Combined Co-ed Rankings w/Tibbs & Duyon PART II

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From Worst To First, We Rank Them All

Here we are, two thirds of the way through the season and there’s been plenty of jostling for position since Tibbs and I last ranked them 24 to 1.  To illustrate for you how competitive it is, the defending champs, lost last week for the first time since the Bruins were still trying to end a 39 year drought and they dropped five spots because of it!  We’re Not Drunks Just Boozers made a big surge while That’s NAS and the Swingers have plummeted.  It seems like most of the big movement has been made on Tuesday night.  Wheels of Steel suffered a devastating blow by losing the Pegasus for the season with a busted hoof and responded by throttling Just Look At It

It’s hard to predict what will happen from week to week and with three games to play (four in the West) there’s still room for a lot of changed.  Remember, the top 8 teams based on our rankings at the end of the season will get first round byes in the playoffs. The rest of the first round will shake out like this…

16 vs 17, winner plays against 1

9 vs 24, winner plays against 8

13 vs 20, winner plays against 4

12 vs 21, winner plays against 5

14 vs 19, winner plays against 3

11 vs 22, winner plays against 6

15 vs 18, winner plays against 2

10 vs 23, winner plays against 7

In the quarter finals…

1/16/17 winner vs 8/9/24

4/13/20 winner vs 5/12/21

3/14/19 winner vs 6/11/22

2/15/18 winner vs 7/10/23

If you lost me, don’t sweat it.  There will be a full bracket when the regular season ends.

Group III: 

24.  Dizzy Llamas Black (24)
Duyon:  Lawson is a nice addition and he MIGHT get them out of the cellar in time for the playoffs, but it remains to be seen
Tibbs: At one point I had 2 teams from the South in the bottom to positions for this bracket, I’m just glad they’re out of those spots.  I’m excited for next season when Mills takes all the Genzyme cast-offs and forms ‘Dizzy Llamas Genzyme Green’.  He’s gotten 2 of the 5 teams competitive and that would go a long way to making a third squad look good.  Speaking of looking good, I like the Llama jerseys, but either have everyone on the team wear them, or rock the CAC threads! We need all the free advertising we can get.

23.  Genzyme (21)
Duyon:  Lawson’s a solid player and should be able to…hey wait a minute…damn…23 AND 24?! Ummm…keep tryin buddy!  You’re doin fine!
Tibbs:. So before BFab came along, Genzyme was the league (I use that in the broad since of the term) doormat, he comes in, wins 7 titles before disappearing into Cambridge Country and suddenly they’re a doormat again? You’re telling me there’s no one else in the Evil Empire that’s capable of taking the reigns to keep them on top of the CAC? Maybe Bflab is a Hall of Famer after all.

22.  Crunchy Ducklings (23)
Tibbs: The Ducks shocked the South when they got their first win before playing the Monstars for a second time. I look forward to ranking them too highly after they get their second win.  Gomes, who has played in all 3 games since the last ranking, really gives them a lift, but they really need to figure out their rotation issues before the playoffs to pull off an upset.
Duyon:  What’s this “second win” garbage you’re spewing, Tibbs?  It’s not going to be against the Monstars!  I can only make the first half of that game, so after I dig a nice big hole, TJ, Kaitlyn and Rip will lead the comeback!

21.  Above The Rim Jobs (18)
Tibbs: Doesn’t this team have Celli and Loren along with the usual Rim Jobber crew? How is Sweet D allowing them to go winless?  The West is strong, but not that strong (don’t worry, I don’t think the East is that strong either).  I guess she’s saving all her motivational tactics for Tuesday nights, when the stars come out to play.
Duyon:  One week they lose to DLG and then they go and hang around with The Team In First for most of the night…no, not the team REALLY in first place…just the one with the audacity to refer to themselves as such.  And yes, they do have Celli, Loren and the rest of the crew.  I’m not quite sure why it hasn’t worked better just yet. I heard a few bad apples were in the teachers lounge drinking and playing video games while their teammates were on the floor getting their heads kicked it.  Read about it in the Globe.

20.  Monstars (21)
Tibbs: Signs of life abound when Rory doesn’t show.  The ball movement has been much improved over the last couple weeks, and Rev Rip has really cut down on his 3 point attempts.  Wait, I don’t think that’s a good thing. I hope this team still rips it up at the bar, I’m stuck behind the table so wouldn’t know how that goes.  If Henni keeps being aggressive Imight be able to squint really hard and see 3 wins out of this team with that closing schedule.
Duyon: I cautioned them from day one that if they thought they were getting a Swecker replacement in me they were badly mistaken. I don’t have the jumpshot, the dashing good looks, the pop-a-shot skills or the alcohol tolerance.  We still have fun though!!

19.  Dizzy Llamas Orange (20)
Duyon:  I got my first up close and personal look at DLO in week 6 and I have to say they were surprisingly tough.  They are better than their 1-5 record.  This goes to show you just how strong the East is.  I don’t know who the 6 seed will be, but the teams in contention for that spot are DL Plai, Wheels and Pumped Up Kicks…talk about tough!  DLO is just feisty enough to scare the hell out of a higher seeded team.
Tibbs: This is why everyone is going to love the bracket format.  With the top 8 teams getting byes, the first round games are going to be absolutely FANTASTIC.  The lower seeds are going to have great chances to pull off upsets and destroy everyone’s brackets (I’ll be charging $5 to fill one out during the bye week).  Have I done enough to sell you all on this idea? It’s going to be fun, I promise!

18.  Dizzy Llamas Green (19)
Tibbs: All these DL teams are starting to blend together at this point.  Did this one add the Genzyme guys? They did, right.  They’re still only 1-4? Man, the fact that they’re going to be in this tournament means they should scare the crap out of the higher seed they play.  I know what Jakeen can do in the playoffs when motivated (one and done is all the motivation you need) so don’t sleep on these guys.
Duyon:  It’s still early, but if I were to grade the Llama “Genzyme Project” through this week, I could give it a C-.  Sure they got a win against ATRJ, but I give most of the credit to Enright and Dustin for that victory.  If you were to compare Jakeen’s gelling with his new team to a high profile Patriot WR signing, I’d say it looks more Ochocinco than Randy Moss.  I hope he turns it around, because he might be the most fun player to watch in the league when he’s on.

17.  Swingers (10)
Tibbs: Easily the best 2-4 team in all of Co-Ed! Oh wait, they lost to the ToonSquad, so I guess that doesn’t hold.  Dajuan is in the running for RoY in the South with good numbers despite missing every 1st quarter this season (6th player of the season?!) but it hasn’t translated into the win column like I thought it would.  DeGregorio is starting to come on strong and they badly need a third option (behind LKelly) to keep defenses honest.  They’ve got 3 more weeks to put it all together.
Duyon:  I haven’t seen this team in action yet, but from what I’ve heard, their record isn’t for a lack of talent.  They still have a few weeks to put it all together before it REALLY starts to matter.

Group II: Best of the Rest

16.  ToonSquad (14)
Tibbs: Only their head to head win over the Swingers is keeping them ranked ahead of them, as I think the Swingers have the potential to finish in the ‘top half’ of the first round games.  Of course, if these seeds hold, they’ll play each other in the first round.  Check out the updated brackets below, there are a ton of intriguing match-ups and paths to the Final Four.  And no, there will NOT be four teams from the East, which is as overrated as the Big East usually is.
Duyon:  All this talk about brackets, Final Four and the Big East just gave me a semi.  Three weeks until the college season gets underway!  SCREW the NBA!!  Who needs em?  My alma mater Fairfield will be playing in March.  You heard it here first…unless you’re a close friend of mine, you’ve been hearing it from me incessantly since probably about May or June.

15.  Boom Goes the DynaMIT (17)
Duyon:  This team is the only real “tweener” in the West.  The good teams are real good, the bad teams are…well…their records tell the sotry, and Boom Goes The DynaMIT is a sub .500 team is just feisty and athletic enough to make the top teams nervous.  They almost completed a great second half comeback against JLAI early in the season.  It will be interesting to see where this team ends up.
Tibbs: Stop making up words like “tweener”.  Kari is already sensitive about his height. At some point, you are what your record says you are! Another good thing about this playoff set-up? If the season ended right now, 3 teams with losing records would be guaranteed a trip to the second round, and that’s before we get to any upsets that are bound to happen.

14.  Wheels of Steel (15)
Duyon:  Who would have thought this team would lose Tristan and THEN blow out DLP?  Nibs or no Nibs, that was an impressive performance and the Wheels wouldn’t be denied.  Brad Coffee has turned out to be a great add and the Wheels just find away to keep rolling.  All this time we thought Tristan was the glue that held the team together.  ALTSCHULLER FOR MVP!!
Tibbs: Without Tristian for the rest of the way, this is as high as I can see them finishing, despite the Old Scholar getting Rory’s MVP vote.  According to my completely arbitrary stat, that no team that averages fewer than 60 points a game can win the Co-Ed title, Wheels would be in that discussion if the season ended today.  There are a total of 10 teams that are currently in that group.  Wheels aren’t even the lowest rated team, that belongs to the Swingers

13.  Pumped Up Kicks (11)
Tibbs: The offense is markedly improved over the past couple weeks (I would know, I cheer on my wife like a good husband should) and everyone looks more comfortable playing together.  However, they still only went 1-2 over that stretch because the East is so tough.  If we were doing the traditional divisional playoffs, they’d probably finish in the 6 seed.  The Big East parallels I’m going to get to draw come playoff time are getting easier and easier.
Duyon:  Tibbs, I thought the East was overrated.  Talking out of both sides of your mouth, you belong on The Sports Hub!  Naaaah, you at least form sentences, so I guess you wouldn’t fit in there.  Seems like when Xavier brings his A-game they can hang with just about anybody.

12.  Dizzy Llamas Plaid (9)
Tibbs: What to make of this team?  Since leading by 16 at the break against WoMS, they’ve been outscored by 45 points in the last 66 minutes of action.  What happened to the automatic title from JLAI-East?
Duyon:  I think I can answer that question.  No doubt Lauren Kelly is a great addition, but without Kelsey and Meg they can’t create the same mismatches that JLAI can.  That and they’re missing the pillar of awesomeness that is my 2v2 partner Jane Stockton and her performance enhancing Gatorades.

11.  We’re Not Drunks, Just BOOZERS (16)
Tibbs: A few weeks ago, I said this was the best team Danielle has put together, and they’re really starting to gel.  They have an absolutely brutal schedule the rest of the way, but if Loren can find that happy medium between ‘drunk’ and ‘buzzed enough to hit 7 of 13 3s’ this squad has a great shot to be our Cinderella in this tournament. Despite all the haters, Chris Boll and his 60 PR are a a big reason the BOOZERS are fighting for a seed in the top half of the combined rankings.
Duyon:  There have been so many combinations of Boozer/Sweet D/Johnson/D-Boll teams, but it seemd like they foung the one that works the best!  Add C-Boll and Loren and you’ve got a scary looking team.  Sweet D is the proud owner of the Jackhole tag for the week.  We’ll see what she does with it next Tuesday!

10.  That’s NAS (6)
Tibbs: How can a team with the front-runners for both MVP awards be on the cusp of a 3 game losing streak? I blame Celli’s stance against bunnies. I bet he authorized the all the tranquilizer guns in Ohio hidden this past week. He’s such a jerk like that.  I somehow forgot to mention KNev’s biggest contribution to the season so far, pointing out that I resemble buddy the elf in my blue elementary school chair. You’d think there were non-elf sized children in Somerville, but apparently not.
Duyon:  Boy did this team come to a sputtering halt in a real hurry!  I know Reddick wasn’t around for the first loss, but it was against the 22nd ranked team in co-ed!!  How could Kevin Neville possibly let that happen!?!?  That’s like making double bogey on a playoff hole in the Dirt Dawg Invitational to lose the tournament to me and my partner.  Kevin would NEVER let that happen…oh wait

9.  The Team In First Place (12)
Duyon:  We’re five weeks into the season and this is one of four teams with three losses COMBINED.  Finally we get to see the top teams go head to head in the next couple of weeks.  Slim Jim is still my MVP favorite, but by an awfully narrow margin.  This team is fun to watch.  I get excited every time B-Dome knocks down a three and yells out, “Let’s go Rory!”  It’s only happened once, but it was exhilarating.
Tibbs:  I’ve got nothing on these guys, except that Slim Jim’s stats have been awesome so far this season, keep it up big guy!  In only 5 more games he’ll be back on the Co-Ed 5v5 All-Time Stats Page.  That’s a fun read

Group I: Teams on the BYE

8.  Child Please (4)
Duyon:  I’ve seen just about everybody on this team play, but I’ve never seen all of them play together.  The individual pieces look to me like possibly the best team in co-ed, but the results have certainly not met that potential.  If they do, this is a contender. The fact that they are currently the 8 seed tells me there are NO easy roads to the finals.
Tibbs: Yikes, that makes for a tough quarterfinal game for whichever team is lucky enough to survive this season unblemished and grab the #1 seed.  Assuming the 8 seed can get there of course.  This bracket looks absolutely loaded, when did Co-Ed get so many good teams?! I like this ranking better, with Reddick’s teams at 8 or worse rather than 2 in the top 6.

7.  Premature Shooters (13)
Tibbs: All the Shooters have done since our last poll is go 3-0 with 2 of their wins against the #3 and #4 ranked teams in their division and they just barely crack the bye group.  Their ladies really are the deepest crew in the league.  Clearly Rory doesn’t believe in them like I do! This team is playing extremely well right now, and I don’t see any reason why they can’t finish 8-1 and make a great case for a top 4 overall seed.  Their schedule is a bit weaker than some of the other top teams so a loss will really hurt them.
Duyon:  Hey now, I like this team a lot!  There are at least 8-10 REALLY good teams in co-ed and this one is among the best of them.  I was one of the first to believe in their potential when they were Kiss Our Passes last season!  Now me and the Monstars have to find a way to stick with them on Tuesday night…yeah…that should be fun.

6.  Just Look At It (1)
Duyon:  Falling five spots with one loss seems a little harsh, but it speaks to the balance of the talent in the leagues.  Raindance is unbeaten and having just ended the streak (and beating JLAI in two of three all time matchups), WUD had to go ahead of them as well.  Too many good teams to put three from the West in the top 5.  I think I can kiss my invite to the team’s Sunday Football Feast goodbye!  Blame Tibbs.
Tibbs: I couldn’t put 3 West teams in my top 5, even if they do ‘belong’ there at this point.  If they beat Raindance, then we’ll have a giant clusterf*(% of 8-1 teams to sort through after week 9. None of the top 3 teams in the West play each other a second time, and I completely blame the schedule maker. Plus you just know I’m going to try and put JLAI as low as possible since they are the only team in the Co-Ed leagues that scare the crap out of me, as a 2Y4UB player/coach/superstar/MVP.

5.  Dizzy Llamas White (2)
Duyon:  I suppose you have to look at the blowout loss against the WOMS with an asterisk because Roberts was far from 100% in his first game back from an ankle sprain. This team is physical, feisty and Nicole Wolff adds the finesse they never had before.  So much for packing your defense into a zone and making them beat you from outside of 18 feet.  Now they can.
Tibbs: Seems like a steep drop for them too.  There are currently 8 teams with a loss or less still. That’s absurd.  The White Llamas point differential is really impressive considering their tough East schedule they’ve run through.  Somehow they’ve added Roberts and have started to play even better. I did not expect that to happen.  Must be the kicks.

4. Western University Dolphins (7)
Tibbs: Thank God they ended the JLAI tyranny! This is definitely the best free agent team that has ever been put together, but I suppose I should stop calling them that at this point.  The offense doesn’t look as good as last season but the D is allowing a Co-Ed Low 44 points a game! I don’t care who you’re playing against each week, that’s damn impressive.
Duyon:  Gamroth absolutely went off last week in a very impressive win over JLAI.  Both teams were missing F-MVP so that’s a wash to me.  I wonder how they’ll do against bigs like Rocco, Moore, The Minotaur…am I forgetting anybody?  I haven’t named anybody in the South…there has to be one in the South.  Nope…guess not…OH, my bad, that’s right Barrett.  That’s it though.  Anyway, not a ton size on the Dolphins but they are as fundamentally sound as any team out there.

3.  Raindance (5) 
Duyon:  I think this team is fun to watch because they seem to have so much fun playing.  Mike Kearney is on a short list of candidates for best all around player in co-ed.  Smith and Hags are long and athletic, and when Ibrahim is there they might be the best rebounding team there is.  The ladies are all dangerous as well.  All three of them can shoot, and Britt
Tibbs: I’m hoping this squad wins out so we don’t fight over where to put teams in the West for hours and hours after the regular season ends.  It’s not often a new teams comes into the league and can compete for the title and an undefeated record. I’m glad that this team is filling the void that 2 Legit 2 Quit left behind last season. Sarah knew what she was doing when she put this squad together.  It will be absolutely impossible to keep an undefeated squad out of the top 2 at the end of the season, so keep churning out those wins.

2. Weapons of Mass Seduction (8)
Duyon: So I’ve got two games under my belt.  I know that’s not enough to be playoff eligible, but how many games do I need to be championship apparel/CAC banner eligible.  I got a good feeling about this squad!!  Rocco has 72 rebounds in THREE GAMES!!  They absolutely dismantled DLW and I don’t think they’re going to be stopped.  2Y4UB can have the number one spot now.  They’re no strangers to it in the regular season.  Talk to me in late November!
Tibbs: Does anyone know how to box out over in the East?! I only consented to WoMS at #2 because it pushed JLAI lower. This is the least scary #2 seed ever, you know you guys (Harvey, whoever else is on this team) are allowed to do other things beside watching Rocco go to work right? If Plaid didn’t blow a 20 point halftime lead (stop with the ‘double rims’ already, it’s all mental) WoMS would be lucky to be in the top 5. But I guess that’s what good teams do, win games they don’t play well.  We’ll see if that carries over to the playoffs.

1. 2 Young 4 You Bro (3)
Tibbs: Ah, right back where we belong, this feels a whole lot better.  If this team in the Cambridge Athletic Club Basketball League can withstand the absence of Tommy Kahana for one more week, and run the table, I don’t see why we wouldn’t just lock them into the #1 spot.
Duyon:  It’s yours to lose for sure Mr. Tibbetts.  Based on your reputation, I would say you shouldn’t have anything to worry about since you don’t have to win any big playoff games to lock up the one seed!  The only thing this squad is really missing is the type of guy who can take over a game…somebody like Terry Henderson.