Co-Ed 5v5 South Preview – Fall 2011

1st of many ‘South’ posts

Well CACers, you’ve done it, in just 3 seasons, you’ve taken a Co-Ed league that was struggling to consistently field an 8 team league and blown it up into a 24 team extravaganza with three nights of play to choose from.

A lot of credit has got to go the staff of the leagues. The BFabs, JZuks and Rorys that have taken the time and effort to blow up your egos so much that they have turned around and blown up the league even more. As the player prez, hell as a co-ed player, I love it. The leagues are a great mix of competition and camaraderie.

For the third straight season, Rory is holding down the West and for the second season, PMills has the East. I thought I’d try my hand at this Co-Ed coverage thing so with a new league, the South, comes a new Co-Ed scribe.

You should expect the most accurate stats that you’ve ever seen, which isn’t necessarily necessary in a co-ed league, but I pride myself on it. Come up to the scoreboard, yak away at me so I have good write-up material for your team, and you should expect me to be a giant baby on the court. I can’t help it, it’s been 10 years since anyone’s tried to stop me from being one. I need better coaching oversight.

Every Monday night you should all check the message boards for the weekly game lines and my commentary on the upcoming action! Let’s get to the preview shall we?

8 – Toonsquad – Last season’s free agent team (in the West) getting the #3 seed was an aberration. Usually free agent teams take a few weeks to get acclimated to the league and need to make a couple in season moves to be competitive. I’m not sure what to expect from this team, but Kaitlin Linehan and Matt Hayes are familiar names that should help this team finish higher than this preseason ranking.
Key to the Season – Luck. Free agent teams always come down to a bit of luck. If they’re really lucky they’ll get to the league finals (WUD), if they’re just plain lucky, they’re a roster move or two away from competing in future seasons.

7 – Crunchy Ducklings – I emailed my boy Z (who knows the Crunchy Ducklings team captain) for a bit of insight into this team but he had nothing to give me, so they’re in the 7 spot by default. That tends to happen when I don’t know anything about the noobs, of which I’m glad there are a number of teams.
Key to the Season – Acclimation. There was a team in the West last season, let’s call them “K.o.P.”, that were just shell-shocked their first few weeks in the Co-Ed league last season. Some big, tough losses. But they stuck with it, kept battling and had a great second half of the season. If the Crunchy Ducklings can find a way to skip that ‘growing pain’ step, or at least shorten it by a couple weeks, they’ll be in a good position to shock the league.

6 – Premature Shooters – Reggie and the gang are back! As has been well documented, they had a strong second half of the season once they got used to all things CAC. Reg did a great job managing the roster, Syd have a big second half and Carlos can get hot and kill teams week after week. It looks like they’ve added some depth to the squad. Now that they know the drill, if they get off to a good start, they could be this season’s Kansas City Chiefs, coming out of no where to win the division! Have you heard, I’m pretty excited that football has started.
Key to the Season – Expectations. Do they expect to much out of themselves or am I severely underestimating this squad? I know they added an All-Star caliber player in Greg Barr, but will it translate to wins right away? It looks like they have a fairly easy schedule, playing the ToonSquad and Premature Shooters twice this season, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

5 – Swingers – Honestly, I know nothing about this team aside from the fact that Heather Marino put it together and that she stole Lauren Kelly from the Dizzy Llamas. As Rory mention in his West preview, there are many Wondering Llamas in the Co-Ed leagues this season. The guys are a complete question mark, but Heather is used to winning with the Weapons of Mass Seduction franchise on Wednesday nights, so I don’t think she’ll let her teammates slack off too much. This might be a little low, I have no idea. I suppose I could have done a little research, but why would I want to do that?
Key to the Season – Surprises. They’re going to spring a bunch on this league, can we handle them? Are they ready for the league and what we’re going to throw at them? We’ll find out week 1 when they take on perennial regular season champ 2 Young 4 U Bro.

4 – We’re Not Drunks, Just Boozers – Thievery! Danielle and I are totally fighting! She stole Loren Turner, the best shooter in the Co-Ed leagues (no ‘female’ corollary needed) from the JShore franchise. I wanted to rank them @ #8 out of spite. All told, with both Bolls and Angelillos, to go along with a stray Johanson and McCrea, this looks like the best Above the Rim Jobs/WHG/BOOZERS roster I’ve seen from Danielle. She’s definitely trying to win a league title here people! The battles with Pretty Face should be pretty epic this season, and I’m setting Danielle’s O/U on stiff arms this season at 15.
Key to the Season – Attendance. CBoll has been known to miss a game or three and Loren is coming off an injury that sidelined her for a few weeks last season. With a full squad each and every week, they’ll contend, but if they struggle for numbers (those 9 PM games are a b!tch) it could get ugly!

3 – Monstars – Another Monday night transfer team coming over to the Tuesday night leagues! I’m only working off the old rosters since TJ has been slacking ever since he had a kid. No Twitter presence, barely answers email, is he even going to go out drinking after games this season? Speaking of which, I feel like we need to pick a bar to congregate after games. Rory informs me that there hasn’t been a Co-ed Season at the Winter Hill, so we don’t have any past experience to go off of. I guess I’m nominating “On the Hill Tavern” as the go-to spot, but will definitely listen to other ideas. It’s fitting that half the Monstar’s preview has been about drinking. Look out of the Ninja…
Key to the Season – Balance. This was a two man crew last season with Swecker (MVP! MVP!) and Mike Cassell dominating the scoring for this squad. Sure it was mostly out of necessity, but to be a threat to win it all, they’ve got to spread the ball around and force teams to do more than focus on those two’s collective awesomeness. And Swecker’s bandannas usually are pretty awesome.

2 – That’s Nas – This team is stacked with sneakily good Co-Ed vets. It looks like Sara finally let Celli feel like he was in control by handing him the reigns to one of their two teams. WoMS is obviously going to perform better than That’s NAS, she doesn’t want his ego to get too big. Anyway, L$ is back from an injury that sidelined her for way, way too long. Hopefully she comes back to both the court and the message boards with a vengeance. I’m excited to see this team perform each week.
Key to the Season – Reddick. That word really sums it all up. If the man is at every game and giving it his all, this team will be incredibly hard to beat.

1 – 2 Young 4 U Bro – If there’s one thing we know, it’s that this team is a lock to win the regular season title. Since adding Tommy “RoY” Kahana, the JShore franchise is 17-1 in the regular season and just 2-2 in the post season, including one forfeit win. This team is the Colts of the Co-Ed leagues, led by the stat-hound himself, Peyton Manning. Sorry, RoY. Good thing we won a title before him or I’d be incredibly depressed.
As with each season, there has been some turnover with this squad. We’ve added a solid inside presence to compliment Vig in Brian Barrett. Notice I’m no where near the paint, that’s exciting. And we finally have a point guard! Hallie should help the ball movement a LOT (since Tommy doesn’t pass)
Key to the Season – Focus. Sloppy play last season led to tougher-than-expected wins in the regular season and of course, another semi-final flame out. We need to get our sh!t together and take this league seriously!

“Things to Watch For”
My thoughts on the upcoming season

Favorite Storylines
League Rivalries – Danielle vs Sara, Loren vs 2Young4UBro, Pretty Face vs Danielle, Reddick vs Everyone, TJ vs the Backboard, and new developing ones every week

How Much you’ll Like me
As a League scribe – I’m going to say less than Rory (dude’s hilarious, and has no life, that’s good for the West) but way, way more than PMills (that’s right buddy, I’m going to go there all season).
On the court – you’ll hate me, I’m such a baby.

How Much you’ll Like KD – Our ref for the season is Kervens, or KD. He filled in for DMac in the West a couple times last season, so sort of knows what he’s getting into. Give it until week 2 until you start b!tching at him.

MVP Favorites 
Men: Swecker, Reddick, Greg Barr, Chris Boll, Tibbs (#40 on the list? RoY)
Women: Loren, Syd, Gripp, SaDo, LKelly, Linehan

MVTT (Most Valuable Trash Talker)
RoY (at least he’ll win something) Reddick, Danielle, L$, TJ

I’m sensing a theme there, hopefully some of the rookies aren’t too intimidated and jump into the fray to mix it up.

Let’s get this party started! Comeback Tuesday Morning for lines on the first week of games!