’s scrub Manute team got in as a result. Arghh.

25. Frail getting both of his user names banned from the boards. Hell ONE banning would make this list! Unheard of!

26. DMac banning drinking on the balcony during games. I guess it got too rowdy (see: Tommy).

27. My 3 point %. Maybe I am not that great a 3-point shooter? Nahhhhh.

28. Spelling Linehan’s and Tibbs’ names wrong on their only banners. HA! Yes Tibbs has a co-ed banner now (hahahahahahaha) but for the longest time the misspelled banner was his only one.

29. Mike D. adding Lush to his B2E team. Redefining sandbag. MIKE D!

30. Tommy’s defense. Self-explanatory.

31. BFab thinking every time a guy drives into him and he falls down it’s a charge, followed by a temper tantrum as to why it was a charge or why he didn’t get the call. Here’s why: it wasn’t a charge.

32. Rory trying, yearning, begging, longing to be me and/or Tommy. Maybe someday CAC noob.

33. Letting karate interfere with a scheduled game (another oldie).

34. Greer trying to dunk on me. You don’t dunk on a legend!

35. Two B2E season’s ago Tibbs putting Hizzle in the MVP discussion down the stretch only to snub him from the award AND snub him from even being a runner up or receiving an honorable mention. Tibbs can’t handle that Hizzle > Tibbs!

36. BMul bailing on my B2E team last minute this season only to join forces with his brother’s garbage team. They are 3-5 fighting for their playoff lives while my boys and I are chillin’ at 7-1. Bam!

37. My timeliness in write ups. Horrible. I still need to do last week’s…

38. Gerrity being CAC’s resident banner hopper. I mean seriously. The guy has three banners and was a non-integral commodity in all of them. Banner WHORE!

39. Durbrow for never learning how to shoot outside out 10 feet. What could have been…

40. Frail quitting CAC staff in my first season as a staffer. We were sharing the B1 then one day he bailed. Thanks for the extra work.

Plenty of “C’Mon Man!” moments could have made this list. Post here if you have any good ones that I missed or forgot about!

Now I can start posting like a fiend again. Thank god.