Combined B2 5v5 Rankings

Saul – Tibbs Collabo

This is for those of you that don’t pay attention to the message boards (and you should! Comment on this entry here – )

So Saul and I decided that the near mid-way point of the season was as good a time as any to try and ranking all 16 teams in the B2 5v5. Sure it doesn’t actually matter, but then again, what does? We enjoy the leagues, and know you do too. Keep getting at it each week (obligatory: and get at it at Tommy Doyle’s in Kendall Square as well! Beer, Food, Ladies! Ok 2 out of 3 isn’t bad).

Saul joined the stat-keeping staff late last season and has immediately set the bar high in terms of write-up quality and turn around time. I’m shocked if I get mine posted before him, but if I do, like this morning, it’s only because I cheat and bring a laptop to the Hot Box and bang them out in real time.

I’m a little down on the East after last night’s atrocious shooting night, so let’s see how that plays out in these rankings.

Saul’s contributions are in italics (and his write-ups are here: … 113&week=4), for example, “all my teams [in the West] are pretty close — even the 0-4 team is a decent team. This is a pretty close season as far as that goes”

Next time we’re going to do this over drinks, as I get a lot more snippy and insulting with a few beers in me. Makes in more entertaining (for myself).

Group C

Little Tickets (0-4 East) – I don’t care what their record is, I’m going to continue to keep yammering on about the Tickets, easily one of the hardest working teams in the league. I swore they were going to break the 40 point barrier this past week!

The Men The Myths The Legends (0-4 West) – Based purely on 0-4, but they have the makings of a good team if they can figure out who’s going to provide the offense

Just the Tip-Offs (1-3 West) – No Ben Kaufman this season drops them from being a real contender. But if they can get more than 5 guys to show up every time, and get a little offense from someone other than Dave Shapiro, they could make the playoffs.
Silly Saul, everyone makes the playoffs in an 8 team league, its whether or not you make any noise once they start that matters.

Repo Men (2-2 East) – The record says they don’t deserve to be here but their best player is hurt and they had no size to begin with. Love this group of guys, when I’m not confusing Cintolo and ‘Brigs, but I’m afraid this is where they belong.

Upstate Connection (1-3 East) – Talent is there, results are not

Black Inside (1-3 West) – Ong and that offense looks silly good, but don’t have the D to back it up? These guys are undersized in this league. Their outside shooting is KILLER, but just about every matchup is an advantage for the other team.

Group B

Minus 1 Cuban (1-3 East) – Probably high on them still because they were my preseason #1 but have underperformed spectacularly so far (2-2 West) – These guys are all tough — they’re hanging around the middle of the rankings because they don’t have consistent offense. If they can get 15 or 18 out of 2 guys each game, they’ll be a force in the playoffs.

44 Minutes of Hell (2-2 West) – Good Start, Bad couple weeks – i know less of them than I thought; These guys will get better down the stretch. Insane that they have 3 legit 3-point threats, but that’s also their weakness. If the 3 doesn’t fall, they can’t hang.

Oxford Boys Club (3-1 West) – I love to hate on this team and this is totally my call to put them in Group C despite the 3-1 record. Saul didn’t put up that much of a fight to move them up either. Oxford Boys could jump to Group A by the end of the regular season. They just look like they haven’t played together, but they have some great individual talent.

Steamboats (2-2 East) – The Asian Invasion has 4 guys capable of scoring 20 at the drop of a hat and the token white guy, their only big, has really stepped up his game since the start of the season. I always enjoy this team, despite the fact that I’ve bet against them twice (and lost both times).

Group A

Team Basketbrawlers (2-2 East) – Both losses to the 4-0 teams in the league – really good group of new players that has infused the East with some solid talent. Sure they keep switching jersey numbers so I barely know who anyone is but they’re smart enough to keep their MVP candidate, Nick Wells, humble by doing their wash.

Big State (4-0 East) – Bunch of noobs that have yet to be really tested, but 4-0 is 4-0. Sure Greer hated on this team to start the season but that just has to add fuel to the fire. What’s that, I never said what he said? Allow me.
mgreer25: “good marketing…i mean i didnt have a tshirt before and still i got a new team of wakefield kids to sign up”
and then he had this to say about them –
@CACBasketball “couple good ballers…but nothing special, when i heard who was playing my gut told me that they might struggle”
Sure I completely cherry picked those quotes, but isn’t that my prerogative?!

603 (3-1 West) – Have the ‘been there done that’ -ness that makes only a seemingly ‘good’ team, more than that. Yup. These guys have the advantage of being able to adjust on the fly. They’re all above average, and they’ve got a great coaching staff. Also Gorynski is playing out of his gourd.

Hurricane Ditka (4-0 East) – Maybe the best 2 players across either league on this squad, with great role players, and should be the best team in either league hands down. A competitive B1 5v5 team I would imagine. However, like the rest of the East, I’m a little down on them today.

ESPN Highlight (4-0 West) – the new talent in the top group (3 of the 5 teams new) is outstanding. They’re off to a great 4-0 start, but they showed some chinks in the armor this week as Black Inside lost to them by just 1 point. They have the advantage of great defensive communication & the best offensive player in the West.

So there you have it, let us know what you think and vote in the poll or we’re never doing this again. You know you want an update after the regular season is over!