Co-Ed South S12 Preview

By DGrubb

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Dave, but you can call me Grubb. This is my first season covering the CAC, so bare with me as I try to lower my work ethic to match the others that I will be working with! I have played many seasons in the CAC Co-Ed Leagues now, and have been “Mills’d” and “Tibbs’d” more than a few times (that is, expecting to see a write-up for my teams previous game only to find that it never actually comes!) I can’t promise you’ll actually enjoy what I have to say, but I garuantee each week you’ll have something to read! Those of you that use the Message Boards have probably seen me on their talking a big game (to show up and drop 6 lazily earned points, but important points nonetheless!). I plan on bringing the same type of banter to your write-ups each week. If you play great, others will know about it through the write-ups, but if you come out embarrassing yourself and your teammates, unfortunately, others will also know about it through these write-ups. Nothing on the court is off-limits.

All that intro stuff out of the way, I am excited to start a new season in the South! I actually played in this division last season and am shocked to find that not one single team has returned to the division for this season. Last season, only one South team made it past the first round of the Co-Ed Madness tournament. Hopefully with your new blood, we can help represent the South a little stronger this time around!

After looking over the rosters, I did not find a lot of familiar names. I noticed that two pillars of the WoMS franchise have broken off and started their own teams. I noticed familiar names from Rim Jobbers fame. I also noticed a lot of CAC rookies filling out a majority of the rosters. That being said, it was difficult to come up with an accurate pre-season prediction. After emailing each team, and only hearing back from one (cmon people!!) I decided to take a shot in the dark and use the limited information I had available.

The pre-season rankings are:

6. Pita Predators – The Predators come in as the only Free Agent team in the South. For the most part, Free Agent teams have had decent success in season past. With every Free Agent team, the question becomes who will step up to take control of the team? Heather LaCasse and Andrew Leclair both bring solid Co-Ed experience, and have shown in the past an ability to score the ball and grab a timely rebound. In a division that promises to have more parity than last year, the question for this team is going to be who will step up?

5. Sam Adams Sports – This team comes in with what has to be the largest roster in CAC history. With 23 people on their active roster, this team, if nothing else, should hold the advantage of never tiring out during a game! With this size of a roster, my guess is that the lineup will look dramatically different from week to week. Of the 23 people on the roster, less than half have CAC experience, and of those players, none have ever averaged more than 8 ppg. Much like the Predators, who will step up for this busload? (Also, as a sidenote, keep in mind throughout the season that a player must play in 4 games to be playoff eligible).

4. CACniss Everdeen – This team is rich in Co-Ed experience. With Rim Jobbers, Danielle and Chris Angellilo and WoMS standout, Sara Doherty leading the charge, the Everdeen have 2 of CAC’s top 20 all-time scorers in their lineup. The return of former HYKHYW PG, Steve Iorio is a nice addition. That said, I expect this team to spend a lot of time hanging out on the perimeter during games, and in the middle of the pack of the South standings this season.

3. Shots – This team I know very little about. With only 6 people listed on their active roster, and only one with Co-Ed experience, I am concerned with their depth (maybe you can get somebody on loan from the Sam Adams squad). Led by Sunday AM standouts, Maurice Collins (23.5 ppg, 10 reb) and Kevin Jacobs (19 ppg, 11 reb), this team could have a one, two punch that could carry them to the top of the South.

2. Heather’s Heroes – Another WoMS female with a Southern side project. Heather Marino has constructed a team that will be in contention in the South all season long. Led by the “man-imal” Mike Rocco, Heather’s Heroes should be able to muscle their way past most opponents. Rocco is an absolute beast on the boards and owns the paint. He is a pre-season MVP candidate. Add in the Mark’s men (Carpone and DeGregorio) and this team should find balanced play throughout.

1. Gunz N Butta
 – The fact that the top ranked team also happens to be the only one who responded to my email, has less to do with their courtesy and more to do with having the most talented roster in the South. Led by last season’s North Division scoring champ and my pre-season MVP, Ramon Garcia, this team can put up points in a hurry! Garcia is coming off a season where he averaged over 25 per game, on 56% shooting behind the arc. This team is no one man show either. Michael McDonald can fill it up as he showed at the end of last season. Throw Van Tran and F-MVP candidate Carla Pacione into the mix and this team is deep. They don’t just score either, Ben Dadekian will lead a revamped inside presence, in averaging double-digit rebounds. I expect to see Gunz blazin in the South this season!.

Male MVP – Ramon Garcia (Gunz N Butta), Mike Rocco (Heather’s Heroes), Maurice Collins (Shots)
Female MVP – Carla Pacione (Gunz N Butta), Sara Doherty (CACniss Everdeen), Heather Marino (Heather’s Heroes)

For now, that is all you get for Award favorites. As I grow more familiar with everyone’s game throughout the season, I will come up with more awards categories to be handed out.

Now, in the words of my colleague DWill: “I’m looking forward to a fun season with all of you, I expect that we’ll see some good games and competition and that this will be a fun league to play in. I highly encourage you to jump on the boards and post. I will be putting up game lines prior to each week’s matchups as well as doing power rankings occasionally and putting up miscellaneous polls. My favorite part about this league is the message board banter and I hope that you guys help get that going.”
(couldn’t have said it better myself big guy…. how is direct paraphrasing for a lazy start?) haha

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