Corporate 5v5 West Fall 2013 Awards!

MATTY BELLS putting together some great Corporate 5v5 West Awards as we split the regular season scoring duties. Check out what he has to say below and I’ll add my lines/twitter awards at the end of the blog.


What a season! I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t exactly “excited” to get slotted in the Corporate leagues, but much to my surprise, these games (I also cover the East on Wednesday nights) were not only competitive, but pretty well played. So…thanks, guys.

Anyway, Tibbs and I agree on the major awards
MVP: Jamey Guess (Steamboats)
I think we understand that basketball is more than just scoring points, but when you’re playing against teams that struggle to break 45 points, its nice to have a guy that averages 25ppg. Can you believe that Jamey doesn’t even start? And I don’t care what you say, I track misses…that 70% mark from deep is amazing, and totally legit.
Also considered: Rylan Stewart, Jacob Poling, Leng Tang
OPoY: Shawn Mason, Steve Holt!
As great as Guess was (is), we can’t ignore the fact that he had Leng Tang setting him up. Our guy Shawn Mason didn’t have that luxury; he was asked to be the primary ball-handler, scorer, playmaker…all while being guarded by three guys. The further the season progressed, the more defenders Mason attracted, and the more defenders Mason attracted, the further his three-point attempts became. Of course, it doesn’t matter where Mason shoots from. If he’s in the gym, he’s in range.
Also considered: Jamey Guess, James Mackey, Jacob Poling
DPoY: Wilder Jacobellis, Ercolini
Pretty sure Tibbs wants to give it to Leng, but are we really going to reward a defender that plays for a team that exclusively uses zone? Come onnnnn.
I’m going with Wilder Jacobellis. I’m not exactly going out on a limb here, the guy lead the league in blocks and finished third in steals. Hell, he even threw in a bunch of defensive rebounds (which is factored into defensive player rating).
These guys will have the chance to duke it out this week, they’re scheduled to play in Round One.
Most-Improved: Andrew De Stadler, G Got Game
Tibbs: “When did he get so good?”
I had never seen Andrew play before this season, so I’m gonna go with Tibbs on this.
Also Considered: Thuy Nguyen
Rookie of the Season: Sam Stolper, Parlor Sports
This is when Parlor Sports starts cleaning up the awards section. Stopler made an immediate impact on the league and is one of Parlor’s team MVPs. Actually, I wonder who that is, did the team vote? Ananth, let us know!
Comeback Player – Gene Roundtree, Parlor Sports
He hadn’t played @ CAC since 2007! Oh and I (Tibbs) recognized him right away, good dude great player
 GM: Anarath Pandian, Parlor Sports
Probably the easiest award, right? The uniforms? The record? The nearly perfect attendance of all his important players?
All those are super, but I think the most important point is the fact that Parlor Sports is a real team, with real pieces and a real identity. You could argue that they lack a true “SuperStar” but with their depth, it hasn’t proved to hurt them. PS is the odds-on favorite to win the West.
First Team
G: Leng Tang
G: Jamey Guess
F: Jacob Poling
F: Wilder Jacobllis
F: Sam Stolper
Second Team
G: Shawn Mason
G: Rylan Stewert
G: Andy Tanner
F: Saul Jacobowitz
F: Gene Roundtree
Glu-Guys (Players who do the little things. Guys you want on your team…on the court, and in life)
G: Cody Bronson
G: Tim Monahan
F: Ernie Hartwell
F: Jeff Love
BNH: Chris Monahan, Saul Jacobowitz, Chris Mason
Tibbs taking over now, this is only slightly confusing I’m sure
Twitter All-Stars – This might be my favorite new award. I like to keep myself and the players entertained during the games, so all it takes is a couple replies, retweets and photos to be considered for this team
The Masons




Keep it up next season boys! Round 1 Lines! All Games at CAMBRIDGE YMCA TONIGHT!

6:30 PM #4 G3 vs #5 Dippin Rickies (+4.5)
You can toss seeding out the window once the playoffs start and this is the perfect example of why. Rickies have come a long way since the week 2 beatdown (15 points) at the hands of G3, and look to avenge that early season loss. G3 is impossible to figure out, looking great one week and just plain meh the next. If Matty isn’t live tweeting these games I’m gonna be pissed tonight
7:30 PM #1 WCTBTG vs #8 Steve Holt! (+14.5)
Was the WCTBTG collapse under pressure last week a blip on the radar or a sign of things to come? Steve Holt is a huge underdog tonight, but that won’t faze them in the least. Assuming the OPoY can stay on the court they’ve got a puncher’s chance in hell. Unfortunately for them the game is scored by the players, and not by judges, or else Matty would totally give them a first round decision…
What, no one else is appalled by the GSP decision?!?
8:30 PM #3 Steamboats vs #6 CohnReznick (+7.5)
Worst.Possible.Matchup –  Steamboats got hosed! That’s Thuy’s common refrain every postseason. Like it’s MY FAULT. Like I MAKE UP THE RULES as I go along. What? I do? Whatever, Cohn keeps it close but the MVP pulls this one out late thanks to Teng making him look good. That’s right, I <3 Pootie
9:30 PM #2 Parlor Sports vs #7 McGladrey (+11.5)
To start the season I had tabbed McGladrey as my team to watch this season. They have great depth (when the games are late enough) and enough veteran experience to make a postseason run. Unfortunately, they underperformed a bit in the reg season and drew Parlor in round 1. Yikes. Parlor is so confident in a win that they made sure to scout the Steamboats last week. They know what to do vs their round 2 opponent, but can they execute?!