Co-ed 2v2 Tournament Results!

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Becky & Reddick Steal The Show…But J-Stock & Me Weren’t Impres

Three months after an enormously successful 2 on 2 co-ed tournament in the summer we decided to do it again this weekend and we got off to a rough start.  The original intent was to go double elimination with 16 teams, but getting 16 proved to be very difficult.  At one point we had as many as 15 before they started dropping like flies!  A broken ankle, a pulled hamstring, a quad issue, a virus and a last minute trip to Cape Cod…if you’re counting, yup…we’re down to 10 teams.


Most of the ideas I come up with are poorly constructed halfway thought out abominations, but once in a while I get a good one.  I ran it by Tibbs and we agreed to turn this bad boy into a round robin tournament!  Two groups, five teams in each, four games for everybody.  The best record in one group would play the second best in the other group and vice versa in the semi finals.  The winners in the semis would meet in the finals.  Simple. (Right, Amber?)


So we gathered at the CAC on Saturday shortly before noon and picked the two groups with folded up pieces of paper.  If you’ve never played at the CAC, the court is three racquetball courts with the walls knocked down.  There is a big mirror and I assume they do some kind of jiujitsu or taekwondo classes in there as one half of the court has an American flag hanging on the wall and the other has the South Korean flag.  In the interest of keeping it simple, I named the groups “The American Group” and “The Korean Group”.  This is how it broke down…


The American Group (in the order they were picked)

  1. #occupykingopen – Jen Kuzmick & Matt “The Minotaur” Roberts
  2. Team Sunset – Lauren Kelly & Paul “Nibs The Baller” Nimblett
  3. Silky Smooth Hammys – Sara Doherty & Dave Celli
  4. Americal – Amber Wantman & Paul McClory
  5. Raindance – Sarah Wood & Mike Kearney


The Korean Group 

  1. Cameron Crazies – Loren Turner & Terry Henderson
  2. Return of the MAAC – Steph Baran aka Jane Stockton and yours truly, Rory Duyon
  3. It’s Not Our Fault – Erica McCrea & Carlos Ledee
  4. Buckets – Kristen Wilk & Jon Press
  5. No Name – Becky Pelletier & Mike “Reddick” Comtois


A couple of quick notes…


-I HATED my draw…I had the privilege of dealing with some of the best bigs in the tournament in Terry, Reddick and Press…unlucky for me…wait a minute…poor Carlos!  I’m the smallest guy he gets to guard and he’s…well…A GUARD!!  He would have his work cut out for him!


-Inversely, The Minotaur, a true beast in the post, had some FAST mother you know whats to chase around!  Kearney, Nibs, Celli and McClory…sure he could use his size, but he did not have it easy

-Among the ladies there weren’t a lot of TRUE post presences in the tournament.  Lauren Kelly was easily the strongest girl on the block.  Her, Kuz and maybe Erica were the only REAL post threats among the females.


-At first glance, I liked Silky Smooth Hammys and Raindance in the American Group and in the Korean Group I thought it would be a three way battle for the two semi spots between Buckets, the Crazies and Becky/Reddick…I was right about the three way battle…not about the teams involved.


Here’s how it went, game by game (first to 11 win by two or leader after 15 mins)


A:  Sunset defeated #oko 13-11

K:  Buckets defeated INOF 11-8

A:  Americal defeated SSH 13-11…very similar teams going head to head, reminiscent of Dave and Sara’s tough round one loss to the eventual champs in the first co-ed 2v2

K:  Crazies defeated ROTM 11-8…Terry is a pain in the ass to guard…He kicked my ass and Loren hit a couple of big threes…Steph and me were off to a rough start

A:  Raindance defeated #oko 11-7

K:  B/R defeated the Crazies 11-7

A:  Sunset defeated SSH 11-8

K:  ROTM defeated INOF 11-8…Carlos shot his ASS off.  I couldn’t stop him.  Fortunately Steph and me were making buckets

A:  Raindance defeated Americal 11-6…Raindance is for real

K:  B/R defeated Buckets 11-2…wait what???


Halfway into the round robin, this is where we stood…



Raindance – 2-0

Team Sunset – 2-0

Americal – 1-1

Silky Smooth – 0-2

#occupykingopen – 0-2



Becky/Reddick – 2-0

Buckets – 1-1

Return Of The MAAC – 1-1

Cameron Crazies – 1-1

It’s Not Our Fault – 0-2


On we go…


A:  #oko defeated SSH 8-7…yup, time ran out on this one.  Celli missed a layup in the closing seconds!  SSH is the first team mathematically eliminated from contention at 0-3!  I had them in the semis!!

K:  Crazies defeated INOF 11-7…despite being undersized in every matchup, Carlos and Erica kept every game pretty close

A:  RD defeated Sunset 11-7

K:  ROTM defeated B/R 12-10…huge win for Steph and me to keep our hopes alive

A:  Americal defeated #oko 11-6

K:  Crazies defeated Buckets 11-7

A:  Raindance defeated SSH 11-6…Raidance a perfect 4-0 for the one seed, SSH…0-4…yikes

K:  B/R over INOF 11-6


One game left in each bracket.  The scenario in the American bracket was simple.  Raindance at 4-0 was the one seed.  Sunset played Americal in a battle of 2-1 teams.  The winner was the two seed and the loser was done.  Nibs went OFF…11-4, Sunset wins


The Korean bracket was a little more complicated.  B/R and the Crazies had finished 3-1.  ROTM was 2-1 and had a game left against Buckets.  If we (ROTM) lost, B/R and the Crazies would move on with B/R the one seed due to the head tiebreak.  If we won, it would be a three way tie at 3-1.  The head to head wouldn’t work, because CC beat ROTM, ROTM beat B/R, B/R beat CC.  We would have to go to head to head point differential (stay with me).  B/R was +2, CC was -1 and ROTM was -1.  So there, B/R was the one seed no matter what.  The tiebreak would be TOTAL point differential.


Well, ROTM defeated Buckets 11-7 by scoring the last 6 points of the game.  The point differential for Steph and me?  +6…Terry and Loren?  +7…Cameron Crazies move on.  I know there have been lots of abbreviations in this write up, but here’s one more…Steph and me were S.O.L.


Neither semifinal was very close.  Kearney was RED HOT and Raindance put the Crazies away 15-7.  On the other court, Becky and Reddick obliterated team Sunset.  Reddick was bangin shots and Becky had Lauren LOCKED DOWN.  15-6 was the final.


In the finals (game to 15, win by 2), Raindance scored the first two points.  After a slow start Reddick hit a pair of 2s (3s) to make it 4-2.  There was a cold stretch where Mike and Mike missed what seemed like a handful of threes, but the teams were tied up 6-6 before Reddick hit a couple of big shots to go ahead 10-6.  It began to look like Becky & Reddick were going to cruise before Kearney hit a pair of big threes to get back to within a point at 13-12 (B/R with the lead)


After hitting from downtown to get within a point, Reddick put the nail in the coffin on a nice feed from Becky in the post.  Mike made a nice hoop and also got to the line with the And1.  It was a TOUGH foul call to end the tournament on (you won’t get an argument from Reddick), but he made the free throw and that was all she wrote!  Raindance had gone undefeated through pool play and had their only loss in the finals.  Becky and Reddick did lose one game in pool play (yup…patting myself on the back.  I see you Jane Stockton!!), but they got it done when it mattered.


Once again despite the lacking attendance the tournament was a HUGE success and we will do it again!  Part of me hopes we can do it as a round robin next time too!!  Thanks a ton to Nick and Lydia for officiating, and thanks to Tibbs for helping get officials, gym time and Tommy Doyle’s apps in place.  The bar was a blast for all who came.  Thanks to everybody!  Congrats to Mike and Becky!