Coed Fall 2012 Combined Power Rankings

This week marks the start of the Coed Madness tourney.  Francis and I decided to kick things off by working together on some insight into each of the teams that we seeded.  Check out our thoughts and then comment to tell us why we have no idea what we’re talking about when it comes to your team.

Here are the Playoff Spreadsheets:

Bracket –

Box Scores –

1.  Thunder Buddies (Co-Ed West, 7-2)

D-Will:  The Thunder Buddies have a dominant 1-2 punch that can score at will in the paint in Bouvier and Terry.  Their ladies can shoot from the outside and Burke does a great job facilitating the half-court offense.  The only 2 losses came when they were short handed and missing key players.  This team will be a tough out because they have so many weapons that you need to shut down and they also rebound very well with 2 players averaging double digit boards.  If this team gets on a roll early and Bouvier and Terry are both on their games they will be the favorite to win it all.

2. New Editions (Co-Ed East, 7-3)

Francis:  New Editions was the odds on favorite to win it all, and they have not disappointed. After a rough start with a loss to WOMS and a possible loss of league MVP Terrell Newton, NE was able to win 3 straight without Newton. Baranowski was the glue for New Editions, without him NE wouldn’t be as good as they are. Guys like Brigham and Nimblett make this team a Co-Ed version of the Miami Heat, let’s see if they can have a deep run in the tournament.

3. Weapons Of Mass Seduction (Co-Ed East, 7-2)

Francis:  WOMS had an undefeated streak throughout 2/3 of the season with Mike Gore and Corey Meurer leading the charge. The non-stop motor of Meurer can either bring WOMS back from a big deficit or help his team spread a lead even further. Gore is a top notch player who can take over a game at any given moment. The one-two punch of Meurer and Gore is enough to win games against the lower seeded teams in the tourney, but when they see squads like BOOM and possibly New Editions for the 4th time (2-1 regular season series in favor of New Editions), they will need Celli, Marino, Doherty and Mitrano to play some of their best basketball.

4. The Flat Tires (Co-Ed East, 7-2)

Francis:  One of the top 3 squads in the Co-Ed East, they land at the #4 seed in Co-Ed Madness. Led by leading scorer Tristan Mouligne (24.8 ppg), they took a big hit with the loss of big man Nick Altschuller in a freak shoulder injury. Guys like Jesse Cox and Matt Roberts have stepped their game up with the absence of their fallen teammate, and with the disappearance of Nicole Wolff, “The Professor” Loren Turner has taught a few lessons from beyond the arc. I expect this team to have a deep run into the tournament, Final 4 or bust.

5. RainDance (Co-Ed West, 6-3)
D-Will:  The Dance franchise is always in contention.  Kearney is such a threat and has the killer instinct to take over games and between all the size they have in Hags, Smith, and Dan they dominate the glass and scoring in the paint as well as protecting the rim.  Don’t leave their girls open from the outside either, Sarah has been shooting really well late in the season and can kill teams if they aren’t careful.  They’ve been to the title game before and they have the pieces to make it back again this season.

6. BOOM Shakalaka (Co-Ed West, 6-3)

D-Will:  BOOM is another franchise that just doesn’t go away.  Kari does a great job of building his team with complementary pieces.  Tristan and Ian score at will and Roberts and Cody do a great job on the glass.  Add to that 2 ladies that can play the post very well in Liz and Syd plus Kimi who has one of the best handles in the game and is a great 3-point shooter and you’ve got a very balanced team.  If they are going to make a run Tristan and Ian will need to have their jumper working and Cody will have to find a way to score around the rim.

7. Western University Dolphins(Co-Ed West, 5-4)

D-Will: This team was incredibly hot early in the season but has fallen off a bit as of late due to some attendance issues.  They’ve got a ton of talent and one of the best all around players in the league, Corbett.  Hopefully they’ll be at full strength for the Madness tournament because they have the ability to beat anyone in the league.  Especially if L-Mac and Sharkey are hitting their 3’s to complement Corbett’s shooting and Rich continues to find ways to score in the lane.

8. YouMadBro (Co-Ed East, 5-4)

Francis:  YouMadBro has some talent, Fabian Faublas is the most athletic player I’ve seen in the King Gym all season. The kid can jump out the gym and Hashim Haneef has improved in every game he’s played. Derrick Chery’s squad has some kinks to work out and they will face a tough opponent in #9 Smokin’ Trees, Strokin’ Threes. Despite their 2-7, Nimblett and Forlizzi can fill it up in a hurry and don’t plan on being out of the tournament early. They will have their hands full with Bob “The Bully” Haas down low and I expect this to big the Game of the 1st Round.

9.  Smokin’ Trees and Strokin’ Threes (Co-Ed West, 2-7)

D-Will:  I’m so biased towards this squad, some of my favorite people in all of Coed play on this team.  I want them to win so badly, they have a ton of talent but just haven’t been able to put it all together.  They’ve had plenty of games that the first half they would be playing incredible basketball but then couldn’t close out the game, or do the opposite but they’d already built up too much of a deficit to come back.  But teams shouldn’t sleep on them, they won’t be an easy out and can make some noise in this tourney.  If Forlizzi and Nibs get the 3-ball to go early and often then this team will put the top ranked squads on upset watch.  Steph will have her team ready and motivated.

10. Too Legit To Quit (Co-Ed East, 3-6)

Francis:  TLTQ is another squad that can sneak into the 2nd round going up against a team that made it to the Final Four last season in Western U. A new squad to the Co-Ed ranks TLTQ, Lisa Chartier will need her male counterparts to do better than the sub-10 points per game averages in order to make a legitimate run at a Co-Ed East title. If they can figure out a way to knock off Western U., TLTQ will then have New Editions to face in the second round.

11. Pumped Up Kicks (Co-Ed East, 2-7)

Francis: Pumped Up Kicks on paper looks like a team that should be in the top 5. With Xavier Holland, Rip Rohman and Christina Daniels, I believed PUK would be fighting for the regular season Co-Ed East title. Instead they dropped 7 out of 9 games and a horrid record has them at the #11 seed. Another sleeper team in my book can shock the hell out of BOOM if they come out firing on all cylinders. Don’t let the seed and the record fool you, PUK will make you work for a victory for all 44 minutes.

12.  Monstars(Co-Ed West, 1-8)

D-Will:  If this were a drinking tournament, the Monstars would be the #1 seed hands down.  I know because I made the “mistake” of joining them for post game drinks after covering their game last season and before I knew it I was taking Jameson shots on a Monday night when I had to be up at 6 am the next day.  But this is a basketball tournament, and this team has had a tough go this season.  They lost Tommy and have had a hard time replacing what he brought to the table.  Swecker can do it all, but he could use a little more help on the offensive end.  If TJ can shoot like he did last week and Henny keeps finishing those tough lay-ups she’s made her specialty they could get out of the first round.

13. Above The Rim Jobs (Co-Ed East, 1-8)

Francis:  Above The Rim Jobs had a very tough season, dropping 8 games out of 9. One thing they could be proud about is that their sole victory is against the #2 seed in the tournament, proving that anything is possible. Dave Boll is their top scorer and if they are at full strength, the offense will have to go through him if they want a shot at beating #4 seeded The Flat Tires. Transition defense has been a problem for them all season and TFT are one of the quickest squads in the league. I think they will be one and done, let’s see if they can prove me wrong.


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