Coed West Spring 2012 Season Preview

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First off I would like to apologize that you will no longer have Mr. Rory Duyon as your Coed West scorekeeper. You guys are stuck with me for this season, and maybe the future, since everyone’s favorite scribe Rory has decided it was time to make a career move and location move. I have some big shoes to fill and I will do my best to live up to the standards he has set.

A couple of things about what to expect from me:

– You will get stats posted that evening, even if I head to grab a post-game beverage I will still make sure to post them before I go to bed.
– I will post all of the write-ups at once, 4 games takes a while but my goal will always be to get them done and posted within 24 hours. Occasionally it might take 48 hours, but I will do my best to prevent that from happening.
– I will make fun of you in the write-ups, feel free to poke fun right back. A lot of you have seen my play, so just take solace in even though I may have called you out for a screw-up, you’re probably still 10 times the player I’ll ever be and I just hide behind my keyboard.
– I will probably give you some dumb nickname if you don’t already have one, if you feel it’s inappropriate feel free to bring it to my attention, maybe I’ll change it.

Alright, got the administrative stuff out of the way. Now it’s on to the fun stuff, the Preseason Power Rankings. I’ve seen the rosters for all of the teams, and wow there is some serious talent. There’s a few names that I don’t recognize, but from looking at their player profiles or hearing through the grapevine the talent is through the roof. This will probably go down in history as the most talented, toughest division in Coed history. Without further ado, I give you your Spring 2012 Coed West Preseason Power Rankings:

1. Sundance(formerly Rain/Snowdance) – They have an incredible pedigree in the regular season thus far in their 2 seasons, amassing an 18-0 record. They made it to the Final Four 2 seasons ago and lost by 1 in OT vs. Sexy and I Know It in the W12 Coed Unification Game. This team is solid top to bottom, led by Kearney and anchored by a lot of size down low and solid female ball handlers/shooters. They are losing one of the best players in all of coed, Ibrahim, because he is moving to DC. A very tough loss since he was a matchup nightmare. However, he missed the Final 2 games of the playoffs this past season and they were still one basket away from winning the title. Don’t rule out Kearney and Co.

2. Just Look At It – Coed champ from 3 seasons ago has decided to make it’s return. The brainchild of Coed Legend Jane Stockton has brought her title winning squad back to Mondays to contend for another title. This team has a lot of offensive firepower with 2 of the best female post players that CAC has ever seen in Meg and Kelsey. Add to that the sniping ability of Forthrizzi and Nibs the Balla as well as Nate Doggs uncanny ability to grab every rebound in sight and find the open man for easy baskets and you’ve got a complete team. They’re no slouches on the defensive end either, this team should make some serious noise in the Coed Madness Tournament.

3. Bada Bing, Bada BOOM – Talk about reloading, this team lost Kimi, Tim, and Yasu, 3 very good players and filled their slots with Sydney, Stets, Roberts, and Tristan. No offense to the original members of this team, but I think that’s quite the upgrade. They added 2 very good post players, a couple of shooters and one of the best all around players in Tristan. Tim and Yasu brought the ability to defend most positions well, Tristan also has that ability, but add to that his ability to take over a game offensively and his killer instinct and that spells trouble for other teams. Should give Kari and Ian more space on the perimeter to work and more open looks for everyone. Very solid team and I could see them moving up to the #1 spot after a few weeks. Well this is where it gets really hard:

4. Thunder Buddies 4 Life – So I only know a couple of names on this squad, EJ and Harvey are two very good players but the biggest attribute this team has is they will have one of the best players in all of coed. Terry Henderson is a former Coed champion and is known as the man who cursed Tibbs. He will come in and be a top guy and has the ability to be a one man wrecking crew. Looking at a couple of the other guys on this team and it seems as though they’ve put up solid numbers in different leagues. From a sheer numbers standpoint, this team could arguably be ranked #1 on this list, however without having seen them play and the growing pains that come with having an all new team and playing in a new dynamic(coed) hurt their rank in my eyes. I might be singing a different tune in a few weeks, but for now this is where they sit.

5. Western University Dolphins – This team ran through a very weak South division last season(I mean it had to be weak if I played in it). They have a very good squad all around with two of the best players in the league for their respective genders(Corbett and L-Mac). However, I don’t think they are as deep as some of the teams above them. If Corbett is hot and drawing a lot of attention that will give space for Sharkey, L-Mac, and Kolbe to get open shots and they can definitely hit their open looks regularly. But as was proven in the playoffs, if any of their players is off then they’ll have a tough time winning games against deeper teams. Very good squad but in this talented division they’ll finish right around .500.

6. Monstars – I know this is going to piss off Reddick and that TJ and Swecker will have something to say on the boards. But similar to Western U., the Monstars just aren’t as deep as some of the teams in front of them. They may not win 7 or 8 games this season, but this team will not get blown out. Reddick and Swecker can score with best of them, and they have size and can defend multiple positions. Add to that Rev Rips crazy athleticism and they’ll never be out of a game, I just think they’ll fall a bit short against some teams. Or, maybe I’m just saying that because I want to see a very motivated Reddick tear teams apart. I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with teams 4-6, I honestly might’ve flip flopped all of them if it was a different day depending on what I was thinking, I fully expect those teams to move around these power rankings regularly.

7. ToonSquad – You’ve got the returning PR champion, as well as the Female MVP from last season in the West. Add to that a solid point guard who does it all in Carlos and you’ve got a good squad. Hayes can hit that mid-range jumper all day and if BigRo gets hot from deep this team will score. But they are looking up at a lot of talent and could be in for a long season. If Gael and Christine play like they did last season Carlos could be the X Factor, he can shoot well, handles the ball well and brings energy to this squad to help complement Gael. They have the ability to upset some teams, I just don’t see them doing that every week.

8. Above the Rim Jobs – This team has an uncanny ability to make very good teams play an ATRJ style of basketball. This team prefers to play a little bit slower style of basketball and are typically in lower scoring games. They’ve added Dave Celli, a good all around player who doesn’t make many mistakes and adds value in many categories. But with the players some of the other teams has added I don’t know if he’ll be enough. Those hamstrings can only carry ATRJ so far. This team will win a couple of games, and will upset a team high on this list. But I don’t see them finishing any higher than 6th in the standings.

Preseason Awards Favorites:

MVP(Male) – Tristan Mouligne(bada bing, bada BOOM), Gary Corbett(Western U.), Mike Kearney(Sundance)

MVP(Female) – Lauren McNamara(Western U.), Christine Daniels(ToonSquad), Kelsey Simonds(Just Look At It)

DPOY(Male) – Nate Brigham(Just Look At It), Gael Frouin(ToonSquad), Kevin Swecker(Monstars)

DPOY(Female) – Sydney Fasulo(bada bing, bada BOOM), Liz Bowen(bada bing, bada BOOM), Steph Baran(Just Look At It)

I will be giving out many more awards, but most of the other awards are much tougher to predict such as ROY, Most Fashionable, Best Kicks, All-DWill team, etc…. I’m looking forward to a fun season with all of you, I expect that we’ll see some good games and competition and that this will be a fun league to play in. I highly encourage you to jump on the boards and post. I will be putting up game lines prior to each week’s matchups as well as doing power rankings occasionally and putting up miscellaneous polls. My favorite part about this league is the message board banter and I hope that you guys help get that going.