Corporate 5v5 Combined Rankings – Week 3

Alright people, Matty and I decided to put together a combined Corporate 5v5 power poll heading into week 4! We exchanged a bunch of emails and then totally forgot about it until I was setting this week’s lines.  So yea, enjoy!


18: Grabballs (0-3)
Matty: Outscored by 33 points through three games, the only things this team leads in is “Points Against” and “Estonians”. Best guys, tho. You’re missing out. They have one guy (John Platonov) who’s literally never played basketball before, but he doesn’t let that stop him from throwing his body around…
Tibbs:  I have absolutely NO idea what their company does. Check out their website and let me know if you can figure it out –
Matty: Their captain (Bobby) tried to explain what they’re all about. I guess they’re run by the same guys who created Skype. After Microsoft bought them out, the creators left and created Grabballs…still unsure as to what they do, but I know the owners are from Estonia. I also learned that Estonia is the most-connected country on the planet. Nobody pays in cash, everything runs on smartphones. There are 600 year old bars in Estonia that are STILL serving. I’m telling you, I google “Estonia” like four times a week, now.
Tibbs: I’m going to set a new google alert for Estonia
17: YouthBuild (0-3)
Matty: Only scoring 31 ppg? To put that in perspective, Jamey Guess is averaging 27.3 by himself! Easily the loudest team in the league, I can’t even fathom the decibels that will be reached if they ever get a lead in one of these games. James Mackey is sooooo fast, and sooooooo loud.
Tibbs:  I can’t wait to see this team. They’re going to beat SteveHolt next week, I can’t believe you have them at 17 – you better get their celebrations/chantting/whatever on your ipad !
Matty: I am so, so jealous that you get to score that YB vs Steve Holt! game.
16: SteveHolt! (0-3)
Matty: I think we’d agree on the bottom-two, but I have a feeling we’re gonna disagree here. Sure, the Mason brothers are fun to talk to (and yeah, Sean is legit GOOD), but are they truly better than Simon & Kucher? I don’t think so. Their lack of size is staggering. Their leading rebounder is Chris Mason! And he’s only averaging like six per game!
Tibbs: SteveHolt! is definitely better than SKP, but SKP’s fan experience is awseome, as I got to experience last week
15: SKP (0-3)
Tibbs: Andy Ong looks to get his coworkers involved a lot. That’s a good thing. He’s ignoring my emails about doing an interview blog. That’s a bad thing.
14: BrickLayers (1-2) 
Tibbs: These guys are going to try just as hard against hte good teams as against hte bad. They’re not going to feel bad about running the score up on the likes of SKP. Did you SEE what McGladrey did to them? Jeff Love’s arm sleeve needs to go into the CAC Hall of Fame along with BMul’s too tight jersey from 2006, AK’s recspecs and Terry’s whistle in the ‘WTF were they thinking’ wing
13: Ercolini (0-3)
Tibbs: I don’t care that BL has a win, Erc is better than that. I swear. Hell they might be better than BMS – but you’ll have to let me know where they fit into these rankings
12: Brightcove (2-1)
Matty: How is a 2-1 team ranked this low? An unannounced no-show in Wednesday night’s 6:00 game! Thanks for the heads-up, fellas. Doesn’t matter, I guess. They were due to get smashed by ABB, anyway. In truth, these guys are pretty good. Zak T. has proven to be one of the best big guys in the Corporate Division and Mark H. has shown the ability to heat up like a microwave…but these guys need to show up! Should we remind them that two forfeits means NO playoffs?
Tibbs: I’m going to consider this their reminder that they can’t forfeit again or else they’re not going to make the East side playoffs
11: Buy My Startup (1-2)
Matty: Not totally sold on these guys. Hell, they actually lost to Brightcove back in Week One, but they’ve got strength in numbers, running with 11 guys on their roster. Then again, I actually overheard a couple guys complaining about playing time. So, there may be some drama brewing.
Tibbs: Buy My start-up used to have one team in each of the Corp divisions, so I’m not completely shocked that PT already seems to be a problem. Sure they used to have some guys play in both leagues, but I was surprised when they only put in 1 squad at the last minute. Josh Bob should squash that mutiny talk ASAP
10: Dippin Rickies (2-1)
Matty: The lowest-ranked 2-1 team, I can understand if they feel insulted. Not sure if you noticed, but they upset McGladry this week. Of course, they were missing Birr, so I’m not sure how much we can take from that win. Anyway, I really, really like the makeup of this team, they have a nice blend of size and scoring. I’d bet anything that they end up going MUCH farther in the playoffs than one who predict.
Tibbs: This seems a little low for DR especially after the McGladrey W last week. But we all know Gauthier had his team tank since Paror Sports was there scouting.
9: CohnReznick (2-1)
Tibbs: Easy first half schedule, only finished 4-5 last season before ripping off 3 straight wins to get to the Corp Uni game. I’m not buying their 2-1 record. Wilder struggles to get commitments for his team. I guess that’s a huge hold in the “Corp” set-up. If your company pays for your team, you’re most likely to say ‘eeeeeh i dont feel like playing tonight, it’s not like i paid to play” That was usually Genzyme’s problem back in theday when they had FIVE teams.  BFab had to BEG guys from other teams to play, or get D1 All ACC players to play B2 4v4. What are we talking about again?
Matty: Agreed on CohnResnick, I have them at nine, too. Still tho, I can’t get over how big that team is. (Wilder, Piers, Best and Quinn), they’re easily the biggest team in the league. Hell, Cohn should really be 3-0, they were missing Mark Best in their Week One loss.
Tibbs: Cohn played 4 v 5 week 1! easily could have had that game if they had at least 5
8: Autotegrity (1-2) 
TIbbs: Sure they’re the defending champs but they have to be punished for the 1-2 start a little bit right? Is Bill Johnson suddenly disinterested after getting that first title and moving on to bigger and better things?
Matty:  You’re really underestimating Autotegrity.  But, if Bill Johnson’s injury (btw, he’s injured) is more serious that initially thought, this is probably where they belong. So, you probably nailed this ranking, even if by accident. IMO, Industrial Economics belongs here.
Tibbs: i know Auto is good, they were super in last season’s finals. Johnson is a beast and Steve is the best point-forward CAC has ever seen. Ok, top 5, but still!

7: WCTBTG (3-0)
Tibbs: I don’t buy the 3-0 start at ALL and with all the teams left in the top 6, I think they’re the tema most likely to lose in the first round of the playoffs for absolutely no reason at all. IDK maybe I’m wrong…

Matty: I had WCTGB  just below McGladry, but I’m willing to go with this. My question is this: hasn’t WCTGB had essentially the same roster for three of four seasons, now? They haven’t won a title, right? Why are we supposed to believe that THIS is their season?
Tibbs: WCTBTG is Totally going to fall at some point that’s super inconvenient.

6: Industrial Economics (2-1) 
Matty: Life without Gentile seems to be going smoothly judging by the record, but that’s a really deceiving 2-1. They lost a tight battle against Brightcove and then beat up on Grabballs (the lowest-ranked team in the league) and an AutoIntegrity that was missing Bill Johnson AND Steve McAveeney. Its worth noting that Wiles’ numbers have skyrocketed since Gentile left town. Check it out, he’s having a career year.
Tibbs: SO MANY FORMER CHAMPS!! That’s the thing I love most about Corp league. There are lots of team, lots of returning teams, but still no team has more than 1 title. That’s insane! this is season 8 of Corp and there is no 2 time champ. Even if you want to include ‘C’ league from teh past, only the Steamboats have more than 1 title (when they dominated 2011)
5: McGladrey (2-1)
Matty: I can’t come up with anything interesting to say about these guys. They’re quietly efficient, and their one loss came without Dirr. They’re in the top-5, obviously…Who would be their NBA comparison? A boring, consistent contender? The Spurs?
Tibbs: You can’t come up with something interesting to say about the team with Molly Griffiths, who is better than 75% of the guys in this league?! What is wrong with you?? Gauthier says he’s putting something together for McGladrey’s 10th season anniversary, and I hope to god he shares it with us
4: G Got Game (2-1)
Matty: Love these guys. I was ready to claim that they’d solved their attendance issues, but Keith Z. missed the last game, a loss against the Dippin Rickies. So, Westervelt is kinda good, right? And I’m not just saying that because he gave me a sandwich. I came into Week One thinking Mike was just a goofy big man who hoists up threes as a joke…but he’s actually a really good shooter. No joke.
Tibbs: I’ll have to take your word for it on Westervelt. I haven’t seen him play yet, but if I dont get a sandwich i’m going to be super bitter.
3: Steamboats (3-0)
Tibbs: I’ve got the Boats at #2. Is Martin Yuan back yet? He had to take ALL of last season off b/c he was getting married. No way he’s still on his honeymoon, why isn’t he playing?! I missed TWO weeks the season i got married. Hell you had a kid and only missed one! Where’s his dedication to the Steamboats Franchise, one of the most successful ever at CAC btw. So unfair they added Guess to this team
Matty: I actually have Parlor Sports over the Steamboats, and I think you should, too. Yuan is no where to be found, but the emergence of Thuy and Chi has seemed to vault this team into the next level. Still tho, they’re way too small. Guess and Leng are awesome, but they won’t be able to handle Joel, Rylan, Ernie, Sam and the rest of the good-but-not-great players on Parlor Sports.
2: Parlor Sports (3-0)
Tibbs: admit it, you’re coming around to this squad. The personalized jerseys make it tough at first, but you’ve got it down now. Super stingy on defense, super balanced on offense. This might be THE perfect corporate team. They’re sponsored by a bar, are a bunch of NBA nerds and are trying to hack it in a league where stats are tracked and we get to break down their game. There’s still room on the bandwagon Matty!
Matty: (radio silence)
Tibbs: Fine i can get on board with PS over the Boats
1: A.mbitious B.eantown B.allers (3-0)
Tibbs: Gotta be them right? I haven’t seen them play or anything but if your gushing on twitter or the writeups told me anything its tthat these guys are head and shoulders above everyone else.

Matty: Yeah, ABB is stacked. Think “Young Money”-reborn, minus Jtho. They’d be a legit B2 5v5 contender; built for speed, built for a long title run.
Tibbs: Young Moneyyyyyy!!! i don’t miss that team at all – do you want to put this together into something readable or would you like me to?
Matty: (more radio silence)
Tibbs; FINE I’LL DO IT!!!