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The good, the bad and the hilarious from a great season

A great Co-ed West season has come and gone as we get set for another crazy combined co-ed tournament!  It is awfully bittersweet for me to tell you all this (though I believe a good portion of you already know), I will not be back with the CAC next session.  I’m aggressively seeking employment in the Southern Connecticut area and looking to relocate in the near future.  I’m very excited to take on a new challenge, but it will be very difficult to leave.  It has truly been a blast to watch and comment on your games both this season, and for some of you, the three seasons before this one as well.

Enough of that mess (tear) onto the awards!

To the laaaaaaadiessss!!!!

First Team…

G – Kimi Soo Hoo (former 2nd teamer) – BOOM

G – Christine Daniels – TOON

F – Emily Clawson – MONS

F – Caitlyn “Gripp” Tibbetts (Second 1st team nod) – B&D

C – Liz Bowen (former 2nd teamer) – BOOM


Second Team…

G – Britt Spackman – DANCE

G – Sarah Wood – DANCE

G – Loren Turner – B&D

F – Marie Rozeboom – GGG

F – Kaitlin Linehan – TOON


MVP – Christine Daniels – Toonsquad – 17.6 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 1.9 apg, 1.4 spg, 31% 3pt, 33.7 PR – I know that MVPs typically go to the most valuable player on a contending team, and TS may have gone 4-5 against a soft schedule, but there is a precedent for players on sub par teams winning MVPs when they perform that much better than the next most worth opponent.  That was the case here…Christine’s 17.6 points per game more than doubled every other girl in the league except for her teammate Ms Linehan.  I know they didn’t have the toughest schedule, and I know with limited subs, she played 44 minutes on a number of occasions, but it was clear that she was the best girl in the league.

1st runner up…Kimi Soo Hoo…Boom Goes The DynaMIT – 6.8 ppg doesn’t overwhelm you, but her 3.8 assists were tied for 8th in the league and 1st among the girls.  She also knocked down nearly half her threes

The Fellas…

First Team…

G—Mike Kearney (Second 1st team nod) – DANCE

G – Ian Sugel – BOOM

F – Gael Frouin – TOON

F – Kevin Swecker (Third 1st team nod, S-11 MVP) – MONS

C – Ibrahim Toukan (Former 2nd teamer) – DANCE


Second team…

G – Jesse Cox – B&D

G – Kevin Parrella – ATRJ

G – Andrew DeStadler – GGG

F – Yasuhiro Shirasaki (Second 2nd team nod) – BOOM

F – Mike Reddick (W-11 MVP)

MVP – Mike Kearney – Snowdance – 19.8 ppg, 8.3 rpg, 5.9 apg, 2.1 spg, 44% 3pt, 54.8 PR – Having Ibrahim on his team nearly robbed him of this award, but you could make the same knock on his most serious challenger (Swecker-Reddick).  Snowdance has a lot of solid players, but Kearney is what makes that engine run.  18 regular season games and they still haven’t lost yet.  He does it all…offensively, defensively.  It’s the respect that teams have for Kearney that allow Ibrahim and Hags to do as much damage as they do.  Not to say they wouldn’t succeed at all without him, but it helps that teams can’t afford to pack the paint with this guy roaming the perimeter

1st runner up…Kevin Swecker…Monstars – I could have made a good argument for Gael too, but to offset the fact that his team isn’t a contender, he would have to have been head and shoulders ahead of Swecker, and he wasn’t.


All-Rookie Team…

G – Kevin Parrella

G – Ian Sugel

G – Jesse Cox

F – Emily Clawson

F – Keith Baranowski

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – Ian Sugel – Boom Goes The DynaMIT – 22.1ppg, 6.2 rbg, 2.2 apg, 1.3 spg, 39% 3pt – Ian was running away with this award through the first two thirds of the season, hitting more than half of his three point attempts.  He slumped a little bit towards the end, but he was still arguably the most dangerous perimeter threat in the league.  When he heats up, they are VERY difficult to beat


All-Defensive Team …

G – Kari Thande – One of the most tenacious on the ball defenders you’ll find

G – Britt Spackman – A true ballhawk…her quickness up top allows them to play zone against sharp shooters

F – Gael Frouin – 6.3 steals per game…nuff said

F – Rev Rip – Can block almost any shot and get to just about any rebound

C – Liz Bowen – Top 3 shot blocker in the league…notice I DIDN’T include the word female

DEFENSIVE POY – Liz Bowen – Boom Goes The DynaMIT – My knee jerk reaction was to give this one to Gael, but he’s a bridesmaid once again…sorry buddy, but it doesn’t seem right giving this to somebody who’s team gives up 71 points per game…22nd most in all of co-ed.  Liz is a game changer on defense.  She isn’t just tall…she has terrific instincts and great hands.  A truly underrated piece of the BOOM puzzle.  I can’t believe she didn’t play in college!!


All Offensive Team…no, this isn’t the team that will score the most points, this is the most offensive team…the people that ruffled more feathers than anybody else in the league!  Think we might find a Monstar or two?

G – Kari Thande – From his in your face defense to his message board/twitter trash talk, he knew exactly how to ruffle feathers

G – Loren Turner – Something about Tupperware?

F – Captain America – “HANDS UP MONSTARS!!!”  I definitely don’t need to explain this one

F – Mike Reddick – Only player in the league to be suspended for a game, petitioned to the IOC to add “Kari Tossing” to the 2012 Summer Games

C – Mike “Hags” Hagerty – I think Hags is hilarious, but I’ve seen him get tangled with more than a couple of opponents in the post.

Honorable Mention…or I guess we can more appropriately call this one…AND ONE!!!! – Jesse Cox


JACKHOLE OF THE YEAR – Is there any doubt?  Captain America!!  Nobody loves to be hated like the man in the REAL Monstar jersey.  Shame on me for not mentioning him as one of the favorites for this one before the season.  He’s already the odds on favorite in Vegas to repeat regardless of who is running co-ed West next session


CAPTAIN OF THE YEAR – TJ White – Monstars (two time winner) – this was a tossup as Kari made some big additions to acquire Canon and Sugel after losing Lehmkuhl, but TJ made some clutch adds as well.  The Mike Reddick addition speaks for itself, but I’m one of those guys who believes that sometimes it’s the little moves that make the big differences…Bringing Claws onto the Monstars despite already having Lu, and Henni proved to be clutch.  After a slow start, she transformed into a female first teamer in her first year in the league.


All-Chucker Team…These five were shooting before they even finishing tying their sneakers

Marie Rozeboom – 4.5 threes per game…She has the lowest number of attempts on this team, and I think that’s due to a lower number of touches.  I think she’s called for the ball on the wing and NOT gotten it more times than anybody else…maybe that’s why they went just 4-5!!

Christine Daniels – 6.8 threes per game…Big Ro might have taken her out of this spot if he’d stuck around for the whole season

Boozer – 7.2 threes per game…Probably the streakiest shooter on this list.  Watch out when he’s feeling it…and watch out for that pump fake!  PIERCE’D!!!

Ian Sugel – 8.9 threes per game…Possibly the best pure shooter in the league, so why the hell not chuck it 9 times a game?

Kevin Parrella – 9.0 threes per game…few people in the league elevate on their jump shot like he does.  Kevin’s downfall was that he was too quick to get down on himself.  Very good player with a promising CAC future


The Sade Award – Matt Hayes – This guy is definitely one smooth operator for getting Sweet D to agree to allow Carlos to play as an illegal sub even though TS had 5 players without him!!  I don’t know what he said or how he convinced her, but Hayes definitely knows what he’s doing!!


The Mark Bellhorn – Unsung Hero Award – Admit it…you still remember Mark Bellhorn for hittig .240 and striking out almost 200 times.  You forget that he went deep in games 6 AND 7 of the 2004 ALCS, and then hit the game winning home run in game one of the World Series.  Unfortunately, I don’t expect this team to win Co-ed’s version of the World Series, but without Rob Vigneau, things could have gotten really messy for Balls & Dolls.  He probably had his best season yet.  Granted the team finished below .500, but I insist that it could have been worse.  11.5 points, 12 rebounds and he hit 73% of his free throws.  The rest of the team shot 51%


The Maurice Jones Drew Award for putting up solid numbers on an awful team – Justin James.  He only played in five games, but as far as I know, he wasn’t on the team for the first four.  He scored 99 of the team’s 180 in points in the games he played.  This also could have been called the Matt Forte Award for single handedly accounting for more than half of your team’s offensive output.


The Replacements Award for Team Most Likely To Have The Entire Roster Thrown In Prison Following A Bar Fight – Monstars…and there is not even a close season.


The My Cousin Vinny Award For Player Most Likely To Get An Officer On The Witness Stand And Argue With Him Until He Admits He’s Wrong About A BS Speeding Ticket – The entire Balls & Dolls roster.  I don’t think a game has gone by in the past three weeks where somebody from that team hasn’t wanted to rip Koz’s head off.


The Bill Belichick Award For The Players Who Never Seem To Stop Smiling (Get it?) – Sarah Wood & Desmond Mitchell– You’re not going to find friendlier people on the basketball court.  You might not be smiling after Sarah nails a three in your face or Desmond blows past you to grab a rebound, but I guarantee they will be.


The Grandma’s Boy Award for the highest single game score goes to Mike Kearney for dropping 40 on Balls & Dolls and Christine Daniels (highest female score) for putting 27 points on HPCR.  If you haven’t seen the movie Grandma’s Boy, please do so…yo sh!t is wiizzeaaak!!!!!


Hack-a-Shaq Team…No Free-bees for these guys!  Put em on the line and make them earn it!!

Matt Smith (Dance) – 6/18 – 33%…s tep in the wrong direction after hitting 39% last season!!!

Mike Hagerty (Dance) – 4/21 – 19%…You ever see the movie Annapolis?  Wasn’t terrible…I don’t remember much about it, but I remember this exchange…

Twins: You want to know why I stay in this room?
Jake Huard: Yeah.
Twins: Cause Jake, you’re my Mississippi.
Jake Huard: I’m your what?
Twins: People who live in Arkansas, you know what their favorite state is?
Jake Huard: No.
Twins: Mississippi. Cause Mississippi’s the only thing that keeps Arkansas from being the worst state in the whole country.
Jake Huard: I’m Mississippi.

Hags…you’re Matt Smith’s Mississippi.

Tibbs (B&D) – 8/22 – 36%…You shot 74% from the line last session…what the hell happened?!?!

Jesse Cox (B&D) – 18/40 – 45%…You want the good news or the bad news first?  I’ll start with the good…You were 7/10 last week!!  Getting better!  That means for the first 8 weeks, you were just 11/30…a hair over 33%…yikes!

Kevin Parrella (ATRJ) – 12/29 – 41%…I don’t know how Swecker got away with NOT being the worst free throw shooting Kevin in the league.  This makes sense though…at Fairfield, we don’t do free throws…just watch them play

Lucky not to be on this list because of a small sample size:  TJ White – 1/8


The All-Love & Basketball Team

Tibbs & Gripp – B&D

Loren & Jesse – B&D

Kearney & Sarah – DANCE

Kimi & Yasu – BOOM

The McCall-Wright Award for the league’s top couple – Kimi Soo Hoo & Yasu Shirasaki – These two both REALLY stepped up their games this session.  I attribute plenty of their success to some great roster additions, but it wouldn’t have been possible without  the way they’ve improved this season.  They’ve combined for 21.1 pts, 11.3 rebs, 5.7 asts and a 61.4 PR


All-Duyon Team – I award this every season to the players that best embody the co-ed spirit.  For one reason or another, these are the players that have a very special place in my heart

Jesse Cox – B&D – Hustles his ass off, and crazy intense on the court…but when the game is over, he’s the first to laugh at one of my lame ass jokes…laughing at my bad jokes is totally a pre requisite for making this team

Chris “Johnson” – ATRJ – I know I know, BLUE CHIPS!!

Art Vilassakdanont – HPCR – Made his first two message boards posts this year, and they were both fantastic.  He’s also one of three HPCRs with perfect attendance this season

Kaitlyn Hennigan – MONS – She’s from New Hampshire and she knows how to kill a zombie…why wouldn’t you want a friend like that?

Mike Reddick – MONS – I miss my roommate

All-Duyon Hall of Fame – I like to get some new names on the All-Duyon team, but I need to point out TJ and Sweet D for the lifetime achievement award.  TJ brings the laughs and Sweet D brings the beers.  I love you guys

Thanks to everybody for the best season yet.  You guys make this a ton of fun for me.  Now it’s Tourney Time!