Co-Ed 5v5 West Preview – Winter 2012

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The New Years off season always seems like the longest one. Probably because…well, it is the longest, but also because of everything we do (and don’t do) in the precious holiday weeks. The binge snacking and drinking, some of us not picking up a ball for over a month. It always makes the first few games of the new season interesting. With that in mind, I’m stoked to get back to business with the new season of co-ed hoops next week! It’s only fitting to open things up with a preview of the season to come. We’ve got some familiar faces, a few teams that left and came back, and then one that is brand new (to me anyway).
Before I get to the pre season power rankings, I have a few predictions to make for the upcoming season…

*TJ and Loren will have at least one platonic yet still somewhat uncomfortable bonding moment.
*Sarah and Kearney will have a brand new “Snowdance” handshake/dance routine choreographed and ready to go for week 1.
*Everybody on The Smush Room will get more touches (no pun intended) than they know what to do with since Tommy is no longer on the team.
*Amber’s intensity will scare the crap out of me, her opponents and maybe even some of her teammates
*Sweet D will keep a running season total of Boozer’s turnovers and tape the updated number to their fridge every Tuesday morning
*Boozer will draw at least four 3-shot fouls using the move that he taught Paul Pierce
*The Monstars will set a CAC team record for general “jackholery” with Reddick and Swecker leading the way
*Big Ro will make the All-Duyon team at the end of the season. It’s possible that I already have him penciled in as captail…shhhhhhh
*Nobody will miss P-Mills calling timeouts for teams he doesn’t play for trailing by 30 points with 6 minutes left in the 9:00 game
Ok, so its onto the power rankings starting from the bottom…

#8 – Humorous Pop Culture Reference HPCR makes it’s return to the co-ed ranks after two seasons off with what appears to be the same humongous roster. I believe they went 1-8 in the 6 team West three seasons ago, but that was a West that had a pair of Llama teams and not nearly as much depth as this one. They definitely have some players with Andrew, Aron, The Ebonator and the unheralded Laura Shay, but they’re going to have to bring their A-game week in and week out to hang in a stacked western division

#7 – Above The Rim Jobs The Rim Jobbers are coming off a rough season where they managed just one win. They are certainly the most experienced CAC co-ed team you’re going to find, but they lost Celli and his magnificent hammies. I don’t know anything about the players replacing him (Kevin and Casey), but they’ve going to need to produce for this team to contend

#6 – ToonSquad Ahhh the Toonsquad…this team simply didn’t have enough legs last season. Definitely some talent in the starting five, but with no bench…literally…no bench, it’s tough to go strong for 44 minutes. Still they won four games last session in the South and looked pretty good doing it. Unfortunately it all came crashing down in the playoffs when this really handsome looking kid on the MonStars knocked down a three in the closing seconds of their first round game to upset the ToonSquad…you can bet revenge will be in mind when those teams meet again…however, that awesome guy who hit the three fled town never to be heard from again. Guess he wanted to go out on a high note…or after a 40 point massacre at the hands of DL White…ouch.

#5 – G Got Game This is where it starts to get VERY tricky. I don’t really know anything about this team from my own personal experience, but Tibbs says they’ll be good. They apparently won co-ed a couple of years ago and they’ve won a corporate title…this just goes to show you how stacked the West is…this team will probably outperform their pre season ranking, but until I see it for myself, I can’t justify putting them ahead of the top four……unless there’s a job for me at Google!!! ; )

#4 – Boom Goes The DynaMIT This is tough team to rank. They went 3-6 last year and couldn’t seem to beat any good teams, but then caught fire in the playoffs and made it all the way to the finals. However, their three wins against higher ranked opponents came without their best players playing in the game. Then again, they gave the champs, DL White as good a run as anybody in the league. I don’t see Manu on the roster, but Canon is more than an adequate replacement. I don’t know much about the new additions to the roster, but I know that Kari can recruit. A top 3 finish wouldn’t surprise me out of this team, but this is where they start

#3 – MonStars Call me biased, but my old team is looking to bounce back in a BIG way. After a 2-7 campaign, they lose me and add Reddick and Swecker…I’m not a terrible basketball player, but that is a HUGE plus for the MonStars!! TJ & co. have more than enough scorers. The defensive side of the ball is where they’ll have to work the hardest. Kaitlyn Hennigan is one of the more underappreciated girls in the league. With shooters and scorers like Swecker, Reddick and Rip, the Monstars need a heady guard to get them the ball. She’s your girl. This team has all the talent, but can they put it all together, and is one basketball going to be enough??

#2 – Team Ronnie & Sammi aka The Smush Room The J Shore Franchise picked another new team name, and I’m not a fan…Team Ronnie & Sammi?? Really? I’m going to take it upon myself to refer to them as The Smush Room as often as possible. Yup, it’s the all couples team. The good news, is now that they have all couples, they can still add Tommy back on the team since he is madly in love with himself. It would perfectly keep the team alive!! They lose Tommy and Justine, but they add a slasher (Jesse) and the re-add a sniper (Loren). Loren’s shooting numbers dwindled last session, but her return to the J-Shore franchise will likely help her get it going again. This team has a lot to prove after a devastating playoff loss to the 15 seed Swingers last session. Since losing Terry Henderson, they are now 2-3 in the playoffs despite going 26-1 in the regular season (or is it 25-2?) Either way, the regular season is more of a formality at this point for Team Tibbs. The Smush Room has nothing to prove until April.

#1 – Snowdance Raindance was the best team in co-ed for almost the entire season until they ran into the buzzsaw formerly known as DL White in the semis. I hate to disrespect BOOM, because they gave a great effort in the finals, but Raindance, (as they were called last session) vs DL White was sort of like the Western Conference Finals during the Kobe-Shaq Laker dynasty…Boom Goes The DynaMIT was with Pacers, Sixers or Nets…take your pick…the Lakers weren’t going to lose. Kearney dominated every facet of the game and Ibramhim simply played like a boss. I’m not sure if they’ve lost anybody, but they added a solid guard in Marc(k?) Reilly and they will open as the team to beat

It’s always interesting to see how the scheduling works out. If anybody is suspicious about Tibbs fixing anything for his benefit, think again…every team will play two teams twice. The Smush Room will have to play the two MIT squads, (Boom and Snowdance), twice each. Of the top 5 teams that I think will be the most serious contenders, G Got Game got the easiest schedule with TS and the Rim Jobbers twice. The Monstars will also get both MIT teams a pair of times. It’s entirely possible that at least one of our top four teams will be winless after two weeks of play.In any event, it promises to be a GREAT season with some GREAT basketball. D-Mac and me will be ready to go on Monday. See you all there!!