Co-ed East By The Numbers

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Some relevant and irrelevant numbers from a true stat nerd

4:  Consecutive games Genzyme lost to open the season, before running off 5 wins in 6 games and putting themselves one win away from their 2nd title game in 3 seasons.  This is also the number of WOMS averaging double figures this season

19:  The number of threes that Grubb has made this season.  He has attempted 59 of them

6:  The number of three that Grubb’s DL Blue teammates have made this season.  They have attempted 39 of them

18:  The number of points Tommy needs to hang onto the points per game lead over Nibs, whose season is all done

30, 13:  The number of points Gwen needs to pass Nibs in points per game, and the number of points she needs to outscore Tommy by in order to pass him in points per game.  Of course the winner of their head to head battle tonight will have another chance to claim the league scoring title.

5:  The number of different single game leading scorers the WOMS have had this season (Sara, EJ, Steph, Paulie, Rory)

3:  The number of times anybody on the WOMS has scored more than 15 points in a game (Paulie – 22, 18, Rory – 18…against Tibbs)…3 is also the number of consecutive weeks Gwen scored 20+ to end the regular season.

7:  The number of free throws made by both DL Blue and HYKHYW in their quarterfinal game…HYKHYW attemped 19 and DL Blue just 10

28.4:  The free throw percentage for HYKHYW all season long excluding Meg (56%)

2:  This could go two ways…the number of black eyes handed out by Biceps McGee in Genzyme’s quarterfinals win over DL White (Pat & Eileen) or the number of girls that Biceps McGee has given black eyes to this season (Eileen & Carissa).  He apparently hates DL White.

59.5:  The percentage of 3s that Loren has made in the 5 games where she has attempted 4 or more

33.3:  The percentage of 3s that Loren has made in the 4 games where she has attempted 3 or less

0:  Number of times we’ve heard Gwen shout:  “I GOT THE FEEEEMALE!!!” this season, since the addition of the mandatory two girls on the floor rule.  I’m convinced this is why Tibbs changed the rule.

45:  The number of seconds Bob the Ref manually counts out during every timeout before “First whistle!”

41.4:  The percentage of SBTS points this season that was scored by females, highest percentage in the league.  The WOMS women were a close second at 41.2, with HYK in 3rd at 39.7.

13.3:  The percentage of DL Blue points this season that was scored by females, lowest percentage in the league.  ATRJ did a little better, second to last at 19.2

8.8:  My rebounds per game on even numbered weeks

16.4:  My rebounds per game on odd numbered weeks…hey Grubb…it’s week 11.

75.5:  The single game player rater high for the season by Pat Brown, a week 5 loss to the WOMS…22 points, 25 boards, 2 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks.

33:  The single game high score – RoY in a week 7 win over HYKHYW…helps when you play 44 minutes with no subs!

32:  Nibs the Baller’s high for the season, one point behind Tommy.  He did it in a week 5 loss to the WOMS

27:  The women’s single game high score for the season.  Gwen did it in the last week of the regular season in a win over ATRJ

26:  Loren’s single game high, which came in week 1…ousted from the top spot at the very end of the season.

1:  Number of custodians who have tried to throw me out of the King School

9, 12:  The number of hours until the two semi finals matchups tonight.  Genzyme (5) and Shirt Before The Shirt (1) at 6:00.  Dizzy Llamas Blue (6) and Weapons of Mass Seduction (2) at 9:00.  LETS GO!!!