CO-ED WEST Post Season Awards!

It has truly been a great season ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope you’ll all be back for the spring/summer session. Sign up here!

A lot of people did a lot of pretty memorable things this year and I’m going to try my best to quantify it all with the post season awards. Keep in mind when it comes to first, second teams, I’m not just picking the best 5 and the next best 5…I’m doing my best to do guards/forwards/center. I may fudge peoples positions a as best I can, but Slim Jim is not going to be the point guard on my first team. Also, I like to spread the wealth…so no Reddick, you will not be the MVP, OPOY and DPOY (not that you would have been anyway8) )

On with the awards…
M-MVP – Mike Reddick (Dizzy Llamas Black) 25 PPG, 12 RPG, 1.9 APG, 1.9 SPG, 2.0 BPG, 56.3 PR
Believe it or not this was a lot closer than I thought it was going to be 3-4 weeks ago. Reddick struggled in his last regular season game and Micah (Monstars) came on really strong at the end. Ultimately when you consider the whole body of work, nobody meant more to their team than Mike. He scored inside and out, rebounded, defended, drew regular double and triple teams, and for the most part he produced anyway.

F-MVP – Sara Doherty (Weapons Above The Rim Blouses) 9.6 PPG, 4.9 RPG, 3.3 APG, 1.8 SPG, 30.7 PR
This was also a close one with the leading ladies of the Bulletproof Tigers, Lu and Morgan, but ultimately they sort of hurt each other’s cases by having each other to lean on. No disrespect to big sister Danielle, who had a nice season of her own, but Sara just seemed to make every big play and finished the season less than half a player rater point off her team lead. Sweet Lu and Captain Morgan had terrific seasons, but aside from having each other, their group of guys was easily the most balanced in the league from top to bottom. At times Sara had to be the best player on her team regardless of gender for them to succeed.

1st Team – All Female 
G – Sara Doherty (WATRBs) – See above
G – Alleigh Marre (Monstars) – One of the league’s better ball handlers, and always a threat taking shots from the perimeter and shots of Jameson
C – Danielle Angelillo (WATRBs) – Numbers aren’t huge, but this is a league where a lot of big guys dominate the paint and she got a lot of attention in there
F – Sweet Lu Botelho (Tigers) – Terrific post player with a rare balance of strength and finesse. Also had an uncanny ability to escape double teams and bars before I show up
F – “Captain” Jessica Morgan (Tigers) – Along with Doherty one of the few girls in the league that could drive the lane and play with her back to the basket effectively.

1st Team – All Male
G – Dave Celli (WATRBs) 
– Celli really sacrificed his stat line over the last couple of weeks for the greater good of the time. Great defensive stopper and one of the smartest players in the league
G – “Apolo” Swecker (Monstars) – By looking at him, you wouldn’t think guard, but watch him play. Gets to the basket at will and has great range. Very talented scorer/drinker
C – Micah Witri (Monstars) – When he plays well the Monstars are tough to stop. Finished the season with back to back 20/20 games
F – Mike Reddick – See above
F – Slim Jim Henderer – The best player on an all around talented team. They have some good players, but without him on the inside the Tigers are going nowhere fast

2nd Team – All Female
G – Stefanie Almendinger (DL Green)
 – Don’t judge a book by its cover! In addition to raining jumpers, this little red head somehow seems to pick up 3-4 offensive boards per game!
G – Jackie Smith (DL Black) – Jackie never puts up huge numbers, but she always makes the right play. She knows where to be and just doesn’t make big mistakes. She should be more assertive!
C – Kendra Keegan (Monstars) – the front court girls have it tougher, because they usually get matchup with us good big men, but Kendra still holds her on against some tough foes
F – Caitlin Higgins (Ewoks) – With a really good mid range jumper Caitlin was the most consistent Ewok female all season long
F – Aniela Liesman (DL Black) – The season ending injury to Aniela broke my heart. This girl was on pace to easily make the first team, but what she did in half a season still deserves mention.

2nd Team All Male
G – Ben Sloan (Tigers)
 – The numbers weren’t jaw dropping, but B-Dome was one of those players that seemed to do everything well
G – Dave Grubb (DL Green) – Struggled at times as the first and only scoring option on his team, but still found a way to finish 4th in scoring even though everybody knew to key in on him
C – Lee Stoiser (Ewoks) – The Ewoks could have used Lee earlier in the season, but better late than never. He made them a force to reckon with over the last half of the season
F – Andrew Leclair (Ewoks) – Andrew is naturally a guard, but on that undersized team he spent a lot of time in the paint. Andrew is a sparkplug who always found a way to fill the stat sheet
F – Todd Carlson (Tigers) – He puts the “point” in point forward. Great job recruiting Jerry and Slim so he could stay away from the paint and lead the league in assists

Defensive POY – Micah Witri (Monstars) – I like to try and spread the wealth with these awards, but how can I give it to anybody but Micah? 3 steals a game, 3 blocks a game, nearly 10 defensive rebounds a game. He made it very tough to score in the paint

All- Defense
Micah Witri (Monstars) – See above
Jim “J-Cole” Coleman (Tigers) – J-Cole made life awfully difficult for opposing backcourts. One of the best in the league at forcing turnovers and converting them to points on the fastbreak
Sara Doherty/Dave Celli (WATRBs) – Eiffel Towering people on and off the basketball court, this cute couple held Reddick to his worst game of the season. Quick hands and feet make them tough to get by
Lee Stoiser (Ewoks) – Granted many of them have come against girls but Lee leads the league in blocks and his presence on the undersized Ewoks completely changed that team

Offensive POY – “Apolo” Swecker (Monstars) – I don’t think there is anybody in the league get score in as many ways as Apolo. Certainly nobody creates better off the dribble, and when you combine it with a real good jump shot and an even better upfake he’s awfully difficult to stop. Rare combination of length, quickness and alcohol tolerance

“Apolo” Swecker (Monstars) 
– See Above
“Captain” Morgan (Tigers) – It’s a shame to see her season end early. She can score anywhere from within 18 feet whether she is facing the basket or has her back to it
Mike Reddick (DL Black) – Best combination of beast in the post and sniper you will find in the co-ed ranks.
Dave Grubb (DL Green) – Nothing says “offense” like a guy who puts up 89 threes in 8 games. That, and he scored 43% of DL Green’s points in the games he played this season
“Slim” Jim Henderer – Gotta love a guy who stands about 6’5”, is 5th in the league in points, 3rd in rebounds, and still finds time to put up a little more than 4 threes per game

Captain of the Year – Danielle Angelillo – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses
This team won three games when not a lot of people were giving them a chance. Danielle not only did a great job of putting a winning team on the floor, but she also kept them in line, yelling at Celli and Sara anytime they showed any kind of affection inside the gym, and she worked D-Mac masterfully, mouthing off during games, and then apologizing afterwards. Didn’t hurt that she made me a little Valentine and gave D-Mac and me both blowpops…minds out of the gutter people.
Runner Up – P-Mills (DL Green) on sheer determination

The All Jack-hole Team – This is for the fellas that block girls, steal from girls (especially in blowouts), whine too much and live to get on people’s nerves

Zacque “Captain America” Donnelly Krall – The chief Jack hole. C.A. is such a good Jack-hole that I considered not putting him on the team just because he wanted it so bad. Between the red white and blue headband, the trash talk, the baby powder and the bold guarantees on the message board, this kid lives to be hated. If he was better at basketball he’d easily lead the league in blocks on girls, but he doesn’t have the size or the hops. He tried his best though to be the best Zach-hole he can be, so he is leading Jack-hole on the All-Jack-hole team
“Apolo” Swecker – The easiest way to be known as a jackhole is blocking girls when leading big in games. Picking girls pockets in similar situation is equally frowned upon…so is shooting a deep 3 at the buzzer when you’re up 30, and even Captain America is trying to run out the clock.
Lee Stoiser – On one hand, most of Lee’s jack-hole blocks when the team was losing, but I don’t think anybody had more blocks on girls than him. Gotta make a name somehow!
Mike Reddick – This is as much for being obnoxious on the message boards as it is for anything he does during the game. Mike is the complete Jack-hole package, and he’s proud of it. One of the many reasons I love the kid
Tommy “RoY” Kahana – You knew he had to make it in the awards somewhere. You’re all going to hate me for including him, but the fact is, that I don’t even think Captain America was as hated at RoY. He’s cocky, arrogant, and he just won’t go away. Sounds like a jack-hole to me.

All-Hustle Team
Ebon Kim (Ewoks)
 – Nobody worked harder than the Ebonator. Diving for loose balls, throwing himself on the floor, and always bouncing back with a smile on his face. This kid absolutely worked his tail off.
Erika Mullin (Ewoks) – Erika was fearless on the court. It didn’t matter whether she was trying to grab a rebound from Reddick or a loose ball from Swecker. She backed down from nobody.
Jerry Botelho (Tigers) – Jerry was just fun to watch. He would go in there, grab 37 offensive rebounds, miss a bunch of put backs, take himself out, lie on his back and stare at the ceiling in dismay. Though he wasn’t the scorer that he wanted to be, he was tenacious on the glass and scary to step in front of.
Robin “The Chanimal” Chan (DL Green) – I’ve played against Robin, and it’s a pain in the ass. The kid is relentless. P-Mills was lucky to have somebody that gave that efford night in and night out
Mayla Gleaton (DL Green) – I don’t think there was a more intense person in the league regardless of gender. This girl left it all out on the floor and she is a fiery competitor. You’ve gotta respect it. She is definitely not afraid of anybody
Pat “P-Mills” Millina (DL Green) – I know, I know, this makes six people but I would be remiss if I were to exclude any of these guys and girls. They absolutely bust their asses week in and week out. P-Mills effort was second to none…too bad his team is 5th to four other teams

The Southwest Airlines Award – Robin Chan (DL Green) 
God bless the Chanimal. He hustled his ass off, and travels so much that he has to be racking up some frequent flier miles or Marriott points or something.

The Vlade Divac Award For Best/Worst (Depending on how you look at it) Flopper – Matt Austin (DL Green) 
Granted Austin just played one game and he played it as a sub, and granted he didn’t even flop in that game, but this past Wednesday I played against Austin’s team in the East co-ed league. Call is sour grapes if you want to, because they beat us fair and square, but Austin pulled a couple of flops that prompted me to ask which Eastern European Country he just got his dual citizenship from. In the first five minutes of the game, Austin clipped me three times running through the pain with an elbow. The third time, I hit him back with one right in the chest (he claims it was the chin). Down he went, yelling and flailing, but lucky for me Bob The Ref saw right through the act. It was the easiest look at the rim I had all night. THANK YOU MATT!!

The Lifetime Movie Of The Week Award – “Slim” Jim Henderer (Tigers)
Sorry Slim Jim, this was a lose-lose for you. I decided back around week 3 or 4 that at the end of the season I would call you a Jack-hole or a pansy. It was your call to make, and you chose the latter. Slim Jim didn’t want to be a jack-hole and only blocked girls when it was a close game and absolutely necessary. Otherwise, Slim Jim refused to be like Micah, Swecker, Lee and the other girl-blocking goons, so he let the ladies have their shots and made it clear to me that he is absolutely not a jack-hole.

The Ike Turner Award for Most Likely To Bruise A Member Of The Opposite Sex – Danielle Angelillo (WATRBs) 
She really is a sweetheart off the court, but on it…watch out. Apolo has the cut lip to prove it from last week. If you’re unfortunate enough to run into one of her screens without a teammate warning you, it WILL hurt.
Honorable Mention to Erika Mullin (Ewoks) – Those rugby habits are tough to break!

The All D-Mac Team
G – Ebon Kim (Ewoks)
 – Nobody appreciated the Ebonators reckless fast paced style of play like D-Mac. As God is my witness I witnessed D-Mac pump his fist once after an Ebon made three. He simply loves the kid. I for one can’t blame him. Tough season for the Ewoks, but that dude is a warrior and you gotta respect him not backing down from Reddick!
G – Ebon Kim – See above
C – Ebon Kim – See above
F – Ebon Kim – See above
F – Ebon Kim – See above

And lastly…the All-Duyon team – regardless of wins, losses and stats, these are the people who embodied the true spirit of Co-ed West…having fun, playing ball and drinking beers
Ivy Bernier (Monstars) – Ivy is one of the few girls that we’ve been able to count on week in and week out on the court and at the bar. Not to mention, the Monstars t shirts are pretty boss. That’s a great teammate.
TJ White (Monstars) – From day one he’s been having fun on the boards, at the bar and of course on the court. He talks trash to you, then makes you laugh. This league would have been significantly less fun without him
Liz Brault (DL Green) – She hustles her ass off on the court, brings baked goods and makes fun of me for drinking light beer. Liz is the shit.
Danielle Angelillo (WATRBs) – I use to be terrified of Danielle…now I’m only still a little bit scared. In all seriousness, Danielle sets vicious picks, but she’s actually a sweetheart. She brought me a Valentine on Valentine’s Day because my girlfriend lives three hours away, and always has something funny to say. Danielle IS co-ed basketball
Todd Carlson (Tigers) – Todd is one of funniest guys in the league, whether he shows it on the boards, in an email or with a witty remark on the sidelines. Finally got him out to the bar past 9:00 last Monday. A+ work out of Mr. Carlson

It has been a terrific season and I’ve had a blast watching you play, drinking with you and making fun of you. Hope you’re all back next season!