Coed West Fall 2012 Preview

Coed CACers,

D-Will here, your jolly coed scribe.  It’s a glorious time of the year, what time of the year is it you ask?  Well it’s time for the Fall CAC Season to kick-off.   I can’t even put into words my excitement, but I can tell you this.  I was starting to develop a bit of a twitch because I couldn’t satisfy my addition to CAC basketball.  Looking forward to covering the West again this year.

The West looks to be loaded, a lot of talent will be filling the King School’s gym.  A lot of returning players, some people moving over from another division, and a big name coming back after missing a season.  With how stacked this division is the 1st place team might barely be above .500.  Here’s my preseason preview/power rankings:

  1. Thunder Buddies – They finished the last season as the #1 overall Coed squad and in 1st place in the West.  They’re returning their whole roster and importantly a healthy Bouvier(at least I’m assuming as much according to their listed roster).  The combination of Bouvier and Henderson on offense will make it tough for opposing team’s to get stops.  And if you do happen to slow them down, Burke, Beaton, and EJ can all shoot at a high clip from the outside.  This team should be incredibly good and vie for a Coed title again this season.
  2. RainDance – This team finally suffered their first regular season loss last season, they are always in contention.  They’re returning their full roster and bringing back Ibrahim, a staple from their 2 undefeated squads.  He is a monster and gives them an even stronger inside presence to add to the shooting of Kearney, Sarah, and Britt.  This team will be good and should control the glass resulting in a lot of second chance points.
  3. BOOM Shakalaka – Yet another incredibly talented team, one that has good size from both genders and an outside presence.  According to Kari their rookie is going to be incredibly good and they still have Ian, one of the best players in all of Coed to help their offense.  The ladies are no slouches either, Kimi is an amazing ball-handler, passer, and shooter and Syd and Liz both play incredibly well down-low.  They’ll be strong on both ends of the floor and could very well finish #1 in this division.
  4. Western University Dolphins – A team with Corbett is never out of contention, he’s the closest thing in this division to being unstoppable with his ability to get to the basket and shoot from anywhere on the floor.  Add to that Sharkey, a guy who’s proven he can take over when Corbett got hurt, and L-Mac shooting from the outside and you’ve got a very good team.  This division is just so deep that it’s going to be hard for them to garner a record over .500 but I will never count them out.
  5. Smokin’ Trees and Strokin’ 3s – JLAI coming back in slightly new form.  They are suffering a big loss in Kelsey not being around this season but they added Bob the Bully to give them more size down low and should still be a solid squad with Nibs, Steph, and Forlizzi shooting the ball and Nate and Bob gobbling up rebounds.  I see them potentially struggling a bit though with the new additions early in the season, trying to get everyone acclimated. But this team has a high basketball IQ and will move the ball well, they will be a tough matchup for every team in this division and despite being ranked 5th will not be an easy win ever.  Them being ranked 5th is just a testament to the strength of all 6 teams.
  6. Monstars – TJ and Co probably think I hate them, but I just can’t rank them higher with the strength of this division.  If Reddick is actually back this team probably moves up to the 3 or 4 spot.  The combination of he and Swecker gives this squad a great inside-outside game on both ends of the floor.  I just don’t know if he’ll be around, which severely hurts this squad since Tommy and Lewis aren’t back this season.  They do have a lot of talent and one of the best all-around players in Swecker, a perennial MVP candidate.   I hope they prove me wrong and finish in the top half of the West, but for now this is where they sit.

Award Candidates:

Male MVP Candidates – Kevin Swecker, Ibrahim Toukan, Mike Kearney, Matt Forlizzi, Ian Sugel, Matt Bouvier, Terry Henderson, Mike Reddick, Gary Corbett

Female MVP Candidates – Lauren McNamara, Steph Baran, Lauren Kelly, Sydney Fasulo, Kaitlyn Hennigan

Male DPOY – Kevin Swecker, Mike Hagerty, Nate Brigham, Yasu Shirasaki

Female DPOY – Liz Bowen, Erin Johnson, Mo Rafferty, Steph Baran

Don’t worry everyone, there will be a lot more awards at the end of the season, more funny, superlative type awards as well as your standards.  I’m wishing everyone a great season and anticipating TJ, Swecker, Kari, and The Minotaur to start flaming my rankings right away.