Coed West Spring 2012 End of Season Awards

Coed West Ballers,

The Summer 2012 Coed West season has come and gone in a flash.  We had a lot of highlights, and a lot of lowlights like that time that Tristan broke the fan when it was 110 degrees in the gym.  Thanks again buddy.  All in all there was a lot of competition and you helped facilitate the growth and strengthening of the CAC Coed ranks.  I’d like to thank all of you for keeping me entertained whether it be on the message boards, watching your games, or at the bar grabbing a beer(or a Jameson shot in the case of the Monstars).

My gift of appreciation to you is your year-end awards.  Without any further introduction I give to you your Summer 2012 Coed West Awards:

Male MVP – Gary Corbett(Western University Dolphins)

Gary led the league in points per game at 36, approximately 12 more than the next closest player.  Was also #1 in rebounds, 3’s per game, also finishing in the top 10 in nearly every other category.  The offense went through Corbett on a 3rd place team that upset BOOM and barely lost to Thunder Buddies.  He scored 51 points in a single game on only 15 FG’s.  I normally have a hard time giving an MVP award to a guy who only played 6 games, but he was so far ahead of everyone statistically and by far the most important player top to bottom to his team.

Runner Ups:  Ian Sugel(BOOM), Kevin Swecker(Monstars), Mike Kearney(Sun Dance), Terry Henderson(Thunder Buddies)

Female MVP – Kelsey Simonds(Just Look At It)

Kelsey was the only female in the league to be able to crack the top 20 on the Player Rater and did so with a big help from her very efficient scoring.  When Kelsey was in the game JLAI was able to use an inside out approach to get their shooters open looks or to allow her to go to work on the block.  She drew the defense and set up the rest of her squad.  She rebounds well and plays great defense locking down many of the other ladies in the league.

Runner Ups:  Christina Daniels(ToonSquad), Lauren McNamara(Western U.), Meghan Stetson(BOOM), Kaitlyn Hennigan(Monstars), Amy Beaton(Thunder Buddies)

Male Rookie of the Year – Matt Bouvier(Thunder Buddies)

Matt at one point was in contention for the MVP award, barely winning an epic battle against eventual MVP Gary Corbett’s squad Western U.  He took the league by storm and dominated on the offensive end with both his jumper and with great ability to finish at the rim.  On the other end he rebounded well, played very good defense against multiple positions and ran the floor well.

Runner Ups:  Chris Burke(Thunder Buddies), Robert Powell(BOOM), Tommy Beaton(Monstars)

Female Rookie of the Year – Amy Beaton(Thunder Buddies)

Every time Amy touched the ball someone yelled “Shooter” and they were right.  She hit a lot of big shots and finished the season shooting 40% from behind the arc which isn’t easy to do when she was usually one of the shortest players on the court.  Her biggest moment this season was in the week 8 rematch against BOOM in which she all but clinched a victory for her squad by hitting 3 late triples and a couple of FT’s to keep the game out of reach.  She also showed she is a very capable passer and fit her teams style well.

Runner Up:  Ana Noe(Sun Danc)

Male Defensive Player of the Year – Mike Hagerty(Sun Dance)

Mike’s not necessarily the best one on one defender but he makes up with it for a knack to use his length to block shots that no one belongs getting to.  When he wasn’t blocking shots he was altering a players path to the basket forcing a tough shot then gobbling up the rebound.

Runner Ups:  Kevin Swecker(Monstars), Robert Powell(BOOM), Gary Corbett(Western U)

Female Defensive Player of the Year – Mo Sharkey(Western U)

Mo had a few big blocks this season as well as put herself in good places to grab steals for her team.  Many times she was forced to guard girls much taller than herself and was able to contain them well.  I had a few wow moments in the game they had against JLAI on plays that she made defensively that sold me on her defensive abilities.

Runner Ups:  Steph Baran(JLAI), Kelsey Simonds(JLAI), Liz Bowen(BOOM)

All-First Team – Male

G – Mike Kearney(Sun Dance)
G – Ian Sugel(BOOM)
F – Kevin Swecker(Monstars)
F – Gary Corbett(Western U.)
F – Terry Henderson(Thunder Buddies)

All-First Team – Female
G – Lauren McNamara(Western U)
G – Amy Beaton(Thunder Buddies)
G – Meghan Stetson(BOOM)
F – Christina Daniels(ToonSquad)
F – Kelsey Simonds(JLAI)

All-Second Team – Male
G – Robert Powell(BOOM)
G – Matt Forlizzi(JLAI)
G – Brian Sharkey(Western U)
F – Nate Brigham(JLAI)
F – Matt Bouvier(Thunder Buddies)

All-Second Team – Female
G – Steph Baran(JLAI)
G – Kaitlyn Hennigan(Monstars)
F – Laura Jasinski(Thunder Buddies)
F – Liz Bowen(BOOM)
F – Sydney Fasulo(BOOM)

Just a little background on my thought process.  I tried to put together based on position, considering what would happen if all 5 players were to actually have to play a game and consider who would play what positions and how they would fit.  For example you could make the argument that Nate or Matt belong on the 1st team but I might’ve had to swap out a guard and then had 4 forwards.

I know there are some snubs:  Matt Roberts, Tommy Beaton, Chris Burke, Kyle Kolbe, Rip, Hags and Smith.  On the female side:  Kaitlin Linehan, Sarah Wood, Meg Driscoll, Erica McCrea, Erin Johnson

Now that we’ve gotten all of the normal awards out of the way, now I’m going to have a little fun.  Each award in this section will get an explanation as to what the award is all about and why the person was a fit.

All D-Will Team

This squad will be made up of 3 guys and 2 girls.  They are the players that aren’t necessarily the best player on the floor(although they may still be really good at basketball) but that just put everything on the line every time they play.  They are the people hustling for loose balls, fighting for rebounds in traffic, running the floor on every play regardless of whether or not it will benefit their stats.  Basically doing whatever it takes to win and also having fun while doing it.

Matt Austin(JLAI)
Kari Thande(BOOM)
Kyle Kolbe(Western U)
Steph Baran(JLAI)
Kaitlyn Hennigan(Monstars)

The “This guy is everywhere” award.

Similar to the All D-Will Team but this is one person who is all over the court, filling up the stat sheet in the not so sexy categories like steals, blocks, and assists.  Someone who’s just an all-around pest on both ends of the floor, mopping up loose balls turning them into points and getting their hands into passing lanes.

Tommy Beaton(Monstars) – I’ve been impressed with Tommy since day 1.  Very good athlete with serious basketball talent who maximizes his talent by outhustling everyone on the floor.  He’s shorter than most guys in this league yet still finds ways to finish tough lay-ups, disrupt passes, and find passing lanes of his own.  He had a great season and is going to give teams fits in the tournament.

The All-Chucker Team

This award is pretty self-explanatory.  This is for those players not afraid to launch a 3-ball at any time.  Luckily for them, the players on this list finished at a pretty solid shooting percentage.

Mike Kearney(Sun Dance)
Paul Nimblett(JLAI)
Gary Corbett(Western U.)
Lauren McNamara(Western U.)
Christina Daniels(ToonSquad)

Unsung Hero Award – Male

This award goes out to the guy who his team didn’t call upon to score or be a centerpoint offensively.  Who wasn’t brought in to do the flashy, glorious things that everyone loves and that get you on SportsCenter.  But just went out there to give his team a spark no matter what it took to do so.

Matty Austin(JLAI) – Matty embraces his role as the 4th man on his squad.  He comes off the bench and gladly does whatever his team asks of him.  He’ll guard players who are way bigger than him and relish the challenge, somehow securing a steal or a block.  He fights for boards, fearlessly cuts to the basket to help keep his teams offense moving, and runs the floor hard.  He is a perfect fit for JLAI.

Unsung Hero – Female

Same specifications as the Male award.

Erin Johnson(Thunder Buddies) – It seems weird to pick her for this award, knowing how she has been a focal point for teams in the past and is very capable of doing that.  But this season she did a little of everything for her team and helped facilitate the rest of the talent around her.  Always grabbing a big steal, hitting a big 3, or finding a cutting teammate to the basket in a tight spot.  Does everything well and is very unselfish.

GM of the Year

Pretty simple, the person who was able to go out and build their squad and make adjustments throughout the season.

Kari Thande(BOOM) – This award goes to Kari mostly because I got about 100 emails and had 50 different conversations with him about his potential roster moves then the ones that became official.  He moved so many pieces around this season and made so many adjustments but was able to still guide his team to a 7-2 record on the season.

Best Teammate Award

I have never thought about this award until recently.  This one is going out to the player who always made sure his/her teammates stats were correct.  Great pass teammate 1, great steal teammate 2, great rebound teammate 3 were just a few of his/her favorite phrases.  I appreciate this person because he/she made my job so much easier.

Matt “The Minotaur” Roberts(BOOM) – Your teammates definitely owe you a few beers buddy, I know for a fact that Stets and Kari’s assist totals are much higher than they would’ve been if it weren’t for him.  I knew I could look down and take notes when he was playing because he would say loudly who did what for his team.  On top of that he really is the penultimate teammate, unselfish, positive guy who does whatever it takes for his team to win.