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Kosher Revivals

Today I was inspired…and, no, my inner-fire was not lit in response to a “Little People, Big World” Marathon Monday.  Rather, one quick visit to the CAC-Basketball home page, earlier today, created a sense of urgency in my blogging duties (or lack thereof)…

While the old adage – “out of site, out of mind” is applicable to many situations, I was surprised to find that “Kosher Revivals” was scratched from existence on the CAC Bball site!  Granted, I know that my blogless streak lasted just about as long as it took for the CAC scoreboard to be fixed…but geez…everyone should know that JZuk is irreplaceable!

So the new poster child for CAC BBall is none other than R-Duy?  Dude, you are right, you definitely need a new nickname…how about JZuk Disciple…yeah, that has a ring to it!  Just to reiterate your blog statement – your crusty-ass feet probably do need to fit in to a pair of someone’s shoes, even if they end up being mine.  I can remember a sulkingRory leaving his prized Nike Air Dumpster Divers at the Winter Hill School…right after Game Blouses choked in the Co-Ed Championship Game to Genzyme back in Co-Ed Spring ‘10.  However, I’m confident Mr. Dirty D has hit up a Payless Shoes since that time.

Rory is a great addition to CAC Staff, and it was only a matter of time + desperation before he made it to the big leagues with a Blog feature.  I love the blog pic., obviously taken after you gave a girl a high-five/palm reading.  SCORE!

On a final note, WTF is up with BFab blogging a “P90X Review”?  That man probably had minor heart failure just unwrapping the plastic from the DVDs.  A BFab P90X Review is about as useless as a Dirty Brow live blog report from a State of the Union Address.

So, just a quick re-cap: JZuk is here to stay…at least ‘til the time I begin my formal training in the art of teeth and mounting platinum grillz to all passersby’s.

O’Cal, do not expect to see any Mel Gibson Jesus Propaganda in place of my mug any time soon!

Kosher Revival will live on…

Until Next Time my Friends,


(editor’s note: heh, we stuck JZuk in the ‘News’ section – if he writes a few more, he can get his blog section back)

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