Great week one everybody. It was fun to get a look at the new teams, see what kind of progress the returning teams have made and start prognosticating! It’s not that I was slow getting to my pre season awards. I couldn’t really do pre season awards, because I didn’t know a majority of the players in the league. Now that I’ve got a look…albeit a limited sample, but still a look at what you’re all bringing to the table, I present my pre-season teams. Power rankings and next weeks game lines to follow…

Women’s Pre Season 1st Team (Early nominees for F-MVP)
F – Jessica Morgan – Bulletproof Tigers – Early front runner from F-MVP. Tough matchup for the ladies of Coed West
F – Luana Botelho – Bulletproof Tigers – Strong in the post and knows how to get to the line
C – Danielle Angelillo – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses – Not afraid to mess up your “pretty little face”
G – Sara Doherty – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses – Might average 8-10 assists per game if her teammates can hit layups
G – Alleigh Mare – Monstars – Probably the best female three point gunner in the league

Women’s Pre Season 2nd team
F – Aniela Liesman – Dizzy Llamas Black – Struggled to finish in week one, but those will start falling. This girl filled the stat sheet
F – CC Cassara – Dizzy Llamasa Black – Strong showing in week one with 6 points, a couple of steals and tons of hustle.
C – Kendra Keegan – Monstars – Nice to me even after I pulled a JZuk a slipped her an extra foul…JZuk doesn’t slip extra fouls though…
G – Stefany Almendinger – Dizzy Llamas Green – Very impressed by her four offensive boards in week 1
G – Caitlin Higgins – Wicket Smaht Ewoks – Solid week one showing. She has a nose for the ball

Men’s Pre Season 1st Team
F – Mike Reddick – Dizzy Llamas Black – MVP of the spring 2010 coed league for Game…Blouses. Looking for more hardware
F – Kevin Swecker – Monstars – League high scorer in week one. Big and knows how to get to the bucket
C – James Henderer – Bulletproof Tigers – He’s got all the size in the world. If the 3s start dropping, watch out
G – Dave Grubb – Dizzy Llamas Green – Maybe the top pure shooter in the league. Needs to be consistent
G – Dave Celli – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses – He’s still not as good as Chris Boll

Men’s Pre Season 2nd Team
F – Aron Kaufman – Wicket Smaht Ewoks – The Ewoks will need a lot out of Kaufman to compete with the best teams in this league
F – Phil Putis – Dizzy Llamas Black – Great complimentary piece to Reddick. Nose for the ball, great rebounder for his size
C – Chris Angelillo (Boozer) – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses – Force in the middle with the ability to knock down the J
G – Ben Sloan – Bulletproof Tigers – Won’t put up gaudy numbers, but quietly he’s one of the strongest backcourt men in the league
G – Ebon Kim – Wicket Smaht Ewoks – I know the hustle will continue to be there all season…hopefully the 3-pointer will be too

Pre Season All Jackhole Team – Popularize by BFab for all the big guys that have no problem blocking girls and complaining to D-Mac. This one’s for you…
James Henderer – Bulletproof Tigers – Had a couple of big blocks on Monstar females in week one. Its okay Slim Jim…embrace it.
Mike Reddick – Dizzy Llamas Black – Still in the Jackhole sin-bin for using the last name of a Dukie and for his monster block on Allie Greer in the last minute of a blow out win two summers ago in the Llama league
Jon Scrafford – Dizzy Llamas Green – I suppose you have to cut him some slack considering the situation, but last week’s monster block of a girl in the final minute couldn’t go ignored…plus I’m short on nominees…
Pat Millina – Dizzy Llamas Green – A staple on this list from the JZuk/BFab regime. Shuffling the rosters and politicking with the refs. We love ya P-Mills
Dave Celli – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses – …just because

Ok, so technically they are “pre” season, but this is the best I could do. There will be other awards recognized at the end of the year as well…awards I will come up with over the next 2 and a half months based on the hilarious and ridiculous things you all do on the court and say on the boards.

1. Bulletproof Tigers – This team looks like the whole package. Very strong in the front court. If Jim Coleman’s threes start to fall this will be a tough team to beat. There seems to be parity in this league, so with two matchups against four of the five other teams in the league I don’t see them running the table, but they might be the best equipped team to win it all
2. Weapons Above The Rim Blouses – Celli and Sara seem to be a good fit for this team. They have the best chemistry in the league but do they have the personnel to match up with the Tigers? We’ll find out Monday!
3. Dizzy Llamas Black – Mike Reddick almost lost Phil Putis this week to DL Green, but apparently the rosters are staying as is. He’s a great complimentary number 2. Still Reddick is going to see a lot of double teams this season. How much weight can he carry?
4. Monstars – Kevin Swecker will be in the hunt for MVP. I believe this team was missing some players and they still stuck with the Tigers in week one. Still a bit of an enigma. I see them making the playoffs, but its tough to tell just how good they are yet
5. Wicket Smaht Ewoks – Hung with the Weapons for a half. This team will not be short on energy. They just need to find guys (or girls) to put the ball in the hoop. Ebon had to go 4 for 8 from deep to get this squad in the 30s
6. Dizzy Llamas Green – Pat Millina and Dave Grubb have their work cut out, but this team has a lot of brand new players. Give them a couple of weeks to gel and they will at the very least put up a fight

7:00 – Wicket Smaht Ewoks vs Dizzy Llamas Black (-7.5) Not sure who is going to guard Reddick. Granted, there are six people on this roster we didn’t see last week so who knows? Also to take advantage of the height the Llamas need to find somebody to get it into the post. Can Kantor do it? Teammates are still very much getting used to one another. Aron Kaufman came out with a bang in week one, but sort of faded down the stretch. Though as he faded, Andrew Leclair got stronger. Leclair vs Putis will be a fun matchup to watch. For the ladies, watch out for Aniela. Seriously this girl couldn’t hit a bucket last week, but did EVERYTHING ELSE well. Just gotta shake off the rust and those will start to fall. I like the Llamas as long as Reddick’s head isn’t already at the volleyball game he will inevitably be hustling to get to after this one.

8:00 – Monstars vs Dizzy Llamas Green (+9.5) The Llamas like to play zone and Alleigh Mare likes to make it rain. We’ll see if the Llama zone can prevent Kevin Swecker from getting to the hoop. We’ll see if Ivy and TJ show up at 6:00 this time, since showing up at 6:45 for an 8:00 game last week didn’t quite give them enough juice against the Tigers. These captains have about as much in common as Antonio Cro…oh yeah used that one twice already…about as much in common as Nate Robinson and Semih Erden. We’ll see if Millina’s intensity can inversely match TJ’s care free attitude…did that make any sense at all?

9:00 – GAME OF THE NIGHT – Weapons Above The Rim Blouses vs Bullet Proof Tigers (-1.5) Is it too early to talk championship preview? Yes…yes it is, but still these teams impressed me the most in week one. Dave Celli played out of his mind this week. 36 points combined in coed and B2. That can only mean he is due for a stinker. This game does feature four of the top girls in the league. Mrs. Boozer is one of the few girls in the league strong enough to defend Sweet Lu and Captain Morgan in the post. The x-factors to me will be the three point shooters…Chris Johanson and Jim Coleman. I’ve seen Johanson get hot…Coleman I’ve only seen once and the stat line wasn’t pretty, but the stroke was smoother than JZuk home alone on a Saturday night. If those are falling, the WATRBs will need an answer.

See you all Monday night. Have a great weekend!