Corporate 5v5 West Preview (Spring 2012)

By Nate

We’ve got some contraction in the Corporate West league, we’re down from 12 teams to 8 but it seems like the games may be more competitive on average as a result. Who’s looking forward to some low-scoring scrappy basketball in the old-fashioned King School gym?


1. McGladrey: This is the same squad that only lost twice last season. The team they lost to (Consumer United) is no longer listed in the Corporate West so this region is theirs to lose.
Prediction- 2nd straight Finals appearance, Nate Birr wins MVP

2. Genzyme: Another team that really dominated during the regular season, if we can assume they have most people returning they should compete for the championship as well.
Prediction- Shock McGladrey in the Finals this year, Jakeen Cobb wins OPOY and gets the scoring title

3. Autotegrity: Auto had some trouble adjusting to life on offense without Bill Johnson at the end of last season, but they still managed to beat Buy My Start-up and make it to the Semis. They’ve added two CAC rookies in Pleuer and a guy with a great last name for nickname possibilities= Vicidomino, if either of these guys can put points on the board then Auto will be a force to reckoned with- since their defense is always pretty solid.
Prediction- One of these newbies wins ROY, McAveeney carries the team into the Semis and wins DPOY

4. Brightcove: They were a player or two away from really contending in the playoffs last year, but couldn’t hang with Consumer United in the First Round. Brightcove added Jeff K. who will improve their efforts on the offensive glass but still have to question the guard play on this team- need improvement in the back court if they’re going to make noise this season.
Prediction- Make a run to the Semifinals, Heinold leads the league in 3pt per game

5. G Got Game: This squad was in the B2 North 4v4 league last fall and were impressive when all of their team showed up. A couple of these players have limited stats and I think some of them played with the Online Buddies last season. Anyways I have to believe that their going to be a well-balanced team and finish in the middle of the pack in the Corporate West.
Prediction- Amber Wantman for GM of the year? G Got Game comes out of nowhere to surprise some Corporate mainstays

6. Simon Kucher & Partners: It’s hard not to judge this team on their performance in the playoffs, which was… Chuck would say: “TURRIBLE.” SK should rebound from what was really just a cold shooting night, they’ve also added two CAC rookies and we’ll see if the new blood sparks a run past the First Round this season.
Prediction- Ong and Terzioglu continue to tear it up as both finish in the Top Ten Player Rater + SK does win a First Round playoff game this time

7. Kruger Industrial Smoothing: Pretty hilarious name, unless these guys actually pave streets all day in which case they may have some back issues throughout the season. Nick Davis has been tearing it up (In a Co-ed league) and I know Manning from B Draft/ B2 North leagues= absurdly tall but suffers from Shawn Bradley game at times. Not really sure what to expect but I imagine they will finish in 5th or 6th this season.
Prediction- Squad with the most Team Spirit, but perhaps the 2nd to least wins

8. Kimptastic: I’m basing this disrespectful ranking on the one game I scored for Kimptastic last season, but in that game they got blown up by a team called Painful to Watch…Yes indeed, Painful to Watch shut them down in the 2nd half and stole the #8 seed in the playoffs right outta Kimp’s hands… :shock:
Prediction- This year they will continue to struggle to score, but Cameron Blanks could do work in the paint and carry them into a better playoff seed

Week 1 Lines
Now that we have the league sorted out from top to bottom we can just play the games on paper right. Herm Edwards wouldn’t think so- You Play to Win the Games…..and these are just the lines:

Week 1 starts on May 7th, all games at King School 

6:00 P.M. Genzyme (-17.5) vs. Kimptastic: Yeah Genzyme is back to work and probably a little pissed about their close loss to Consumer United in the Semis last year, they should blow Kimp out of the water and 17 points is a generous estimation.

7:00 P.M. McGladrey (-6.5) vs. Autotegrity: Rematch of the Semis last year- McGladrey won handily but I expect Auto to make some adjustments and make this match up a lot closer.

8:00 P.M. G Got Game vs. Simon Kucher & Partners (-3.5): G may have a little bit of a learning curve adjusting to the dank, dimly light, double-rimmed King School gym so I give SK the edge in what is likely going to be a real scrappy game.

9:00 P.M. Kruger Industrial Smoothing vs. Brightcove (-4.5): GAME OF THE WEEK The late game will be a litmus test for K.I.S. as they take on a team with a lot of size and toughness. BC may win this one by a lot if Kruger isn’t up for the challenge, or they could get shocked by the newcomers.

Good Luck to all the teams this season

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