9 weeks of solid basketball and here we are ready for the playoff run as you all to get to the finals and dethrone ME…yup, the WOMS have their eyes set on a repeat (though we’re in for a hell of a test this Wednesday in the semis with no subs against a strong DL White team) Anywho, this post isn’t about me…it’s about you guys and the year end awards! I don’t think this needs any further introduction…so here we go…the way it should be…ladies first.

FEMALE MVP – Lauren McNamara (Western U. Dolphins) 12.3 ppg, 2.7 apg, 18 threes (2nd among women)
Despite scoring just ONE point in the regular season finale, I don’t think this can go to anyone else. L-Mac has been the most dominant girl in the league all season long. She’s been efficient from distance, solid on defense, and she’s one of the big reasons that this free agent team has been so effective.
Honorable Mention: Sydney Fasulo (KOP), Kelsey “McHale” Simonds (JLAI)

MALE MVP – Kevin “Apolo” Swecker (Monstars) 21.0 ppg, 8.8 rpg, 3.7 apg, 3.2 spg, 2.3 bpg, 56.3 PR
All of Apolo’s numbers are impressive, but I’ll give you the REAL number that tells the reason he is the MVP…39.6. Apolo has scored 39.6% of his team’s points this season. Factor in his 3.7 apg and take out his teammates free throws, and he either scored or assisted on roughly 60% of his team’s baskets. Was he the BEST player in the league? Maybe. There are a few other guys you COULD make a good case for, but it would be close. Was he the MOST VALUABLE to his team? Absolutely
Honorable Mention: Brian Gamroth (Dolphins), Tommy Kahana (2L2Q), Matt Forlizzi (JLAI)

F – Caitlin “Gripp” Tibbetts
F – Sydney Fasulo
C – Kelsey “McHale” Simonds
G – Lauren “L-Mac” McNamara
G – Loren “Don’ You Dare Call Me The C-Word” Turner
Notes: This was a little easier to pick than the men’s first team. These girls straight up dominated. Loren was an offensive force, Kelsey and Sydney were tough to handle in the post no matter what your gender was, Gripp was underrated and one of the female PR leaders all season, and L-Mac went above and beyond as the best all around female player in the league

F – Kevin “Apolo” Swecker (Monstars)
F – Brian “Gamer” Gamroth (WUD)
C – “Nate Dogg” Brigham (JLAI)
G – Tommy “RoY” Kahana (2L2Q)
G – Matt “Forthrizzi” (JLAI)
Notes: This was a tough call either way, because there was going to be a serious snub. I like to use the format of an actual starting 5 with 2 guards, 2 forwards and a center…I can sort of fudge the forward/center position, and I suppose Swecker could be a G/F, but this was tough, because either Nate Dogg or Tibbs was going to get left off the first team. Almost just as bad, Sharkey was banished to the second squad as well, but it was especially tough for me not to include Tibbs, because there were games when he absolutely took over…he’s a better scorer than Nate, but the D-O-Double G does it ALL! How many F/C lead their leagues in assists?

F – Lauren Kelly (DLG)
F – Alyson Humphreys (DLG)
C – Meg Driscoll (JLAI)
G – Meghan “Stets” Stetson (KOP)
G – Steph “Jane Stockton” Baran (JLAI)
Notes: A few seasons ago, this co-ed girls SECOND team would have crushed a team of the best girsls in co-ed. Lauren is a first team talent who only played in 5 games, Meg is also easily a first team talent.

F – Jason “Tibbs” Tibbetts (2L2Q)
F – Brian Sharkey (WUD)
C – Mike Cassell (Monstars)
G – Kariuki Thande (DLG)
G – Carlos Ledee (KOP)
Notes: Tibbs almost surpassed Tommy at certain point for the team MVP. It’s hard for me to put him on the second team. All these guys were tremendous this season. Not a lot of guards can nearly average a double-double like Carlos…he basically averaged 10/10/5

This was a pretty easy one to award. Gamer got no love with the MVP in a close vote, but this guy did league the entire league in player rater. He paced an alarmingly cohesive free agent team to a 7-2 record with two nail biting losses. Not only did he get it done in the gym, but he was one of the most eager Tommy Doyles patrons after games. THAT’S an all around player
Honorable Mention: Carlos Ledee (KOP) Kariuki Thande (DLG)

OFFENSIVE POY (F) Loren Turner (2L2Q) 
Loren led all the girls in the league in three pointers made (20) and percentage (32%). The girl gets out of her car and she’s already shooting. Solid numbers despite a slow start to the season. 2L2Q is going to be hurting if she can’t get healthy for the playoffs. You always have to know where she is on the court…another girl who taught me the hard way in the co-ed 2v2 tourney.
Honorable Mention: L-Mac (WUD), Sydney Fasulo (KOP)

OFFENSIVE POY (M) Tommy Kahana (2L2Q)
The only guy in the league who loves shooting more than Tommy is Nibs! He took a season high 16 threes last night, and impressively made 8 of them. Last night, he told me that when his team hits him in transition, they don’t bother running behind him, because they know a shot it going up. This works too ways, because not only does he put points on the board, but some would consider his personality downright offensive…congrats Tommy!!
Honorable Mention: Forthrizzi (JLAI), Gamer (WUD)

DEFENSIVE POY (F) Kelsey Simonds (JLAI)
I give Kelsey a lot of props for her post moves, but the best aspect of her game is defense. I learned this playing against her in Co-ed East. She’s surprisingly long and has great hands. I only have her for 1 block a game, but chances are I missed a few, and Nate Dogg was hogging the rest of them
Honorable Mention: Jane Stockton (JLAI), Erica McCrea (WHG)

DEFENSIVE POY (M) Kariuki Thande (DLG)
Kari was easily the best one on one defender in the league. At times slightly overzealous, it was very tough to beat him off the dribble. The game in which he contained Tommy was one of his best performances of the season. The only way to beat him is to give the ball to somebody else.
Honorable Mention: Nate Dogg (JLAI), Tibbs (2L2Q)

F – Mo Sharkey (WUD)
F – Erica McCrea (WHG)
C – Kelsey “McHale” Simonds (JLAI)
G – Steph “Jane Stockton” Baran (JLAI)
G – Kaitlyn Hennigan (Monstars)

F – Kevin “Apolo” Swecker (Monstars)
F – Jason “Tibbs” Tibbetts (2L2Q)
C – “Nate Dogg” Brigham (JLAI)
G – Kari Thande (DLG)
G – Chris “Johnson” (WHG)

COACH/GM OF THE YEAR – TJ White (Monstars)
Who knew that the Monstars would lose, Micah, three key girls, and get BETTER. I suppose you have to give Rip some credit for recruiting Cassell, but still TJ had to bring Rip on for this to happen. I’m also happy to give TJ the award, because I feel like I partially deserve a share of it myself for helping them recruit Kaitlyn from the Boston Beer Company, and getting Grace’s info from Tibbs…I guess Tibbs kinda had a hand in it too. Anyway, I expected the Monstars to take a small step back, but they took a big step forward. Nice work to TJ and the Monstars
Honorable Mention: Tibbs for his construction of the Western University Dolphins

THE D-MAC AWARD – Dustin Williams (DL Green)
As a testament to how fair D-Mac really is, Dustin thought all this time that D-Mac hated him. D-Will leads the league in travels, but D-Mac’s got a soft spot for him. He loves the players who come to play hard and leave it all out on the floor. This is ALL Dustin. The kid goes a mile a minute and nobody works harder…it’s only appropriate that he plays for P-Mills

THE ALL HUSTLE TEAM – You may not realize it, but most of you were probably runners up for the D-Mac award…this could PROBABLY be made up entirely of Llamas, but I’m going to TRY and spread the wealth a bit…
F –Dustin Williams (DLG)
F – Luana Botelho (WHG)
C – Pat “P-Mills” Millina (DLG)
G – Nick Bruce (DLB)
G – Alleigh Marre (JLAI)

THE ALL CHUCKER TEAM – This could also be called the “No Conscience Team.” You play basketball for one reason…TO SHOOT THE ROCK…be proud, and keep shooting
Loren Turner (2L2Q)
Paul “Nibs” Nimblett (JLAI)
Kate Simonelli (KOP)
Carlos Ledee (KOP)
Tommy Kahana (2L2Q)
Notes: Kate only took 37 threes this season, but she only played in 4 games! One of them she showed up close to halftime. She is not shy, and neither are the other four. Nibs didn’t have his best shooting season, but it never stopped him from trying!

UNSUNG HEROES – For the undervalue and the underappreciated…these players have made huge contributions to their teams, even if you wouldn’t know by the box score
Rob “Vig” Vigneau (2L2Q) – Grabs tons of boards and does the dirty work while Tibbs and RoY hog the glory. Makes a ton of big shots
Phil Putis (DLB) – Phil actually had a pretty impressive stat line, but goes under the radar on a 2 win team. He hustles and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. It’s no accident
Kaitlyn Hennigan (Monstars) – It’s not easy to come onto a new team knowing nobody and contribute. Kaitlyn has been a solid contributor on both sides of the ball despite often being matched against bigger girls
Grace Bloodwell (Monstars) – Same as Kaitlyn, it’s hard being a free agent addition to a team that has been together, but she made great decisions on the court and was an impact player on defense. The Monstars would be in trouble without this duo
Dave Boll/Chris “Johnson” (WHG) – I couldn’t single out one of these guys, because the two of them are the motor that makes the Gang run. These two provide all the energy, and the Gang would be lost without them

THE ALL-DUYON TEAM – Throw out points per game, I’m more interested in beers per week. All kidding aside, you don’t have to be an alcoholic to make this team, but this team is for the people who just get it. The league is about having fun. Taking and making jokes, mixing it up with teammates and foes alike after the games…League Night Out etc, etc. 
Reggie St Germain (KOP) – Despite going to a school famous for their squash team, Reggie is good people. Loves to hang out after games and his girlfriend likes my write ups.
Tasia Blough (Monstars) – Making the leap from season ticket holder to player can be a daunting task, but Tasia has been a blast all season long. When she’s at Tommy Doyles, I feel like my glass is never empty
Nibs The Baller (JLAI) – Nibs may not have had his best season from a shooting standpoint, but Nibs is always gonna be Nibs and that’s why he’s on my completely hypothetical fun-ass team. Loves to hang after the games, grab a beer, and if TD’s had karaoke you’d have to wrestle the mic out of his hands…also, nobody dances up a storm this like guy
Meghan “Stets” Stetson (KOP) – I love her game. The difference between CAC Co-ed hoops now and a just a year ago is the quality of the girls playing. Girls like Stets have made the league what it is. Solid on the court and a regular at Tommy Doyles after the final whistle
Jane Stockton (JLAI) – I’m a little biased, because Steph is one of my all time favorite teammates from three seasons of actually playing together, but this girl is one of the best there is…I won’t even specify at what…she’s just one of the best on the court and off it.
Honorary captain TJ White (Monstars) – TJ was the captain of the All Duyon team last season. I wanted to get some new faces on the squad, but TJ is headed straight for the All-Duyon Hall of Fame…nobody embodies the spirit of co-ed CAC hoops like this guy. He’s friends with everybody in the damn league and a pleasure to be around. It’s nice to hear when you all tell me that you like my write ups and posts, but it’s TJ and people like him (there are plenty of you) that provide the material on a weekly basis and are able to take a joke…so THANK ALL OF YOU!!!

That’s it for the Spring/Summer 2011 CAC Co-ed West Regular Season Awards. That was a mouthful. Thanks for an awesome season everyone.