Co-Ed Uni Wrap

You know why

I’m going to start off with the obligatory, “I’m doing this in case PMills doesn’t give you a write-up” joke that has become so popular over the last couple weeks within the Co-Ed ranks.  But seriously, if PMills doesn’t give you a write-up, at least you have this.

I was as disappointed as you all were when I found out, because he wasn’t playing, Rory chose to go to his softball playoff game. Where’s the dedication to the league my man?! Since I’m going to be handling the *new* Co-Ed South league on Tuesday nights next season (1 spot left in the league!) I might as well give you a taste of what’s to come!

There was clearly some work done on the floor of the King Open school, as when I walked in, I nearly twisted my knee just taking a step. Seriously, I think everyone watching thought I’d never walked before. Of course, if you’ve seen me play basketball, you’d think that anyway.

The downside to this nicely redone floor was that our 3 point ‘line’ had been torn up.  Was a new painted line replacing it, of course not!  DMeezey and CBoll were told they’d have to make up the 3 point line as they went. No biggie, I’m pretty sure that’s what Bob the Ref did on a weekly basis anyway.

I don’t have the stat sheet, but I have a superb memory and the game film, so allow me to fill you in on the finer points of this game.

Wheels of Steel got off to a quick start.  It was clear to this observer that their plan was to score quickly and often before the JLAI zone could get set-up. It worked. Loren banged home a 3, AltSchu was all over the glass and finding weaknesses in the zone D.

I LOVED the defense that Loren was playing on Nate early in the game.  This strategy was a bit of a surprise, but I saw the merit of it immediately.  Nate Dogg doesn’t hurt teams because of his scoring, he hurts them with his passing and rebounding.  If the Wheels could throw Nate off his game even a little, by baiting him into shooting more, and thus passing less, this would pay off.  Sure his final stat line was great, but I loved this wrinkle by the Wheels.

But as they have all season long, JLAI just needed to find their groove.  Nibs has been loving the glass as much as his rhymes over the last couple weeks and hit a couple leaners early.  Steph, playing despite foul trouble, banged home her own 3s to match Loren and Nate started finding the open shooters.  JLAI’s offense was in full on, ‘score every possession’ mode.  It will make for great video highlights, but didn’t feel good for the Wheels.

Monroe was misfiring from outside early, as were all the Wheelies, and I’m chalking that up to Final Game jitters. Not the Finals Jitters, like I have, but it was actually Monroe’s Final Game.

As the half wore on, it looked like JLAI was just toying with the Wheels.  They never took advantage of their size mismatches by playing both Kelsey and Meg at the same time.  They always played a guard and a forward at the same time.  I thought they’d do that at some point, but the line-up never happened.

The 6 point margin was quickly expanded to double digits early in the second half. Nibs was just in a groove, you can’t leave that man open!

I get it, JLAI is named after a hilarious internet meme with half it’s amusement drawn from its repetitiveness but if PMills said, ‘would you just look at that’ or, ‘Steph for 3, look at it’ or ‘man would you look at that pass’ one more time i was going to strangle him

Monroe, never one to quit on a game ,especially when it’s his last at CAC, when full superman on us to try and save a ball headed out of bounds. I don’t care that the play didn’t lead to a basket, that play will make the final cut of the championship video.

Yes, the championship video! You should be seeing that, I hope, by the end of next week. I’m excited to put together the montage of highlights, there were a lot from this game

JLAI was never really challenged in the second half.  Kelsey hit a big bucket every time it looked like the Wheels would make it close, and her 12/8 line had my vote for Finals MVP.

The slow start is now nothing but a distant memory for the new Co-Ed Champs.  After starting 0-3 this season, they ripped off 10 straight wins to end the season by an AVERAGE of 21.4 points.  Even if you take out that drubbing of Winter Hill Game (and we should) that’s still an average margin of victory of 17 points a game.  To say they weren’t the best team in the league over the last 10 weeks is blasphemy!

So Wheels of Steel can now belongs to an elite group of teams that can hang 9-0 regular season champs for the Co-Ed leagues.  I speak for all the Shirt Before the Shirt players when I say, welcome to the club!

I’m now itching for the Fall 2011 Co-Ed leagues to start.  JLAI doesn’t have long to celebrate their ‘Chip. There are a lot of great, returning teams, tons of new players that will make contenders out of some, and a whole lot of divisional shake-up! September 12th can’t get here soon enough.