Corporate 5v5 West Wrap-up and Awards

BY Nate

MVP: Bill Johnson (Autotegrity)
The team without Johnson was like the Colts without Peyton, so it’s gonna be a long season for Indy and a tough playoffs for Auto without Johnson. Autotegrity won all but 1 of the 7 games he attended thanks to his ridiculous rebound average and lights-out shooting on the other end.
Season Stats: 23.9 Pts, 18.3 Rebs, 1.7 Ast, 2.0 Stls, 1.0 Blk, 39% from 3pt

Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Commane (Consumer United)
You can’t bring it in the middle with MC in the paint. He swats shots like there were kids out there trying to get lay-ups, and has no qualms swatting even the ladies on ADD Inc. This guy’s presence made Consumer United a tough matchup, and the only team to beat McGladrey during the regular season.
Season Stats: 19.8 Pts, 11.3 Rebs, 3.4 Blks

All-Conference Team:

F Nate Birr

F Bill Johnson

C Michael Commane

G Jakeen Cobb

G David Mok

Rookie of the Year: Nate Birr (McGladrey)
Birr is probably the runner-up in the MVP race, but this is his first year in the Corporate League so we’ll split the award by giving him ROY. Without Birr McGladrey probably won’t win this region, he gets everyone good shots, rebounds like a PF and can score when his team needs so he may be able to kick it up a notch in the playoffs.
Season Stats: 10.0 PTS, 9.2 Rebs, 5.4 Asts

Most Improved Player of the Year: Ahmad Saddat (Painful to Watch)
Ahmad is always the most competitive member of PTW. He is ready to fight for every inch on the court, and somehow comes up with a Blk in almost every game. Over the course of the season he has improved his decision-making on offense and figured out how to play some angles on D- earning him Most Improved POY.

Best Teammate: Lisa Walden (ADD Inc.)
ADD has great team spirit and their team captain makes sure that they applaud everyone’s efforts. She can get up the floor coast-to-coast and isn’t scurred to take it into the paint, that kind of attitude is infectious and could be vital to ADD’s revival next season.

Sharpshooter Award: Sam Baccam (Online Buddies)- 3.17 Threes, 39%

All Defensive Team:

These players got after it every possession, were ball-hawks and pick pockets and gave an effort that was essential to their team’s success

F Andre Jones (Painful to Watch)
F Mark Heinold (Brightcove)
C Ezry DeJesus (Kimptontastic)
G Tom Miele (McGladrey)
G Jason Paradise (Buy My Start-up)

All Offensive Team:

The shooters, scores, players who are guaranteed buckets when they step on the court

F Manny Grunfelder (ADD Inc.)
F James Porter (Genzyme)
C Mert Terzioglu (Simon Kucher & Partners)
G Andy Ong (Simon Kucher & Partners)
G Eliav Kahan (Autotegrity)

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