Co-Ed Madness Round 1 Predictions

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Co-Ed Madness Winter 2012 Round 1 Preview

D-Will here, your resident co-ed scorekeeper in the North and member of Make it Drizzle from the South.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the Co-Ed Madness Tourney ever since yours Tibbs, Rory, and yours truly sat down and ranked all the teams last week.  There looks to be some good games in this tournament and some potential upsets.  I’m going to preview every Round 1 game and give lines for each one.

#7 Monstars(West) -25.5 vs. #26 Consultants(East)

The East is a tough division for the Consultants to have their inaugural season in, night in and night out they had to play a very good team, finishing winless at 0-9.  Well the road doesn’t get any easier, drawing the Monstars in the 1st round and having to find a way to stop 2 of the top men in all of co-ed in Reddick and Swecker.  Even if the Consultants do find a way to slow down those 2, the Monstars ladies are capable of scoring and Rev Rip is one hell of an athlete and won’t have a problem making an impact.  Sorry Consultants, I don’t see you pulling out your first victory against a very good Monstars team.  The Monstars will move onto round 2 to play the winner of Pumped Up Kicks vs. We Take Shots.

#8 That’s What She Said(East) – 25.5 vs. # 25 HPCR(West)

That’s What She Said might have the best 4 guy combination in all of co-ed with Davis, Forthrizzi, Nate Dog, and Nibs the Balla.  HPCR has some quality players, but they don’t have enough talent on the roster to be able to stop any combination of the 3 of those guys.  And I haven’t even mentioned the ladies of TWSS, they have a great inside-outside combination in Kelsey/L-Kelly and Alleigh.  This team doesn’t have a weakness, the only question for the whole tournament is if Nick will show up to each game, he hasn’t been there all season and his status will be the X-Factor for this team.  TWSS moves on to take on the winners of Wheels vs. Commando Squad.

#9 Wheels of Steel(East) -23.5 vs. #24 Commando Squad(South)

Commando Squad has a few solid players and this team would have been more competitive in the earlys days of co-ed, but this league is just so stacked with talent now that they have had a tough go round this season.  Wheels has a great set of guys led by Tristan and solid ladies that will create mismatches against Commando Squad.  Wheels has too much experience and talent for Commandos to overcome.  Wheels will move on to play the winner of TWSS vs. HPCR(see above for my pick.

#10 Pumped Up Kicks(East) -20.5 vs.  #23 We Take Shots(North)

Pumped Up Kicks is another team that is solid top to bottom and has one of the top players in co-ed in Xavier.  That fact coupled with Shots missing arguably their best player in Ben doesn’t bode well for them.  There only hope is to jump on the back of Nate and hope that he continues to find ways to get to the rim and has his 3 ball working.  I just don’t see that happening, PuK proves to have too much talent from both genders.  PuK moves on to play the winner of Monstars vs. Consultants(see pick above).

#11 Balls & Dolls(West) -6.5 vs. #22 Above the Rim Jobs(West)

I think that this contest will be close the whole game. ATRJ finds ways to make teams play their game, they are very good at slowing down the pace and keeping contests low scoring.  However that plays a bit into B&D’s strengths, they play very good half-court defense and also move the ball well on offense and find ways to score in slow-paced games.  B&D will prove to be too much, I would expect to see a big game out of Jesse in this one, he likes to run the floor and should be able to get out in transition against ATRJ.  Balls & Dolls moves on to face Boom in Round 2.

#12 Ball So Hard(South) vs. #21 Meat Tornado(North) -3.5

Tough break for Ball So Hard, their best player and big man Greg Barr is going to be missing from this contest due to traveling for work.  Meat Tornado will ride the shoulders of Tristan in this one, he has that extra gear that should make it tough for Reggie and Co.  This game will mark the first upset of the tournament.  This is a much different game if Barr is there, but without him BSH has to run with only 3 guys and that won’t be enough to keep up with Meat Tornado.  Meat Tornado moves on to play Child, Please in Round 2.

#13 G Got Game(West) – 15.5 vs. #20 ToonSquad(West)

These 2 teams have played each other twice and G Got Game has won by an average of 34.5 points, doesn’t bode well for the ToonSquad.  Add to that they lost BigRo for the season and it will be quite the uphill battle for ToonSquad to win this game.  They do have Mr. Quadruple Double and the Female MVP, but I tend to believe in the mantra that “History repeats itself” so I think that GGG has ToonSquads number.  G Got Game moves on to play Gang Bang in Round 2.

#14 WoMS(East) – 8.5 vs. #19 Make it Drizzle(South)

Maybe this line is a little bit off because I’ve got a horse in this race, but I think that Drizzle has a chance in this game.  Drizzle can play fast and I see them being able to match up defensively well.  That being said, the WoMS will have the advantage from the fairer sex, they have arguably the best trio of ladies in all of co-ed.  Drizzle is going to be without their third leading scorer and best female perimeter defender in Letricia.  I think Drizzle makes a run in the 2nd half to make this game close then WoMS proves to be too much and pulls away.  WoMS moves on to play Western U in the 2nd round.

#15 White Chocolate(South) vs. # 18 Seawards(East) -4.5

I don’t think you can really call this an upset since Seawards won the championship last year, they may have a new look but still have their core of Nicole Wolff and Matt Roberts intact.  White Chocolate has very solid ladies lead by Fenn, who has put up great numbers this season and is in my opinion the South’s Female MVP but I think Nicole is the answer to slowing her down.  Without a true big man on White Chocolate Roberts should be able to take advantage.  White Chocolate loves to take the 3 ball, if Matty and Grubb can get hot they have a chance but I think that they will get outrebounded and that Seawards will dominate the paint.  Seawards move on to play Sexy and I know it.

#16 Danger Zone(North) vs. BulletProof Tigers(South) – 3.5

BPT has finally come into it’s own late this season, they had a rough start and some attendance issues.  But if both Slim Jim and Canon are there, they are a force on both ends of the floor.  Danger Zone will probably have Ben match-up with Slim Jim and he should be able to slow him down, but I don’t see him being able to shut him out.  Slim Jim will still get his, but even if he doesn’t have a big night the rest of BulletProof can step up. If Ramon and co. get hot from 3 this could be a long night for BPT, Danger Zone has some assasins and Carla will be the best female on the floor.  I just don’t see DZ having enough in this contest.  BulletProof moves on to play Snowdance in Round 2.

Let the debating about these lines begin.  I’m sure Rory and Tibbs will chime in and disagree with me all over the place.